Tony Evers 1, Republicans 0

Keep Uncle Joe in the basement.

UPDATED: Does Tony Evers’ latest edict this reverse the polarity? Too late for the Spring election but …  Gov. Evers has extended the state’s order to shut down nonessential businesses through May 26 and Memorial Day weekend. Even New York is shut down only until May 15. 

The order also closes public and private school buildings through the remainder of the 2019-20 school year. It does ease up on some restrictions starting April 24 — including golf without flags, sand trap rakes, carts and clubhouses.

Let’s face it, Gov. Tony Evers won the public relations battle over holding the Wisconsin spring election during the coronavirus pandemic. Lesson #29 from the Policy Werkes: Never under-estimate your political opponent. Tony ain’t stupid; he played the crowd wisely.

The Marquette Law School poll released April 1 should have told us: 76% of respondents said they approved of Tony’s handling of the virus; only 17% disapproved.

All Is Well 2However unfairly, Republican Assembly speaker Robin Vos will be remembered for assuring voters that All Is Well from somewhere inside his Hazmat suit. The right play (in retrospect) would be to let Evers take the headaches of delaying an election by months. The boo birds are always louder even if their numbers are smaller.

Winners have a thousand fathers; losers are orphans. Bernie Sanders also gets credit for electing Jill Karofsky to the WI Supreme Court over incumbent Daniel Kelly. Bernie held off announcing that he was ending his campaign until after the Wisconsin primary, thereby incentivizing (verb, transitive) his Bernie Bros to get out and vote. The Democratic presidential primary attracted 924,151 voters — one third more than the 617,201 Republican voters.

A good case can be made that presidential primaries have no business on the same ballot as non-partisan school boards and mayors. Vos and Fitzgerald in the Senate could-a and should-a moved the date.

About that WI Supreme Court beat-down 

“Not a stunning upset,” judges John McCormack in National Review:  

It’s hard to find any relationship between Wisconsin supreme court elections and presidential elections.

  • A narrow conservative victory in the spring of 2011 was followed by a decisive win for Barack Obama in 2012.
  • A double-digit liberal supreme court victory in 2015 was followed by Donald Trump’s surprise upset in 2016.
  • Another double-digit liberal victory in 2018 was followed by a one-point loss for former GOP governor Scott Walker that fall.

‘Safer at home’

Inmates escape

As if we needed another reason. They can wear a face mask like all the other prisoners released voluntarily. 

Just mail it in — Absentee voting vitiates a tried-and-true political campaign strategy: hit the voters hard in the final week when they are paying attention. The indentured servants at the Stately Manor voted 10 days before the statutory election date. Something like 80% of Wisconsin voters this April mailed it in — 1.1 million out of 1.5 million cast. The Wuhan Woo Hoo means absentee voting is here to stay.  Probably on-line voting, too. But that makes culling inaccurate voter lists even more important. 

What will the ladies have? — With Jill Karofsky, the WI Supreme Court is down to one male out of seven, Brian Hagedorn. Madison’s mayor, the president of the Common Council, the chairman of the County Board, the entire Madison delegation to the State Assembly, six out of seven on the Madison school board — all female. One old, white heterosexual man (ahem) would represent “diversity.”

Optics, people! Citizens weary of the the social isolation are rallying 1 p.m. Friday, April 24 at the State Capitol. The worry here is that the event will look like pitchforks and tiki torches. TV cameras will focus on the Open Carry nuts and George Soros conspiracy whack-jobs.

Who got it right in 2016? The candidate who warned about Chinese perfidy, promised secure borders, and pledged America First — or the Hildabeast?

Blaska’s Bottom Line Unplanned though it was, keeping old Uncle Joe in the basement tying fishing flies may be a wise strategy. Protect the public or restore the economy? No matter how this novel coronavirus pandemic plays out, there may be no way Trump can win.  Plus, Andrew Cuomo is shaming the Trump virus briefings — mainly by keeping them brief, on topic, and free of food fights with the news media (dishonest though they be).

What do YOU think?

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  1. AnonyBob says:

    “However unfairly, Republican Assembly speaker Robin Vos will be remembered for assuring voters that All Is Well from somewhere inside his Hazmat suit.”
    No quibbles with much of what you (no doubt reluctantly) post here, Dave, but how is this even remotely unfair to the execrable Speaker, self-hoisted on his own petard?


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