Twitter rule enforcer called Trump supporters ‘Nazis’

Even so, Trump keeps shooting himself in the foot
Is he really that crazy?

Daft Uncle Joe Biden might be mumbling to himself in the basement, but Donald Trump is just plain unbalanced. Why, oh why, does the man need to tweet provable falsehoods that MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough killed a woman years ago? Why drive up the talking head’s ratings?

The head groundskeeper at the Werkes is wondering if he can take another four years of this.  Trump is right to shift direction on trade policy from the ruinous, bipartisan direction of both parties. He is right to take on China. He is right to quit being the world’s policeman. He rightly appoints jurists who read the Constitution, not the opinion polls. But the man’s pollution of our national discourse may be his most lasting legacy.  Then again (Blaska, you’re like Truman’s two-handed economists — on the other hand) the founding generation spared no imprecation against their opponents.

A few years back, the Atlantic monthly reminded Americans of the Founders’ political bile:

Philip Freneau’s National Gazette succeeded by Benjamin Franklin Bache’s Aurora — make the talking heads of partisan cable TV look mild in comparison . The Aurora called Washington’s Farewell Address the “loathings of a sick mind,” asked whether he was “an imposter or an apostate” and accused him of being traitorous, like Benedict Arnold. Of Adams, it said he was but “old, querulous, bald, blind, crippled and toothless” and, during his re-election campaign, a worthless public figure who needed “like polluted water to be cast out the back door.”

That “polluted water” was the evening’s thunder mug.

Helping Trump is that the alternative against this election year is almost as bad as it was in 2016 when the Hildabeast was the Democrats’ nominee. If Biden doubles down on Stacey Abrams or Kamala Harris or that draconian governor of Michigan, Trump will be the luckiest candidate since James Monroe, who faced no opponent in 1820.

Another indispensable is Jonathan Turley, the constitutional law expert who testified as an expert witness for the Republicans during the impeachment trial. As he too often does, “The new controversy swirling around Twitter’s new rules allowing the removal or labeling of tweets that the company deems false or misleading. …

Critics have highlighted fairly extreme postings from Twitter’s “Head of Site Integrity” calling Trump and his supporters Nazis. 

More Jonathan Turley here.

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5 Responses to Twitter rule enforcer called Trump supporters ‘Nazis’

  1. Balboa says:

    there is no Jill Stein to get Trump elected again. If people whom normally Vote conservative choose to sit it out because of Tweets and I have heard from a few people saying such things. Fair Enough, our country affords you the right to choose to vote or not. Biden will win if they sit out and the consequences will be far worse for the country as a whole. His team of totalitarians will make the SJW running the MMSD look like a walk on the beach. I for one do not really care that he tweets at all, especially outlandish things. It is no worse than the 4 years of “sources says” lies and conjecture the talking heads put out there every single day with no ramifications. Hit piece after hit piece and gotcha questions I can see why Orange Man Bad stirs the pot constantly.


  2. georgessson says:

    Not 24 hours into the Presidency, and Trump was triggerin’ Twitterers all over the world. And not positively. It’s not too late for him to stop, considering what’s at stake -tho doubt he will. But his performance is not laughable, nor is the alternative.


    • Batman says:

      Well heck. If we have time to analyze, scrutinize, dissect, and discuss the Orange Master’s tweets, life must be pretty good at least for some of us.

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  3. madisonexpat says:

    Why be on Twitter? President Trump has thrown the stick and set the news cycle. Trump vs. the media who is on O and who is on D?


    • Batman says:

      MSM and social platforms hyperventilating over Trump’s tweets but glaring disinterest in Obama’s weaponization of DOJ, IRS, FBI, and other Intel agencies while some of the dirty rats are presently collecting paychecks from CNN/MSLSD to pollute the airwaves with bilious self-serving propaganda.
      It’s that legacy thingy.


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