The liberal cult of victimhood disempowers

The idea that only whites can undo ‘structural racism’
sends young blacks a message of powerlessness. 

The good Madison liberal subscribes to the socialist reading of the world as being divided between victims and victimizers. If this person is without it must be because that person has taken. Greed, doncha know. Confronted with the failure of 60 years of Great Society redistribution, our progressive acquaintances have fallen back on pure, unadulterated eugenics. It’s white skin, unconscious (implicit) bias, privilege et cetera that causes black kids to loiter in the hallways instead of attending class. Defund the police!

It’s called ‘performance empathy’

I am sure there are actions that I take or do not take that end up contributing to the circumstances that lead young people to think it is OK to steal cars,” a neighbor here in SW Madison expostulated. What those actions may be, the kind lady knows not to this day. But she is as certain of this particular faith belief as the Pope is of the Virgin birth.

Efforts to expiate such unearned guilt range from to the notational to the macabre to the suicidal. A Black Lives Matter yard sign, a knee taken in front of the cameras, some have actually bore the yoke and worn manacles. Joe Biden is wiling to consider tapping taxpayers to pay reparations for the descendants of slaves, presumably including Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor, son of Prince Harry and Meghan. Now major cities, crime-ridden though they be, are done with “reforming” the police. College graduates are  pushing them to abolish law enforcement altogether.

Is Lord of the Flies their policy manual? Which is why the Werkes reprints a portion of today’s must read from the Wall Street Journal:

Personal Agency

Glenn Loury, a Brown University economist, … was challenged with the proposition that before black people addressfactors within their locus of control — such as high levels of single parenthood, which create a greater likelihood of child poverty — white people’s racist attitudes and actions need to be resolved.

Ian Rowe                          Glenn Loury

“You just made white people, the ones who we say are the implacable, racist, indifferent, don’t-care oppressors, into the sole agents of your own delivery,” Mr. Loury said. “Really?”

Herein lies the great danger of this moment: The next generation of Americans — black and white — might grow up believing that the entire destiny of one race rests in the hands of another, which must first renounce its “privilege” before any progress can be made. The potential damage is that young people are robbed of their sense of personal agency — the belief and ability they can control their own destiny. — Ian Rowe, American Enterprise Institute

Juneteenth weekend in Chicago — “Weekend shooting totals in Chicago have always been staggering, and yet, Black Lives Matter protesters never seem to show up in these areas and little attention is given in the mainstream media to the plight of those living there. Father’s Day weekend in the Windy City was especially bloody, with 102 shootings, including 14 fatalities. Five children were among the dead—the youngest victim was 3.” — Townhall 06-22-2020.

Blaska’s Bottom Line: Blame Blaska all you want, won’t change a thing.

Who is responsible for YOUR failure/success?

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12 Responses to The liberal cult of victimhood disempowers

  1. Gary L. Kriewald says:

    Your neighbor who believes that young blacks stealing cars are prompted to do so by some moral failing of white people is only one of coutless examples showing that the madness that’s gripped Madison and scores of other cities stems from a secular belief system, not from rational thought. A couple examples I’ve noticed in my own corner of town: 1) a large sign in the window of a coffee shop on Atwood Ave. reading “Black Lives Are Sacred.” 2) the appearance on the manicured lawns of various neighbors of what can only be described as shrines–BLM signs surrounded by balloons, candles, flowers, etc. Trying to argue with such people is like trying to get a devout Christian to reject the doctrine of the Holy Trinity. In the early 19th centry, the great Spanish artist Francisco Goya created a famous drawing entitled “El sueno de la razon produce monstrusos” (The sleep of reason breeds monsters). He was responding to the chaos into which his country was plunged after the invasion by Napoloen. Right now in this country reason, in the midst of chaos, is sound asleep. But instead of Goya we get the “inspiring” murals on the boarded-up windows of State Street.

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  2. Mike Leisz says:


    My family moved to the US in 1897, or thereabouts. Should members of my family be responsible for paying retributions?

    On Mon, Jun 22, 2020 at 10:59 AM Blaska Policy Werkes wrote:

    > David Blaska posted: “The idea that only whites can undo ‘structural > racism’ sends young blacks a message of powerlessness. The good Madison > liberal subscribes to the socialist reading of the world as being divided > between victims and victimizers. If this person is without it” >


    • Gary L. Kriewald says:

      Of course they should! Your ancestors came here during the Jim Crow era, which was a direct result of slavery. Therefore, they were just as culpable as if they’d taken up arms for the Confederacy. See how easy it is to partake in the (il)logic of the BLM fanatics and their toadies?


  3. Cornelius Gotchberg says:

    Blaska may recall bringing up Parental Responsibilityon the neighborsnextdoor thread, to which another neighbor replied Room; Meet Elephant.

