What do we want? Unity! When do we want it? Sunday!

and ‘Real Change’ (whatever that is)!

It almost hurts, how wet-puppy-dog, eager to please are our guilty Madison liberals acquaintances. For they are legion. If the average Madisonian picks one hill upon which to die it is to abjure their implicit bias and vow forever more to think nothing but good thoughts.

In the Meadowood neighborhood here on the SW side, a Well Meaning Neighbor proposed organizing a march this Sunday “to support our Black neighbors in making real change happen. (Masks and social distancing encouraged.)” He called it a “commUNITY walk.” Get it?


Means well

“I was thinking we could all start from our homes at 3 p.m., carry or wear signs of support, and walk through our neighborhood to meet at Meadowood park or a community area and stand in UNITY for an hour. If we want real change it has to start with us right?” 

Right you are, Well Meaning Neighbor. Nothing brings about Real Change like a nice walk and standing in UNITY! Think about the real change you could get if you stood for TWO hours! (Masks and social distancing encouraged.) The head groundskeeper at Stately Blaska Manor once again put himself on report before the supreme arbiters at NextDoor social media headquarters by responding: “What kind of signs are best for Making Real Change Happen?”

I’m only a poor country boy, but would such signs include the F-bomb? Seems that is the dominant motif around the city these days. (Coming soon to a front lawn near you.)

Happiest corner

Looks like real plywood

What does Real Change look like?

For extra credit, the smart aleck asked what “Real Change” might look like. (Something involving plywood? For sure, State Street Madison is Real Changed.) If Blaska is going to stand for an hour he wants to know what he’s getting, Don Pardo. The Policy Werkes and its nefarious agents been asking that question for over a week now, in multiple venues. We have yet to get an answer.

Well Meaning Neighbor took down his social media post “because the comments were defeating the purpose and fed into further divide.” (We do what we can, Neighbor. Unity for the sake of unity is fascism.) Other comments (not mine, honest!) expressed dread that State Street would be visited upon Meadowood Drive. (Probably an over-reaction, but still …)

Operators are standing by

Another NextDoor neighbor asked Well Meaning Neighbor if he had consulted the black community. Hadn’t thought of that, he admitted! He had been caught!

“Putting my white privilege to action and not overtaking the stage!” he sheepishly confessed.

Well Meaning Neighbor promised to consult “the black community” before moving another muscle. Do they have a toll-free 800 number? (“Black Community. How can I help you?) They do all think alike, right?

Blaska’s Bottom LineThe only program for “Real Change” we’ve seen is from Black Lives Matter and its Marxist affiliates: hollow out the police department, empty the jails, and pay ransom money to the social justice warriors. Even that is not terribly changed from the direction Progressive Dane is taking Madison city government. (We’ll have more on that in the next blog.)

OR … you could finally admit that the progressive culture of victimhood is destroying Madison and the rest of America and subscribe to the Blaska program: Be a victor, not a victim.

What would Real Change look like to YOU?

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7 Responses to What do we want? Unity! When do we want it? Sunday!

  1. One eye says:

    Real change would have been electing David Blaska to the school board.

    I wish I was the angel Clarence:

    “What do you think? Ahhh… that will do it. All right, Freedom Inc, you’ve got your wish: the police no longer exist”

    Act II of It’s a Wonderful Madison would not be pretty.

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  2. georgessson says:

    RE: “NextDoor” –The thread has been removed already. Perhaps some dissenting views were posted, and the “woke” wouldn’t like that.

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    • Cornelius Gotchberg says:

      The Gotch will attest there was a pretty…um..spirited discussion there which played on a quote from the porcine leader of FreeDUMB Inc, M. Adams:

      Stop MURDERING BLACK PEOPLE And Your Glass Will Be Safe

      Guilt-inundated White Lefties make up most of the West Side neighbors, but a few vocal Conservatives got in some pretty good licks as they painted deftly allowed Lefty to paint themselves into a corner where they ultimately got smacked around pretty good.

      The Gotch deemed it a minor victory for Righty because most of the SJWs simply stopped participating; either they couldn’t defend the indefensible, became demoralized with their ideology’s imbecility, or a more pressing engagement arose, like time for some of that there Brie, Chablis, & Wheat Grass Tea.

      The Gotch

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  3. Sprocket says:

    Sunday! Sunday! Sunday! Maoist struggle session at Meadowood park! Confess your racist counter-revolutionary crimes! Fun for the whole family! Be there!

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    • Cornelius Gotchberg says:

      WOW!; powerfully put, Paula.

      It’s obscene and perverse that it could get to this, but a great comfort to many that you’re there as a backstop.

      The Gotch


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