The science is very unsettled

because ‘guidance’ is still being ‘clarified’!

Well, it is called ‘novel’ coronavirus for a reason.

happyavatarWe are so bad. Irredeemable, perhaps. The head groundskeeper at the Werkes is watching his mini-clover sprout in the front yard of the Stately Manor the other day. Two ladies walk by on the sunny side of the street, all muffled up in fabric face masks. That ol’ Debbil Trouble got into Blaska and caused him to perform a loud and obnoxious, fixin’-to-die coughing jag. Aaargh, HACK, HACK! P’tooie! We considered writhing on the ground but will save that for the next encounter.

We’re certain the ladies’ felt their paranoia had been validated. You’re most welcome.

Trump blow

… and Epstein didn’t kill himself; Mayor Satya, is that you?

Thanks for not opening

A friendly progressive acquaintance over on his blog celebrates that a trendy restaurant on Madison WI’s Capitol Square refuses to open even though local officialdom has opened the lock-downed window a crack. 

A sincere shout-out to The Old-Fashioned in Madison who stated on the local news Tuesday (05-26-2020) they were not going to open at this time as it simply was not a safe thing to do. They spoke of their loyal base of support and how it was those people they did not think could be served safely at this time. I applaud those who place science, data, and medical driven decision-making ahead of just a mad rush to open their businesses.


Whatever that science may be at the moment. We’re old enough to remember when the experts (perhaps in a mad rush) told us not to wear masks.


The skeptics at the Werkes also posit that the restaurant put pencil to paper and — given that local officialdom demands restaurants serve no more than one-quarter their capacity — just could not make the financial numbers work. Doesn’t pay to reopen.

Three months in, there’s still a lot we do not know about the coronavirus.


Now clarify THIS!

Never mind Donald Trump’s candy-coated hydroxychloroquine pills (now in chewable form). Remember all those images of technicians in hazmat suits spraying down handrails (and everything else that didn’t move) in order to fight the novel coronavirus? Now we’re learning, it IS possible to catch the Wuhan Woo Woo from touching surfaces, but not very likely. We also learned (the hard way) not to push COVID-19 sufferers into nursing homes for the elderly.

Which is why the white lab coats at the Policy Werkes put Sunday’s New York Times under the microscope. The headline in my print version on Page A-9 reads, “C.D.C. clarifies guidance on whether transmission can occur via surfaces.” 

Doncha just love it when Big Gummint “clarifies guidance”?!

Quincy medical examinerThe virus spreads mainly from person to person, rather than via contaminated surfaces, according to the C.D.C. For those who were worried about wiping down grocery bags or disinfecting mailed packages … The coronavirus is thought to spread mainly from one person to another, typically through droplets when an infected person sneezes, coughs or talks at close range.

It seems that the virus spreads most easily when people are in close contact with one another — in a conversation, for example — or gathered in poorly ventilated spaces.

Landmark WI restaurant closes after 82 years. (Sad story here.)

Blaska’s Bottom Line: It’s summer in Wisconsin. Is any indoor retail establishment poorly ventilated or is every one of them delightfully air conditioned? Where are people cheek by jowl, indoors? Maybe in a crowded movie theater. Or in a classroom. But not at my restaurants’ tables for two. And those restaurants were washing the dishes and wiping down the tables even before Dr. Fauci locked us in the basement.

What have YOU clarified today?

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10 Responses to The science is very unsettled

  1. Marge Bils says:

    Your first story about the walkers passing your house with masks & your response is going to have me chuckling all day. Thanks!


    • John says:

      Wearing a mask ( I can’t believe you still don’t get this) is meant to block, be a barrier, for YOUR breath and spit from reaching and infecting others around you, it does not prevent the virus from getting through the mask. What is wrong with you people?


  2. richard lesiak says:

    The last time I checked if you own a business you are free to open or close as you wish.


  3. It is far more likely that the owner of The Old Fashioned realized that he would have to endure about 60% of his labor and overhead, in order to garner 25% (or less) of his normal income. And since restaurants operate on a profit margin of less than 10% most of the time, it would be more expensive to open at 25% capacity, than it would be to stay shut down completely. I mean, I’m really glad it made Humphrey’s day, I’m just not convinced it was for the reasons he thinks it was.


  4. Madison1218 says:

    Just a side note to David. A few weeks ago you rightly called out the media for showing the worst of the people at the ‘Open our Economy’ protest on the square (I think it was a confederate flag or something). But this is at least the 4th time you’ve posted that picture of the nut job in the hazmat suit. Can’t have it both ways and still keep your credibility. I think you’re better than that. Stay well. Heading down to the local watering hole right now to support local!


  5. Cornelius Gotchberg says:

    The former BLOG IDIOT was summarily BANNED.

    Damn shame it didn’t stick!

    The Gotch


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