GOP must do better job of suppressing the vote

That was some ‘S* * * show’! 

And just like that (as Forrest Gump might say), Wisconsin’s spring election was as fair as the queen of the May. 

It was only yesterday (04-13-2020), the hyperbolic chairman of the Democrat(ic) National Committee, Tom Perez, denounced the decision to hold our election as scheduled as “voter suppression on steroids.”

Republican Assembly Speaker Robin Vos in his HazMat suit might as well be a Russian agent, trying to subvert Wisconsin democracy by holding an election in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic. Lt. Gov. Mandela Barnes (Wisconsin’s Al Sharpton Jr.) announced,”Welcome to the S* * * show.” Barnes played the race card on Election Day:

“Today’s election in Wisconsin is far from free and fair — politicians are silencing the voices of Black and Brown people or putting us in harm’s way for their own partisan gain.”

Or not.

VoteWhat did Emily Litella used to say?

Funny thing happened on the way to “See you in court” — the liberal candidate for WI Supreme Court won, and bigly. Jill Karofsky — a judge from uber-liberal Dane County, no less — unseated sitting conservative justice (and Scott Walker appointee) Daniel Kelly by a 55.3% to 44.7% margin. Rachel Maddow will be dancing on corn flakes tonight on MSNBC.

Democrats across the nation are licking their chops. Trump won Wisconsin by just 22,748 votes in 2016. The liberal they backed for supreme court ran up an 163,000 vote margin — more than 10 percentage points — over the Republican-backed candidate.

Kelly underperformed in the conservatives counties that girdle Milwaukee. He took a 32,419-vote advantage over Karofsky in Waukesha County, the most populous of the three WOW counties. Nice, but one year ago, conservative Brian Hagedorn came out of Waukesha county with 42,768 more votes over his liberal opponent, Lisa Neubauer. The City of Waukesha kept only one polling place open.

Karofsky over-performed in Dane County. Karofsky built up a 123,308 head of steam over Kelly in the Madison metro area — significantly more robust than Neubauer’s 88,410 margin in 2019. Karofsky also flipped six counties from the court election last year, including three in the populous Fox Valley, from Green Bay through Appleton and down to Oshkosh.

(More bad news: Neubauer, who lost to Hagedorn last year, was elected to the District 2 appellate court based in Waukesha.)

Plague doctor

Is the worm turning?

The irony is that the Republican establishment a year ago considered Hagedorn to be smoking toast. The state Realtors and the WMC business lobby sat on their hands, panicked over old essays Hagedorn had written on same-sex marriage. (Must Not Give Offense!) But Hagedorn won anyway. Which is a good thing, because his upset victory last year gave conservatives the cushion that they badly need today. for, with Kelly’s loss, conservative domination of the court is now reduced 4 to 3. But still a majority.

This year, the Great Conservative Conspiracy went all in on Kelly. It did not help the good Justice that there was no contest in the Republican presidential primary. But Biden v. Bernie was pretty well played out by Election Day April 7. (Vote totals only announced 04-13-2020 due to coronavirus.)

The lesson, of course, is that we Republicans did not do enough to suppress the vote. If Democrats are going to keep accusing us of scaring away voters, can’t we do more than just require the same identification one needs to buy cough syrup?

⇒ Can’t we dust off some old Democrat(ic) tricks like a poll tax and literacy test? (“President Reagan said “Government is not the answer but the _______.”)

⇒ At the entrance to polling places in liberal precincts stage a gurney bearing a figure shrouded head-to-toe in white linen wrapping, attended to by wraiths in medieval beak plague masks.

⇒ Roofing nails in the parking lots like that Kentucky church and men in blue jackets writing down license plate numbers.

One final takeaway:  Kelly lost despite President Trump’s endorsement. Or because of. Do not over-estimate Trump fatigue, my Trump Uber Alles friends (for you are … ) The man can wear you out. 

What excuses can YOU make?

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16 Responses to GOP must do better job of suppressing the vote

  1. The takeaway from the election predictions and reactions is that political pundits can be wrong (except David Blaska this time). All the handwringing on the left hands should have been on the right. But it takes two hands to do a good job of handwashing in this age of COVID-19, and I see little evidence here that one hand can wash the other. Send Robin Vos, Scott Fitzgersld and Andrew Hitt (the Hittman fires blanks!) back to nursery school until they learn proper handwashing.


  2. Mark Porter says:

    Actually Dave there’s a much simpler explanation. Voters are mad as hell and aren’t going to take it anymore. Sound familiar?


    • ”Voters are mad as hell and aren’t going to take it anymore.”

      Do tell!

      “Sound familiar?”

      Sure does; for a textbook example, see: Presidential Election; 11/08/2016.

