I.D. City County Bldg fire bomber

Emergency 9/11 compromised

Vicki McKenna reports:

No one is covering this! MPD command telling cops to STAND DOWN. THIS WAS PLANNED–access to CCB was CLOSED OFF by the rioters around 5pm. Police KNEW the CCB would be firebombed. That’s a FEDERAL CRIME. They did NOTHING. Cops were prohibited from using gas. READ THIS. SHOCKING.


Feds offer $5,000 reward for info on fire bomber

The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives is offering a reward of up to $5,000 for information leading to the identification, apprehension, and conviction of a man believed to be responsible for the fire-bombing at a downtown Madison government building early this morning.

fire-bombAround 1 a.m., an individual threw an incendiary device into the City County Building, located at 211 South Carrol Street, which houses the 911 communications office, Madison Police Department and other city and county government services. Video and photos captured of the event show the individual who threw the device (photos below).

“We are looking to the public to help us identify this individual,” said Assistant Special Agent in Charge Jon Ortiz, of the ATF St. Paul Field Division. “This is a serious crime that put a number of lives at risk. Acts like this will not be tolerated. If you know who threw this device, ATF is offering up to $5,000 for information.”

Anyone with information on the identity and/or whereabouts of this individual is asked to contact the Madison Area Crime Stoppers at (608) 266-6014 or online a http://www.P3Tips.com. When sharing information, please provide as much detail as you can.

Would playing nice with the fire bombers help?

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  1. JAMES Troupis says:

    Demand a State Legislative Investigation identifying the commanders and others who gave the orders. We control both houses of the legislature and they have the power to investigate.

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  2. sentient7 says:

    This is war. Take no prisoners.

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  3. John says:

    What is the source for “Some information from last night” ?
    If any of that is true, it’s criminal negligence on the part of the mayor.


    • Vicki McKenna reports:

      No one is covering this! MPD command telling cops to STAND DOWN. THIS WAS PLANNED–access to CCB was CLOSED OFF by the rioters around 5pm. Police KNEW the CCB would be firebombed. That’s a FEDERAL CRIME. They did NOTHING. Cops were prohibited from using gas. READ THIS. SHOCKING.


  4. pANTIFArts says:

    A mule is an animal that is so dam big when fully grown , that if they have no self- discipline at that point , they are uncontrollable and worthless . If they have always had their way , they can be mean and dangerous. You start early-on teaching them the meaning of “NO ! “. When they act up – they get the SWITCH . You never tolerate bad behavior, because , to do so only perpetuates it. This MOB is a FERAL animal. I don’t think these kids have ever been told NO , much less felt the switch . No one ever corrected them and now their behaviors and beliefs are ingrained . Keep in mind that a mule is a great deal smarter than these protester creatures – I think y’all are in TROUBLE ! This may not end well – and I mean for the whole country.


  5. madisonexpat says:

    Sounds Like Obama/Hillary/Biden during 13 hours at Benghazi.


  6. The Mayor and common council have demanded that MPD account for the deployment of gas etc., from the earlier days of this mess and this letter was sent to the Chief. If those of you have seen this, my apologies, but it is a good reminder of the political machine that is Progressive Dane and other liberal policy “thinkers” in office.

    Dear Chief Wahl:

    What we witnessed on the news last night was a gross and unnecessary display of force that deepens community divide and mistrust of the city and other bodies of government. Instead of kneeling with protesters, MPD led a militarized police effort that escalated the situation with pepper spray, gassing, injuries, and harmful trauma to youth and others in the downtown area last night.

    Please provide us with the following information:

    1. Incident reports from last night;
    2. Information on the equipment/uniform MPD officers were wearing, the weapons they had on hand, and the weapons used, including manufacturer, and any MPD policies for training and deployment of these weapons, including any training or policies related to deployment during COVID-19;
    3. The number of people taken into custody, numbers of people released, their ages, and their race, and the grounds for their arrest;
    4. The number of people injured, a description of each injury, the source of injury, and what medical treatment was provided to them; and,
    5. Policies and SOPs regarding policing protests and civil disobedience.

    We look forward to your prompt response. People are hurt and angry and we need answers about what happened last night.


    Marsha Rummel, Alder District 6
    Donna Moreland, Alder District 7
    Max Prestigiacomo, Alder District 8
    Arvina Martin, Alder District 11
    Tag Evers, Alder District 13
    Grant Foster, Alder District 15
    Rebecca Kemble, Alder District 18

    Now, read who signed this, note their districts and get them out of office. This pandering to the social justice crowd and defamation of MPD has got to stop. This ladies and gents is where the lack of response comes from. The Officers are not the only ones with their hands tied and unfortunately, like it or not, there were a number of promotions made to the command/executive level under Koval, that should never have happened. This failing in and of itself has led to a lack of leadership at the command level. God help us.

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    • Batman says:

      Dear Alders, all seven of you,
      Go F\/CK your selves!
      Yours truly,
      Acting Chief Wahl


    • Diane L Burgbacher says:

      Unfortunately, Evers is my alder. I finally un-subscribed from his emails when he began telling those of us with “white privilege” to contribute to a GoFundMe to help make a down payment on a house for a POC and other such requests. Outraged at the young woman who was burned and the one who was hit on University Ave but only mildly upset about the senator being attacked and the CCB being fire-bombed. He must go.

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      • Batman says:

        If not already, I strongly suggest you join Nextdoor.com and publish the emails from Tag Evers along with your interpretation. Exposure is a powerful weapon against these smug misguided radicals. Every alder should be pressured by their constituents to promulgate a position statement on the violence, rioting, looting, arson, A&B, and destruction of public monuments etc. People need to become fully aware of who is running Madison and why the mayhem has been enabled. Satya has pretty much outed her self but the alders not so much.

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  7. Someone is going to die if they don’t put a stop to this terrorism soon.

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    • I’m 100% with you on calling BLM, Antifa, etc. terrorists and insurgents and treating all involved as enemy agents, supporters (sedition) and combatants. I would go further, however, and submit to you that this is a symptom of a deeper problem that has been lied about for decades. Unprecedented levels of non-western europe immigration (since the 1965 act) have created an untenable situation that is now unraveling in a timeframe that matches Athens, Rome, Bizantium, and many other empires.

      God created the Nations. Babylon’s tower always falls. This one is higher than ever, and thus the fall will be further than ever… unless we prevent it. Do we have the will?

      “The empire, long divided, must unite; long united, must divide. Thus it has ever been.” -Luo Guanzhong, Romance of the Three Kingdoms (circa 1321 in the Year of Our Lord)


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