Progressives weaponize Madison’s slow reopening of economy using race and class warfare

falls disproportionately on poor people and people of color.’

Had breakfast at The Copper Top this morning on Madison’s SW side! It was delicious! And there were people in the restaurant! (Well, only one-quarter the normal crowd.) Good to see cousins Nick and Bob again and our waitress. When you dine out, be sure to leave a big tip!

We turn to the perspicacious Ann of Althouse for today’s Catch of the Day! Ann writes that she is reading the Wisconsin State Journal’s account of the snail-like reopening of “Madison City Council members, Dane County supervisors question county’s reopening plan.” (Wisconsin State Journal).

“Poor, uninsured, low-wage workers … have no alternative but to go to risky jobs that make them vulnerable,” they write. “Multiple studies have shown that the pandemic has been devastating economically, especially in black and brown communities where people may live with extended families and are more likely to be employed in public-facing occupations such as food service, transportation and home health care where they are more susceptible to become infected.”…

Ann comments:

All but four of the letter’s [14] signatories are members of the left-wing local political party Progressive Dane.

They are (* Progressive Dane):

Madison Alds. Patrick Heck*, Marsha Rummel*, Max Prestigiacomo*, Syed Abbas, Tag Evers*, Grant Foster*, Samba Baldeh* and Rebecca Kemble*, and county Sups. Heidi Wegleitner*, Elena Haasl, Yogesh Chawla*, Holly Hatcher, Michele Ritt, and Richard Kilmer*.

Blaska’s Bottom Line: Imagine! Madison’s reopening — slower than the rest of Wisconsin — is not slow enough for the Progressives, most of whom are work-at-home government employees who have not missed a single paycheck!

What do YOU think?


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