Welcome to wannabe Charlottesville, Wisconsin

Direct from Madison’s Capitol Squire Autonomous Zone

Bring a baseball bat to a peaceful (?) protest

Truck runs through crowd of BLM protesters and strikes Woman of Color early Sunday morning 06-21-2020. Right here in Madison WI! Shades of Charlottesville VA! Cue the outrage! Fists in the air! Put new batteries in the bullhorns.

Never mind that the driver who hit a woman was physically attacked by the mob and appears to have panicked in trying to get away. Or that the woman “twerking” in the middle of the street already packed with 100 or more revelers at 2:26 in the morning. Count on it: this man will be charged with a crime. This is Madison. Don’t fight back, acquiesce.

Social justice warriors invade a sidewalk restaurant on the Capitol Square. Spray the F-bomb and race shame the people trying to eat on a Mifflin Street restaurant (one of the few not boarded up). “If you aren’t with us, F you!”

Be careful where and when you go in downtown Madison any more because it is now legal to stop traffic, harass drivers, diners, and passersby. Madison is not yet the Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone but darn near.

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Check it at 1:06:00 in the video below: “Remember when Sheriff Mahoney took a knee .. that shit was funny. … If this M-F* * *-er rally make you uncomfortable and we yell in your face to make you say Black Lives Matter. … Silence is the violence. Be uncomfortable. … Some of you went to James Madison Park and for the protest and some of you came to Coopers Tavern. We know who is who —  who was at Coopers Tavern and who was at James Madison. If you are not on our side that shit is going to stick out like a sore thumb. … Let’s move. Let’s go fuck some shit up.”

Police attacked responding to victim

You have read the newspaper account. You can read the official police account, which reads in part:

On June 21, MPD Officers responded to a report of a vehicle that had driven into a crowd near University Avenue and Frances Street.  The first call was received by the 911 Center at 2:26am, officers were dispatched at about 2:27am, and the first officers arrived less than a minute later.

Arriving officers observed a crowd of 100-150 in the street.  As officers approached and attempted to locate the victim, they were immediately surrounded.  Several bystanders carried the victim across the street, and officers facilitated this movement.  Officers immediately attempted to render aid to the victim but were surrounded by a highly agitated and aggressive group.  Officers attempted to move the crowd back from the victim, and did use OC spray to create space to allow Madison Fire Department paramedics to enter the scene and treat the victim.  Mutual aid from outside agencies was requested to assist with the crowd.

‘Driver was punched in face’

Now read the unofficial police account (courtesy of Our Ms. Vicki McKenna at 1310 WIBA-AM):

After the bars let out, a crowd of several hundred people gathered at Francis & University Avenue. The crowd blocked Francis street and walked across University and stood in the road. Several vehicles also parked in front of the bars.

Vehicles were seen racing up-and-down the street with several individuals hanging out the windows and some vehicles doing donuts and figure eights in the street. A female was “twerking” in the road/cross walk of Francis street when she was struck by a truck.

The truck had exited the Francis street ramp and came up to the crowd. This is when people began to jump on the truck and into the bed of the truck dancing on it. The driver was punched in the face and that is when he drove into the crowd. The driver was further attacked and continued to drive-through the crowd driving over the female victim.

Officers arrived on scene to large hostile crowds. Officers described being sucked into the crowd. As officers tended to the victim, the victims family became hostile to the officers, shoving them and pointing fingers in their face.

Pepper spray was then deployed to get the crowd back, so EMS could reach the victim. UW police, Shorewood police, Capital police, and Town of Madison police all responded to provide assistance. By this time, bottles were being thrown at police. Victim’s injuries were minor. Order was eventually restored. Driver has been ID’d.


Blaska’s Bottom Line: The driver will be charged with something — hopefully nothing more than leaving the scene of an accident. But wouldn’t you get the hell out of there as if your tail was on fire? Guaranteed, not one of the mob will be charged with so much as jay walking, not even the twerker. There’s your social justice, Madison.

What crime do YOU think the driver committed?

