It’s your turn, Joe Biden and the Deep State!

Believe it!

If you thought that Donald Trump was the luckiest presidential candidate in history in drawing Hillary Clinton as his opponent (O.K., we’ll concede Walter Mondale v. Reagan), the embattled incumbent is about to get luckier still. 

Does Joe Biden inspire the multitudes? Advocate a Great Cause? Boast heroism in war, great achievement in public office? Offer a fresh voice, a new broom to sweep clean, a torch that can be passed to a new generation. No, no, and are you kidding?

Joe Biden is Warren Harding 100 years later. A return to pre-Wilsonian “normalcy” but minus the serial bonkings —  until Tara Reade. The seemingly inexhaustible slide show of Uncle Joe pawing 12-year-old girls is not a good look in #Me-Too America. Especially for the holier-than-thous who animate the Resistance Party.

Watergate taught us that it’s not the crime, it’s the cover-up.
Biden is teaching us, it’s not the virtue-signaling, it’s the hypocrisy.

⇒ Even New York Times’ media columnist Ben Smith seems astonished by the media gatekeepers’ arrogant handling of the Biden allegations. “The thing about Reade story — and many like it — is that media decision-makers still operate under illusion they control whether it’s a story,” Smith recently tweeted.

The man who said “believe the woman” is asking for the due process he would have denied Bret Kavanaugh and did deny untold scores of college men presumed guilty upon accusation until Betsy DeVos restored civil rights to the campus.

General Flynn will win

We thought at the time that special prosecutor Robert Mueller did not want to testify before Jerry Nadler’s Judiciary Committee last summer was because doing so would expose him as the man sitting at the head of the table during the Russian collusion investigation but not running the meeting. Indeed, Mueller at times seemed as lost as 77-year-old Joe Biden in the middle of a sentence.

“Now, where was I? For that matter, where am I?”

Mueller was being played by many of the same players who advanced the Russian Collusion hoax in the first place. Thus, his team’s indictment of retired Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn.

The same Justice Dept./FBI names keep surfacing, like dead carp: Bill Priestap, Peter Strzok, Lisa Page, Jim Comey, Andrew McCabe, et al. Now it transpires that the FBI withheld exculpatory evidence just as it falsified FISA court warrants aimed at Trump’s campaign team.

Award the Pulitzer Prize now to Andrew McCarthy of the National Review and get it over with. Trump (it says here) won’t need to pardon Flynn; the judge will reverse the conviction and various rogue prosecutors/persecutors will replace him in the dock. 

⇒ “What’s our goal? Truth/Admission or to get him to lie, so we can prosecute him or get him fired?”  — Bill Priestap, FBI counter-intelligence director.

How Flynn was entrapped has been reported. Now McCarthy explains the why: The Obama holdovers (now employed at MSNBC and CNN) wanted to cripple Trump’s presidency and end it through impeachment if they could. But first they had to get rid of Flynn. Why Flynn?

How could the FBI sustain an investigation targeting the President when the President would have the power to shut the investigation down? The only way the bureau could pull that off would be to conceal from the President the fullness of the Russia investigation — in particular, the fact that Trump was the target. That is why Flynn had to go. — “FBI set up Michael Flynn.”

President Trump was a political phenomenon but a novice when it came to governance. He was not supported by the Republican foreign-policy and national-security clerisy, which he had gone out of his way to antagonize in the campaign. The staff he brought into the government consisted mainly of loyalists. There were some skilled advisers, too, but their experience was not in the national-security realm.

The exception was Flynn. The former head of the Defense Intelligence Agency knew how the spy agencies worked. He knew where and how they kept secrets. 

⇒ Strzok intervened when FBI Moved to close Flynn investigation due to lack of ‘derogatory information.’ (More here.)

Tara Reade IS Joe’s running mate

Now even the NY Times wants a deep dive into the documents. “Investigate Tara Reade’s allegations,” headlines their editorial today. “Americans deserve to know more about a sexual assault accusation against the likely Democratic Party nominee.”

Blaska’s Bottom Line: Maybe Jerry Nadler or Adam Schiff could hold hearings.

What do YOU think?

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4 Responses to It’s your turn, Joe Biden and the Deep State!

  1. dad29 says:

    Mueller was being played

    Perhaps by Weissman, but I think you’re wrong.

    Mueller, despite his fawning press, is just as crooked a lawyer as is Weissman. Mueller trained Comey; Mueller (much earlier) blocked DoJ prosecution of the Clinton-Arkansas misdeeds (and those of their associates.) He’s in it up to his neck, which is why he put on the Alzheimer’s act last Fall.

    Don’t be surprised to hear that affirmed by one or more of the rats now skedaddling off the ship and into Durham’s office.

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  2. John Popanz says:

    It would be nice if Flynn were to be exonerated, and the bad actors in the intelligence community were held accountable, but the wheels of justice grind slow, and the “deep state” is entrenched.


  3. A Party of One says:

    Too bad Joe can’t resurrect James (Who am I? Why am I here?) Stockdale as his VP choice. Joe would look like Einstein by comparison. has been on the FISA and Flynn cases for a long time, way ahead of Andrew McCarthy, or anyone else for that matter, All of the actual documents are there for you to read if you’ve got hours to spend. ( And who doesn’t, with Tony in charge.!!!)

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  4. madisonexpat says:

    I don’t doubt the Washington Party malice toward any and every one in the Trump administration but I’ll believe in justice when I see the first participant shorn of his/her pension and contemplating that in prison.

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