Police arrest New York man who randomly attacked 92-year-old woman

No riots so far
Awaiting statement from Freedom Inc. & Mayor Satya. May be payback for institutional racism. Slavery avenged, one 92-year-old woman at a time.

Most of us were horrified by the video of a man randomly striking a 92-year-old womanin New York City who fell and hit a fire hydrant.  The young man is seen casually looking back and just continui…

Source: Police Arrest New York Man Who Randomly Attacked 92-Year-Old Woman – JONATHAN TURLEY

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5 Responses to Police arrest New York man who randomly attacked 92-year-old woman

  1. Sprocket says:

    Take a look at this creature’s arrest record and tell me how the system is rigged against non-whites.

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  2. georgessson says:

    Well, see, he was only arrested 100 plus times, and mostly citations w/ no bond requirements. Just like in Dane County. Begs the question: Does Jill Karofsky have a relative out there?

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  3. Is he past rehabilitation? And, how did he get this way? Would a firm handed black mentor help him?

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  4. Balboa says:

    He is just a teddy bear, really really sweet kid. How do we know the 92 yr old did not have it coming. Come on man. just let him go I am sure he learned his lesson. He promises not to do anything wrong from this point forward.


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