      The Gotch


      • Mark Porter says:

        Yep, and it’s just too bad a recount isn’t possible due to the legislation passed then. 🙂


  3. Balboa says:

    Or here is the obvious answer, lot’s more liberals voted then conservatives. If you want equal misery for all keep voting liberal


  4. John says:

    Don’t underestimate Trump fatigue either.


  5. Tom Paine says:

    The Touchstone for future Dem victories will arise from more strident attacks on “corporations and corporate influence.” Sad to say, but the truth of the matter is that Bernie’s constant attacks on capitalism — amplified by others in the primaries, has gone unchallenged by Republicans. Now, it is probably too late. The phony argument has NOT been rebutted by others, though Republicans continually noted the low unemployment numbers. Republicans did NOT, and DO NOT, understand that point, which though true, does not address the question of FAIRNESS. Republicans have ignored the debate and the Democratic meme has now become gospel for both the commie loyalists and the ignorant proles. Dedicated socialist leadership has been successful in exploiting this social justice sentiment.. Karofsky exploited this meme….Kelly was guilty of corporate corruption. The Big Lie carried the day because Bernie had fertilized the soil.

    Let the people vote-in a socialist totalitarian system. Let their living standards fall even further. Let them experience “lines” for everything that is mispriced by Stalinist bureaucrats.


  6. georgessson says:

    Perhaps Demographics? Conservatives are older, so maybe didn’t vote due to the danger (Covid-19 pandemic)? Please link to the PEW chart below… Note how LIBS do NOT change…. Those folks are your old HS pals, Bridge partners, Doctors, Golfers in yer foursome, even the folks that work on yer cars that ya knew a decade (or multiple decades) ago….

    I’m wrong here more than right so I’ma sit back & let you all figger it out… Me? No other clue…..

    A telling Chart here, when adding in the Covid scare:

    “The politics of American generations: How age affects attitudes and voting behavior” | Pew Research Center


    • Eric Z says:

      @georgessson—- Well, Libs don’t change. That is a pretty bold statement. The humble owner of this blog was at one time most likely a card carrying democrat and was employed by the Capital Times. Yup, he got older and drifted to the right as the blue party went wuhan crazy to the left. I was brought up progressive and have found myself casting certain ballots of late to the red zone.

      Liked by 2 people

      • patrickmoloughlin says:

        Consider the number of people that you know who have moved from left to right over their adulthood. I not only know many, I consider myself in that number for sure. Now tell me of anybody you know who went the other way. Grew up/raised as a conservative went out into the real world and then turned into a raving lefty. I’m sure they’re out there, but I don’t know of them.


      • georgessson says:

        No Sir, Eric Z….. David was a democrat, back when that actually was a reasonable political alternative… BTW, that “Bold Statement” was the PEW report, not mine. Puh-Leeze -Read fer comprehension, will ya?


        • georgessson says:

          Eric Z -In other words, Blaska was never a “Lib”. Hadda make sure that got thru to ya. I believe yer the one bouncin’ around from one purview to the other…


        • dad29 says:

          Actually not hard to tell that he was a (D) based on his stated positions on some issues. But being a (D) was simply NOT ‘a reasonable political alternative’ after JFK died–or at the latest, after McGovern was nominated.


  7. Scott F says:

    “Never-mind”….. Turnout, turnout, turnout…..


  8. dad29 says:

    Republicans did not do enough to suppress the vote.

    Au contraire, mon ami.…the Republican campaign managers suppressed the REPUBLICAN vote extremely well with snooze-ey pillowfight campaigns (like Walker’s final one.)

    The consultants created such cute pillow-fignt “campaigns” that it’s a wonder they didn’t ask the Lefty opponents to take half of the commercials to rebut.

    I remind you that such twaddle is the direct opposite of a Trump campaign–which won Wisconsin, as you recall. Now and then both fists, a baseball bat, and a few good kicks to the groin DO win. Wisconsin Pubbies ought to try it, instead of being fat, dumb, stupid and happy with a Legislature that grows less conservative by the hour.


    • Sprocket says:

      Yep. The Republican establishment is soft. They have no fight in them. The left can sling any slurs they care to use and the Republicans only response is bewildered bleating noises. They have gotten used to mouthing empty words, doing nothing, and pocketing the cash. Instead of recognizing Trump’s victory as a sign the party base want’s a party that will actually fight. They’re sitting in the corner sucking their thumbs and waiting for the bad Orange Man to go way so they can go back to doing nothing.

      The Republican establishment has done everything they can to undercut anyone that threatens to rock their boat. They’ve got a good grift going and will protect it at all costs. One need only observe the panic and screeching Trump and his supporters elicited from the party elites. If one were being uncharitable, one might even call them the controlled opposition.


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