St. Louis couple defends home with guns against protesters

Two lawyers in St. Louis are in the middle of a firestorm after they were shown outside of their house with guns in a confrontation with protesters en route to the nearby house of Mayor Lyda Krewso…

Source: Yes, The St. Louis Couple Could Be Criminally Charged But It Would Be No Slam Dunk Prosecution – JONATHAN TURLEY

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5 Responses to St. Louis couple defends home with guns against protesters

  1. Mary says:

    Be prepared to see more of this. People have a right to defend themselves in their own homes.


  2. Mary says:

    I’m at a loss here. Protesters trespass, and homeowners who are apparently scarred, are the ones being charged?


    • richard lesiak says:

      Your loss is understandable because you didn’t comprehend the article. The police report listed the couple as the “victims”. The trespass charge was something the police might charge the protesters with because the ultra-rich neighborhood considers their streets as private property and they entered through a gate. (Nice digs huh) The 4th degree charge is against anyone protesting because they scarred the couple. Bottom line; no arrests, no damage, nobody hurt. Everyone walked away. Could have been very different if Ma and Pa Kettle started blasting away. The state has no gun laws so it could have been a great big shootout.


      • Mary says:

        No, the Soros-funded district attorney wants the couple investigated for “violent assault” and “intimidation or threat of deadly force.


  3. Sprocket says:

    For some context, this thread documents how BLM in St. Louis deals with unarmed people. Contrast the media’s coverage of this incident with that of the homeowners.


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