No peace, no justice

‘We will stop you.’

“Dylan [Brogan], we know who you are and the Black leadership [of this protest] doesn’t want anyone to film,” said one of the protesters, who was white and wearing a mask and a hat. “We aren’t going to let you do it. We will stop you.”

The young men enforced the “no filming” demand by following me around and, at several points, trying to pry my phone out of my hand. Minutes later, the Forward statue was toppled and dragged into the street. …

Soon, the throng was on the move with the Heg statue in tow. It was dragged a half-mile on downtown streets to John Nolen Drive before being dumped into Lake Monona off the Machinery Row parking lot. A protester wearing ski goggles and a mask aggressively pushed me into a utility box as I, from 50 feet away, attempted to capture a chain of protesters with linked arms near the spot where the Heg statue was tossed into the lake.

“No fucking media,” said the protester, who was also white. “If you aren’t with us, you’re against us, asshole.”

Source: Statues toppled, senator punched – Isthmus | Madison, Wisconsin

Blaska’s Bottom Line: Now you know what it was like trying to report on Freedom Inc.’s takeover of the Madison school board.

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6 Responses to No peace, no justice

  1. Kevin S Wymore says:

    It’s getting so bad in oh-so-pacifistic Madison that the reporters need their own security. Sad. Legitimate protests need not fear reporters.


  2. Sprocket says:

    943.32  Robbery.
    (1)  Whoever, with intent to steal, takes property from the person or presence of the owner by either of the following means is guilty of a Class E felony:
    (a) By using force against the person of the owner with intent thereby to overcome his or her physical resistance or physical power of resistance to the taking or carrying away of the property; or
    (b) By threatening the imminent use of force against the person of the owner or of another who is present with intent thereby to compel the owner to acquiesce in the taking or carrying away of the property.


  3. Mary says:

    I would take this as a threat and report it to local authorities. Immediately. I would definitely not dismiss this as idle words.


  4. Random10 says:


    Alphonse Manning and also Toni Schwenn.
    Murdered on a beautiful Sunday afternoon.
    Pure blue sky summer warmth in Wisconsin.
    Cold bodies on the East Towne Mall payment.

    And I HATE knowing I should not hate.
    And I HOPE knowing I should forgive.
    And I PRAY knowing I should understand.
    And I KNOW all our knowledge is partial.


  5. Diane L Burgbacher says:

    Perhaps it’s time to go after some of the sources of funding for these groups (AKA State of WI for one). I can’t believe veteran’s groups (for one) would want their tax dollars going to a group who writes F bombs on the American flag and then puts them on the school board president’s lawn.


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