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10 Responses to Welcome to wannabe Charlottesville, Wisconsin

  1. Balboa says:

    Home Grown Terrorists, Reminds me of the peaceful Arab Spring that happened across the Middle East, those crowds were entirely peaceful remember. With folks supplying fresh stock piles of Cash to the BLM movement our of guilt without even realizing that they are a zealous terrorist backed group. Please Please take over the Square around the capital building again. Nothing will turn WI Bright Red again than a bunch of hedonistic terrorists camping out in front of Madison’s capital.

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  2. His crime was leaving the ramp at bar time.

    And I noticed that Urban Triage had labeled him a White Supremacist in a tweet. They ID’d the driver, but did they ID the guy who punched him in the face? My guess is nobody could help the police with that one. Am I right?

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    • madisonexpat says:

      He was driving while white. She was twerking in the middle of a busy street. The rest of the state watches. Who wants to vote for the Left?


  3. georgeorwell says:

    The best thing that could happen would be another ‘autonomous’ zone declaring itself a new country, set up in downtown Madison. Call it “Democratic Peoples Free Republic of Madistan.” Seal it off, and don’t let anyone leave unless they have a DPFRM passport to enter the United States. Make them go through customs. I’m sad I’m not going to be able to visit this summer, because I definitely won’t be coming back to this nonsense.

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  4. Larsen E. Whipsnade says:

    The police should enforce the law:

    346.28  Pedestrians to walk on left side of highway; drivers to yield on sidewalks.
    (1)  Any pedestrian traveling along and upon a highway other than upon a sidewalk shall travel on and along the left side of the highway and upon meeting a vehicle shall, if practicable, move to the extreme outer limit of the traveled portion of the highway.

    346.29  When standing or loitering in roadway or highway prohibited.
    (1)  …
    (2) No person shall stand or loiter on any roadway other than in a safety zone if such act interferes with the lawful movement of traffic.
    (3) …


  5. georgessson says:

    MPD youtube VID from start to end….. https://youtu.be/0wktLM5NSlY A brave soul posted on Urban Triage site, and they have removed contrary comments, of which there were many….


  6. dad29 says:

    The driver was assaulted. That fact puts a whole new light on ANY actions he took subsequent to the assault. Fortunate for him, because merely dancing on his truck would not have given him those rights.


  7. Sprocket says:

    A few random observations:

    The diffusion of responsibility a mob provides demonstrates how people behave absent social constraints. They’re pretty happy with this state of affairs, until the violence they’re complicit in results in them performing an impromptu exhaust system check on a victims vehicle.

    There’s an old axiom, Don’t go to stupid places with stupid people at stupid times and do stupid things. In this context, this means there is no place you need to go badly enough that you should drive near a crowd of savages. In today’s climate, you will have to choose between being beaten, allowing your property to be destroyed, or become the target of a vengeance campaign by the criminal activists.

    When is the last time you saw a the police having to use pepper spray on a crowd of white people to allow EMTs to do their work? What does this say about these people and their prospects for success? How did whitey cause these people to be morons?


  8. Robby White says:

    I’d say the driver acted appropriately. You can only hope that the drivers career and life is not completely upended and ruined by the SJW mob on the social media. It makes my blood boil watching this complete breakdown of law and order in this city. Paying such high property taxes and for other overpriced services should ensure the safe passage of myself or any other citizen that is trying to leave a parking ramp at bar time. It’s one thing to have the occasional drunk college girl twerking and jaywalking but none of these events should have happened! I support local law enforcement but they have lost their dentures and are seemingly impotent at maintaining any sort of order. I don’t know if it is weak leadership, the Ferguson Effect, police union not standing by their members and so on or what? Ultimately it looks like you have to protect yourself, which is what the guy in the truck did. I for sure won’t be going downtown anymore, and if I do it will be in the F-150 with plenty of ground clearance Clarence. I also wonder if the merchants who acquiesce with the mob realize that their businesses are literally dying by the minute? The angry mob is bad for business so it serves them right if they go under. I can hear the downtown death rattle from the East Side.


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