Good luck in HIS court!

Gov. Tony Evers appointed this guy to sit in judgment

Not a judge but an activist. “Dane County Judge appointee Mario White read off the names of black people killed by police officers into a loudspeaker.”  — WI State Journal 06-09-2020

Good luck in HIS court!

WI Gov. Tony Evers announced Tuesday (06-02-2020) his appointment of Mario White as Dane County circuit court judge..

“As the last week has shown, we need top-to-bottom change in our criminal justice system to address its systemic racism,” said Gov. Evers in a statement. “One of the ways we can do this is ensuring we have judges who understand and reflect the communities they serve. As a former teacher and highly accomplished public defender, Mario White will do just that.”

Blaska’s Bottom Line: Never mind, Jake. It’s Chinatown.

Do YOU want a change of venue?

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  1. Mark Porter says:

    Golly Dave, you seem to have distinct opinions but are still able to remain fair and objective, can’t others as well?


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