The NY Times makes me sick

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 Little Richard

Wisconsin’s Spring election made the cover story of The New York Times Magazine this Sunday (05-10-2020).

Would it surprise you that author Emily Bazelon trashes Republicans for insisting on holding the election as scheduled on April 7 as a nefarious means to depress turnout?

This excerpt gives the game away: “Conservatives have long focused on increased turnout as a threat … In the days of Jim Crow …” 

Milwaukee opening only five of its 180 polling places? Check! Green Bay opening two? Check! Long lines? Quotes from nervous voters of color? Check! and check again! Madison somehow managing to open 66? Nope!

NY TRimes WQI election cover“In the weeks after the election, Milwaukee health officials traced at least 40 cases of the virus to in-person voting,” Bazelon reports. But no deaths. Likely no more coronavirus cases to shopping at Menard’s or Home Depot.

The NY Times Magazine piece is a brief for mail-in voting. The denizens of Blaska Stately Manor mailed their ballots. It worked for us. But the process  required some familiarity with creating an electronic image of a valid I.D. (the possession of which, according to liberals, is beyond the ability of minority-race citizens), then uploading same via the internet.  Even the Times had to admit “some voters were struggling to figure out how to upload their identification from their phones to the state’s MyVote website.”

Voter fraud!

Then there’s the issue of voter fraud. John Fund at National Review examines the issue:

“Absentee ballots remain the largest source of potential voter fraud,” was the conclusion of the bipartisan 2005 Commission on Federal Election Reform, chaired by former president Jimmy Carter and former secretary of state James Baker.

Democrats and their amen corner in the news media are in the courts trying to prevent Wisconsin state election officials from culling dead and moved-away voters.

The gerrymander canard

No NY Times piece — whether on the edit page or the Style section — would be complete without delegitimizing Republicans. The Wisconsin legislature

… is firmly in the hands of Republicans, who drew a gerrymandered map a decade ago that has allowed them to retain a majority in the State Assembly even though they won only 47% of the vote in 2012 and less than 45% in 2018.

We’ve said it before and will repeat again:

  1. Republicans did not contest 21 of the 99 seats in the first election after the last census, meaning they got zero votes in those districts. Democrats, meanwhile, appeared on the ballot in all but 4 districts.
  2. Geography. Democrats are concentrated in Milwaukee and Madison — so much so that incumbents are contested only in Democrat(ic) primaries. (No state elects its legislature at large.)
  3. Incumbency. Republicans fielded twice as many incumbents as Democrats — by a 52 to 26 margin in 2012. Odd thing, those 52 Republicans enjoyed incumbency because they were elected the previous term in districts drawn by a federal judge after the 2000 Census.

⇒ In fact, Republicans held a 59-39 advantage in the 2010 Assembly in districts drawn by that judge. In the first election after the supposedly gerrymandered map, that advantage grew to 60-39 (replacing the one independent.). 

So, of course, the NY Times writes, “Trump benefited from decreased turnout in 2016 … where participation by black and Democratic voters declined from the historic levels that lifted Barack Obama” — thanks to those Jim Crow Voter I.D. laws, of course.

Blaska’s Bottom LineAnd maybe because “likable enough” Hillary Clinton was on the ballot, not Barack Obama. Hillary, infamously, treated Wisconsin as flyover country.

What do YOU think?

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