Madison will fry chickens in the barnyard

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general strangelove

You can take down those “No F-35 jets” yard signs, liberals. Truax Field in Madison is getting them, although not until 2023. We thought the sons-a-bee’s could fly faster than that but alright. 

We recall the wise words of General “Buck” Turgidson: “If the pilot’s good, see, I mean if he’s reeeally sharp, he can barrel that baby in so low… oh you oughta see it sometime. It’s a sight! A big plane like a ’52… varrrooom! Its jet exhaust… frying chickens in the barnyard!

About that WI Supreme Court beat-down 

John McCormack in National Review observes:

It’s hard to find any relationship between Wisconsin supreme court elections and presidential elections.

  • A narrow conservative victory in the spring of 2011 was followed by a decisive win for Barack Obama in 2012. 

  • A double-digit liberal supreme court victory in 2015 was followed by Donald Trump’s surprise upset in 2016.

  • Another double-digit liberal victory in 2018 was followed by a one-point loss for former GOP governor Scott Walker that fall.

School for Scandal

A good man named Wayne Strong lost to an anti-cop liberal for Madison school board. No sooner is Nicki Vander Meulen declared re-elected than this former Progressive Dane functionary announces for state Assembly. For once, we agree with Madame Brenda Konkel:

This is just gross. I’m sick and tired of elected officials who are climbers . . .

Speaking of school board, Madison is once again posting “Help Wanted” ads for school superintendent, now that Matthew Gutierrez has backed off to stay at his small suburban San Antonio, Texas, district. Here’s an idea: don’t advertise — recruit! Go after a reformer. (Education Reform Now!) What is Michele Rhee doing these days? Kaleem Caire, we know you’re better than some of the bowing and scraping you’ve done lately. Put the school board on notice: hire me now or reap the whirlwind!

Blaska’s Bottom LineAnger is an electoral elixir! — Protestors in cars were harassing the home of Robin Vos in suburban Racine County. The Left IS angry and anger, folks, is motivation. And motivation = electoral victory, as we saw from the April 7 election results released six days later on Monday.

What makes YOU angry?

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5 Responses to Madison will fry chickens in the barnyard

  1. Patrick M O'Loughlin says:

    Speaking of Wisconsin political trends that have no rhyme or reason, how about conservative Ron Johnson beating liberal icon Russ Feingold TWICE, only to be the bread for a liberal sandwich where our other senate seat had Tammy Baldwin trouncing the immensely popular Tommy Thompson.

    It reminds me of the time in 1980 when a significant number of Dane County residents voted for both the most “unreconstructed liberal” in the House, Democrat Bob Kastenmeier, and brand new right-wing Republican Senator, Bob Kasten. Of course that may have been a literacy issue.

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  2. ana says:

    Recruit don’t advertise for a superintendent, and Blaska’s question of what makes me angry are connected thoughts,
    A local educator would be an ideal choice for school superintendent. An educator who experienced and objected to the last six years of chaos; an educator who is not a clone of the rigid thinking last one. Madison is ready for a person who is capable of providing education for all ready to learn children AND providing help for those unable to control their behavior. Experience as an educator and having raised children in this community are far better credentials than a PhD in untested theories. Kaleem Caire does come to mind.

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  3. Scott F says:

    “What is Michele Rhee doing these days?” Now there’s a fantasy for you! If only…….


  4. John says:

    Michelle Rhee? Please no.

    Kaleem Caire? OK. He has the qualification that’s most important for the likes of Ali Muldrow while also having a grip on reality. He’s not Milt McPike but is perhaps the best we can hope for.

    I would have supported Caires’ MMSD-supported charter school plan if it weren’t for his elite, exclusive “parent test” which would have left out the kids most in need. Can’t do that for a public school.


    • Ana says:

      Yes. It’s all relative. Perfection not possible. At least Caire stood up to the F-U chorus. He also stated publicly that respect for elders is a world wide norm, and not a means of keeping “intrinsic racism” alive. Some truths are better than none

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