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Madison lefties blame Trump supporters for Madison riots

Was Antifa responsible? The usual suspects are planting a “false flag” theory — that Donald Trump supporters caused the State Street riots Saturday (05-30-2020) in Madison WI. “Trump people on now on State Street … agitating,” said Rose Johnson-Brown on … Continue reading

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Tear gas in Madison WI

Madison is under a coronavirus lockdown AND a curfew. Hundreds riot? Did not see THAT coming! Did Madison authorities? Busted windows, looting, a police car torched, rocks thrown, small fires, and overturned planters on State Street, Madison WI. 75 businesses … Continue reading

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Is the President ‘glorifying’ free speech?

Is burning down the neighborhood free speech? Above the dartboard in the Policy Werkes break room (whose turn is it to make the coffee?) is a short list of the poor souls banned from commenting on these electronic pages. We’re … Continue reading

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The science is very unsettled

because ‘guidance’ is still being ‘clarified’! Well, it is called ‘novel’ coronavirus for a reason. We are so bad. Irredeemable, perhaps. The head groundskeeper at the Werkes is watching his mini-clover sprout in the front yard of the Stately Manor the … Continue reading

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Progressives weaponize Madison’s slow reopening of economy using race and class warfare

‘falls disproportionately on poor people and people of color.’ Had breakfast at The Copper Top this morning on Madison’s SW side! It was delicious! And there were people in the restaurant! (Well, only one-quarter the normal crowd.) Good to see cousins … Continue reading

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Twitter rule enforcer called Trump supporters ‘Nazis’

Even so, Trump keeps shooting himself in the foot Is he really that crazy? Daft Uncle Joe Biden might be mumbling to himself in the basement, but Donald Trump is just plain unbalanced. Why, oh why, does the man need … Continue reading

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