    The silent pearl clutching/fainting couch activity that followed was deafening, because, you know, like, EVERY troubled child’s parents are “stressed out” from working two-three jobs.

    Except, it would appear, the EVIL White ones…

    Don’t grasp the 3rd Rail and ask how many of these stressed out parents found time away from their two-three jobs to loot and destroy property, I mean, peacefully assemble and protest recently; that would be RAYcist>!!!!

    Anywho, avoiding Personal Agency/Responsibility is as easy as unquestioningly embracing what the brilliant Dr. Thomas Sowell calls Seductive Beliefs I and Seductive Beliefs II.

    Tom Purcell in Too Few Children Today Are Blessed With A Stubborn Father says: “My father’s mission was to tame the stupidity out of me.”

    “But fewer children have fathers around.


    “ ‘Consequently,’ says the, National Fatherhood Initiative (NFI), ‘there is a father factor in nearly all social ills facing America today.’ ”

    “According to NFI, kids without fathers are more likely to grow up poor, drop out of school, go to jail and encounter numerous other struggles in life than are kids who grow up with dads”.

    Probably nothing to it, right?

    The Gotch

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  4. pANTIFArts says:

    Everything you have said is true, but for the BLM-ANTIFA cadres it is a much more insidious claim. The national statistics for black involvement in crime, education, illegitimacy are available for all to see, the weekly Chicago crime updates continue. If the BLM anarchists were to be confronted with these figures and were ever forced to acknowledge them, they would be left with only one argument. (After their cries of RACIST! died down) That argument is that blacks are culturally somehow UNABLE to obey laws. ( a RACIST and fallacious premise!) Society’s laws against car theft, murder, assault, burglary, rioting, etc, are ALL RACIST!! Therefore- the jails must be emptied. The police are no longer targeting innocent people – they are enforcing racist laws against a people operating at a disadvantage. Therefore- the police must be disbanded. The claims that crime is caused by poverty or “white privilege” didn’t wash. No one ever looted a big-screen TV to “feed the baby”. No one ever shot a 3 year old black child in the head during a drive-by because a white person was rude to them. Either individuals take responsibility for their own decisions and actions, or the laws are unfair. HOW RACIST IS THAT? Every day TENS of Millions of black Americans wake up, go to their jobs, and dream of a better life for themselves and their children. They have never been arrested, never experienced violence against themselves because of their race. They know that not everyone they meet will like them. But that’s OK, people are free to choose their friends. Racism will exist as long as all sides keep creating division by drawing lines between people. They know that you can find racism in anything, if you want to bad enough. These folks have more important concerns, keeping their children safe, a better job, a nicer home, and a better future for their families. The current chaos puts these Americans in an awkward situation. Whites who don’t know them may assume that they are part of this mess. Militant Blacks accuse them of “trying to be WHITE”. Black Americans have risen to the top of every aspect of American life, and that is the world they want their children to live in.

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    • Cornelius Gotchberg says:

      Yer on FIRE bruh, and Lefty’s in yer cro$$hairs!

      DIG IT!!!!

      The Gotch


    • georgessson says:

      “Black Americans have risen to the top of every aspect of American life, and that is the world they want their children to live in.” W.E.B Dubois espoused that fine thought, too. Also during the Reconstruction, Frederick Douglas urged freed slaves to embrace education, local government and integrate within the white communities. If they had, perhaps Jim Crow, the KKK (1920’s) would have had less of an impact. But as shown by Brandi Grayson’s spoutings, Blacks turned angry, loud, impatient and…. separate.


  5. Balboa says:

    “Milwaukee schools boot police – By a unanimous vote Thursday 06-18-2020. also bans metal detectors, facial recognition software and social media monitoring software.”
    so will those board members be able to be held liabable for this terrible decision?


  6. David E Mylrea says:

    I enjoy your blog. While visiting my son in Charleston SC I read a few articles from an english teacher in Charleston who’s got it figured out. Check out Jody Stallings….Teacher to Parent.



  7. Good Dog,Happy Man says:

    Good piece, Dave. “Confronted with the failure of 60 years of Great Society redistribution, our progressive acquaintances have fallen back on pure, unadulterated eugenics.”

    Most Proglibocrats in that liberal cult are poor-choice. If they can justify and rationalize the murder of an unborn baby, it’s easy to justify and rationalize any criminal behavior.

    The founder of Planned unParenthood, the eugenicist, racist Margaret “Human Weeds” Sanger, is still my top favorite atheist, Communist/Marxist mass-murderer. She’s way worse than Mao, Stalin, Pol Pot, Hitler or the Castros. Her death totals are still going up.


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