Fallout in Madison mayor’s office?

Are they deserting a sinking ship?

Two of Mayor Satya Rhodes Conway’s five deputy mayors have resigned They are Deputy Mayors Cameron McLay and Leslie Orrantia. 

Chief of Staff Mary Bottari confirmed: “Leslie was accepted into a Phd program and Cam has resigned to pursue other opportunities.” (The infamous “pursuing other opportunities.”)

McLay is the mayor’s deputy for law enforcement. He retired from the Madison Police Department at the rank of captain in 2014. He later served as the chief of police of Pittsburgh. McLay was “out of the office” and not available for comment.

“He’s widely disliked and not respected by police officers and others,” said one source. “He’s being blamed for the fiasco of the [police apology] video.”

ChiefMcLay race-monger

Madison’s now-former deputy mayor for law enforcement

Leslie Orrantia was deputy for economic development, public health, and transportation. 

The fallout occurs after three weeks of unbridled rioting, destruction, and dithering throughout the city. We announced earlier today that a recall effort against the mayor (Progressive Dane) is being planned.

NOW do you have the courage to speak out?

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17 Responses to Fallout in Madison mayor’s office?

  1. Balboa says:

    Clearly all racists that push systemic racism must go.


  2. patrickmoloughlin says:

    I’ve never been a big fan of hate crime laws. The problem, for me, is that anything that qualifies as a “hate crime,” is already a crime in it’s own right, and needs no further definition. I kind of like the enhanced sentence aspect. There is the recognition that these crimes are a bit worse than your run of the mill cimes. But it always requires that you prove what is going on in a person’s heart/mind in order to make it stick.

    But I have a question about this dividing and sorting of crimes. Most people believe that an assault on a person, based solely on his or her race/gender/yada yada, would be horrific and certainly qualified as a hate crime.

    My question is, what about a false accusation of a race hate-crime? Wouldn’t that be worse? Wouldn’t that person be deserving of a truly harsh punishment? They have perpetrated a fraudulent charge against a group of people based on their race, have they not? They will have defamed an entire race, unjustly. Don’t they deserve a severe smackdown? Asking for a friend..

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  3. AdamC says:

    Mayor Satyaphatassdown, who associates and even sides with accused murderers, looters, extortionists and terrorists, is THE worst mayor in this city’s history. The turning of State St into the back side of a bombed-out Beirut slum circa 1982 is her legacy.

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    • Batman says:

      Satya publicly stated that she did not want to “micromanage” MPD/LE response to the rioting/mayhem/destruction while occurring real time and full blast in downtown Madison. At this point; that discussion between Satya and various LE honchos is being concealed from the public. Local reporters are sitting on their hands in fear of reprisal from the mob if they go digging.

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  4. P in WI says:

    I’ve always had the courage to speak out.


  5. P in WI says:

    Cam McLay also was ousted in Pittsburgh and not liked there either. I think most people can spot a phoney.

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  6. Gary L. Kriewald says:

    How come nobody is asking why the bloody f**k Madison needs FIVE deputy mayors–or even one for that matter.


  7. JJJ says:

    The Rats Bailing On A Sinking Shithole Ship!!!


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