Take the quiz: you might be a progressive pariah

Get your mind right

A progressive suggests the head groundskeeper at Blaska Policy Werkes enroll in one of the Racial Justice seminars available here in Madison WI and around the nation, some of them taught by authentically black people.

She recommends these tutorials as a curative for the racism endemic in American society. Blaska raised his hand to inquire whether that racist society infected the neighbor’s own residence or was she spared by the lamb’s blood she poured on the door post.

I am sure there are actions that I take or do not take that end up contributing to the circumstances that lead young people to think it is OK to steal cars,” she responded.

Got implicit bias?

How guilty are you?

Given that certainty, the Werkes asked, what actions are those? And why do you keep doing them? Apparently, the lady had not taken one of the White Guilt courses for she has not answered as of this writing. The white lab coats at the Werkes worked up this Final Exam — one that might well be found in the Rev. Gee’s seminars:

How to score: If you answered 1. False, 2. Wet streets, 3. Urban myth, 4. Shame on me, 5. Police, 6. None, 7. Psychotic!, 8. Mayor Satya, 9. Victims not victors, 10. Wahl (Ghostbusters is also acceptable), 11. Responsibility, and 12. No victims! — congratulations! You’ll be run out of Madison very soon!

When are YOU moving to Oklahoma?

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5 Responses to Take the quiz: you might be a progressive pariah

  1. Oklahoma? No. I have moved to Missouri. 3 years ago, retired from UW. I have, and always have had, black friends (and others too! ). Do enjoy David ! VOTE TRUMP !
    John Albright


  2. pANTIFArts says:

    You’ll be run out of Madison very soon! You’ll be run out, but, it might not be Madison. San Francisco just removed the names of George Washington and Thomas Jefferson from two of their schools. JAMES MADISON – Founding Father, 4th President. US Constitution, US Bill of Rights, 5th Secretary of State (Louisiana Purchase) JAMES MADISON – slaveholder (100 plus)


    • pANTIFArts says:

      Now this is not information someone with a Gender Studies degree or even your average high school student would know. BUT when Victim Central sends out the call – it could be the ISSUE of the DAY! Ever hear the phrase “Throw the Baby out with the bath water”? It was a serious expression meaning to eliminate that which is MOST precious for the sake of removing the undesirable. Take the University, Isthmus, and associated neighborhoods- change the name to RABBIT HOLE and the rest can stay Madison. Problem solved!


  3. David says:

    It’s a Black problem!!!!


  4. Balboa says:

    Run out of Madison, We left 7 years ago but I am afraid you will be writing about being run out of Dane County soon enough.


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