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(One) Scot Ross can’t help himself

The man needs professional help Now that he is the newest member of the WI Ethics Commission, (One) Scot Ross is turning up the volume on his obscene degradation of the public square. The supposed adjudicator of ethical political activity. … Continue reading

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Race-shaming Covid-19

Black Americans victimized by the cult of victimhood and ‘race-grievance merchants’ What we hope is fair usage. Read Robert L. Woodson Sr. in the Wall Street Journal: A disproportionate number of black Americans are falling victim to Covid-19. It was only … Continue reading

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Read this Blogge! Dammit!

Tip-toeing around inconvenient tulips If the presses at 1901 Fish Hatchery Road, Madison, print one last paper version of the Wisconsin State Journal, it will be deposited on the driveway at Stately Blaska Manor.    We require high-quality newsprint. The Squire spent … Continue reading

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