Bring a baseball bat for social justice

Face of the movement?

Devonere facebook

From his Facebook page

Devonere A Johnson

D. Johnson jail booking photo

TODAY 06-23-2020 at 12:30 p.m. From the MPD blotter: A 28-year-old man was arrested over the noon hour, outside of The Coopers Tavern, 20 W. Mifflin St., after entering the outdoor seating area of the restaurant and using a bullhorn to make loud statements where diners were seated and eating. He was also holding a baseball bat. 

Devonere A. Johnson has been tentatively charged with disorderly conduct while armed, resisting arrest, and attempted escape. After Johnson was taken into custody, he broke free from the back of a MPD squad car. He was tackled as he attempted to escape custody.

More about Devonere A. Johnson, social justice warrior. BTW: 16 entries on the state criminal justice data base. How many second chances do you get in this town?

According to MPD: Johnson can be heard through the bullhorn stating,
“I am f * * * -ing disturbing the s * * * out of this restaurant and
I got a f * * * -ing bat.”

Blaska’s Bottom Line: Love the dispassionate police report: “His actions were disturbing to more than one person at the restaurant.” His takedown is recorded here.

BTW: That “noose” in Bubba Wallace’s garage at Talladega Speedway? A garage door pull rope. (Source here.)


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17 Responses to Bring a baseball bat for social justice

  1. hodgeman1 says:

    Guess you can’t charge based on a Facebook picture, but looks to me like a felon in position of a firearm. (And perhaps a blunt?)

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  2. Cornelius Gotchberg says:

    ‘Every Normal Man Must Be Tempted, At Times, To Spit On His Hands, Hoist The Black Flag, And Begin Slitting Throats.’

    The Gotch can resist anything….but TEMPTATION

    He also, incuriously, notices no career regular Lefty blogge contributors stepping up and trying to explain away all this Lefty BULL$#!T.

    The Gotch

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    • richard lesiak says:

      why bother posting? just posting one word brings on a tirade of insults and at least 4 people telling me to stfu. I’m done playing your bait and switch games.


  3. Let’s wait and see what Mz. Satya has to say………..

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  4. Sprocket says:

    It seems he’s the perfect face for the movement. He joins other luminaries such as St. Beats Women and Children and St. Home Invasion Robbery.

    This was only ever tangentially about George Floyd. Floyd was simply a handy fulcrum to advance agendas. For the hood rats, this was an opportunity to hobble the police. For the activists, this was an opportunity shake loose some grift. For the leftist this was an opportunity to undermine a society they loathe.

    This is the garbage of society to lashing out with the support of soft headed white people.

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  5. Cornelius Gotchberg says:

    Throw the book at this feral, gimmee gimmee, sponging, generationally dependent RAYcist POS; coupla thousand hour of community service cleaning public $#!tters with a toothbrush!

    The Gotch


  6. madisonexpat says:

    There are still police in Madison? Who knew?

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  7. Balboa says:

    After last night peaceful demonstration of how to start building bridges and lifting up the most vulnerable in society not sure the fascist antifascists. The mayor, council, dane county executives and governor and the tax delinquent lt governor are all allowing this destruction to continue. Even better they want to pass use of force rules that would not allow people of authority to protect society. Where have you have you gone Paul Soglin? Chief Koval?


  8. Calvin & Hobbes says:

    Bet his Mama’s so proud


  9. Good Dog,Happy Man says:

    When entertaining the thought of committing a crime, today’s young men do not have an “Inner No” to remind them of the consequences of their acts. No inner voice warns them that their behavior might merit a beating from The Dad. That’s because there is no dad.

    The dissolution of the nuclear family must be laid at the feet of Democrat policies that go back decades. The Nanny State has replaced the lay-down-the-law father figure in the black community. Based on this young man’s rap sheet, light-on-crime judges, (like Everett Mitchell) let him skate on some very serious criminal acts. It’s therefore no surprise he thinks he can get away with continued bad behavior, because he’s been allowed to so far.

    It was either Thomas Sowell or Walter Williams who said, “No good can come from exempting a certain group of people from basic, normal societal behavior.”

    Yet, that’s exactly what the “light-on-law-and-order” Lefty Luddites have done.
    And continue to do. That’s really bad policy. That’s really schtoopidt policy.

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  11. Good Dog,Happy Man says:

    Regarding Bubba’s Hate Crime Hoax, … I smelled “A Smollet” at the get go.

    Shame on you Bubba. You lied, played the victim and tried to stoke the racism fires.
    You got caught, … but you don’t have to beat yourself up over it. Voofda!

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  12. Bob Dane says:

    Two theories about what’s happening here:
    1. The protesters are trying to discourage people from using city businesses, from living downtown, and even from driving in Madison (by unpredictable road blocks at any city location), to cause city businesses to fail, hence to reduce the city tax base, and hence to reduce available funding for the police. Madison will become a sick city, rich people will leave and poor people will take possession.
    2. The protests are secretly directed by Trump’s agents, to scare rich people so they vote for Trump, hoping Trump will protect them or simply as a “screw you” to the protesters.


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