How many more must die? #3

Madison opinion leader to Blaska:
“I share some of your concerns.
I don’t think it’s as stark as you seem to think.”

⇒ Previously, “Identity politics is killing Madison.”

Over this Holy Week, privileged Madison begs forgiveness for its implicit — and, until a few years ago, undetected — “disparate impacting.” You — hard-working, lawn-mowing dad and homework-helping mom — are to blame for low test scores, drug use, stolen cars and gun play!

The civil rights marches and anti-war protests of the 1960s have given way to touchy-feely seminars like “White Women Facing Their Racism”— facilitated discussion groups on the model of AA (“My name is Emily. I am a tiki-torching white supremacist.”) Complete with chai and incense. (More here.)

“My husband and I recently completed ‘Justified Anger: Black History for a New Day,’ a 10-week course. … The whiff of smugness about me as a white person from Wisconsin, a state I thought untainted by our slave past, was blown away!” (More here.)

If we don’t judge, a criminal court judge will

Graduates of the Reverend Alexander Gee’s Justified Anger courses are taught not to pass judgment on the gangsta culture. When one of the defendants in the Potter/Carre murders posts “I’m the Nigga yo momma warned you about” — just move along. We don’t need your judgmental white, middle class values.

Alijah Larrue

One of the high school-age defendants in the Potter/Carre murders

⇒ The execution-style murder of a dedicated physician and her respected community activist husband allegedly committed by two West high school students has shocked a smug, progressive town that badly needed some shock therapy. “It doesn’t get much colder.”

Months ago, then-West District Police Capt. Cory Nelson said MPD officers “have arrested many kids who are on bracelets from their last arrest … our officers are arresting [these] kids every chance we get, yet they are many times almost immediately released.”  Mike Koval, police chief at the time, reaffirmed this view, as he said the group of juveniles has “effectively demonstrated that they are impervious to juvenile ‘justice’ system(s) that lack sufficient resources to alter outcomes which can only lead to “adult” sanctions in the near future.”

We may never know Khari Sanford’s juvenile justice record — such records are sealed tighter than Dracula’s crypt. But Last April, Sanford was charged with felony auto theft. That was reduced to a misdemeanor and Sanford was admitted into a deferred prosecution program — which is now (be thankful for small favors) — revoked.

Blaska Policy Werkes is unable to find local, year-to-year criminal offenses committed by juveniles. (Need your help, readers.) But one indicator: Madison public schools closed their doors to coronavirus on March 15. For all of the month, Madison police recorded 53 stolen vehicles — up from 30 in March 2019, almost exclusively by young people. For the first three months of the year, there were 152 stolen vehicles, up from 116 in the first three months of 2019. 

Guns, dope, stolen cars & reckless driving

This past week alone:

  Shortly before 9 o’clock Thursday night 04-09-2020, a car full of kids is racing down the East Washington Avenue without headlights! Car eludes the first sheriff’s deputy before another picks up the trail. Spike strips are set up near American Parkway, normal traffic is detoured, dogs are unleashed, and the kids — three of them — are finally subdued. Loot from several burglaries and illegal narcotics laying in plain sight in the car. “This incident remains under investigation, as the related crime spree spans several jurisdictions,” the Sheriff Dept. says.   

  That afternoon, police chased four to five teenagers through back yards after the kids picked clean a parked car on Hammersley Road.  Caught one, age 12. (More here.)

  That morning, separate incident, three teenagers crashed a stolen vehicle into an unmarked police car on Atwood Ave. at Walter Street. Handgun and seven automotive key fobs recovered. (More here.)

  Same morning, two 16-year-old and one 17-year-old boy caught rummaging through vehicles on the west side before police stopped their stolen car.

  Tuesday mid-afternoon (04-07-2020) cops recovered a dozen shell casings at S. Park St. and W. Olin Ave. Cars of two uninvolved, innocent motorists hit by gunfire. (Read & Weep.)

  Earlier THAT morning — in mid-morning! — Jeep stolen out of a residence on Keswick Drive racing at 100 mph on the Beltline. Police still looking.

⇒ Madison schools get a do-over; a chance to select a new superintendent. Can we get someone who will expect achievement, demand personal accountability, and quit playing the race card?

Fondly do we hope and fervently do we pray, someone in charge of this liberal freak show will utter the ultimate blasphemy: the same old same old, same old ain’t workin’. Maybe the next Madison school board member. Maybe some of the so-called “community leaders” of color. A gaggle of renegade alders. Madison’s all-Democrat legislative delegation. That guy on TV-3. Perhaps the chamber of commerce. Perchance to dream, the Wisconsin State Journal?

Blaska’s Bottom Line: Anyone home? Not in Madison. No, this town left the keys in the car, unlocked, with a full tank of gas. Premium.

What do YOU think?

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  1. “Madison public schools closed their doors to coronavirus on March 15.”

    The Gotch predicts underage…um…unplanned pregnancies will see an uptick in the next few months.

    The Gotch

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  2. Paula Fitz says:

    I don’t think they have the guts to stand up and do the right thing. There are very few in Madison who do.

    “Fondly do we hope and fervently do we pray, someone in charge of this liberal freak show will utter the ultimate blasphemy: the same old same old, same old ain’t workin’. Maybe the next Madison school board member. Maybe some of the so-called “community leaders” of color. A gaggle of renegade alders. Madison’s all-Democrat legislative delegation. That guy on TV-3. Perhaps the chamber of commerce. Perchance to dream, the Wisconsin State Journal?”

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  3. dad29 says:

    You — hard-working, lawn-mowing dad and homework-helping mom — are to blame for low test scores, drug use, stolen cars and gun play!

    Wait, wait!! You forgot WuFlu!!!!

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    • D Starr says:

      Should we blame the white parents also for the shooting of school kids and they’re using white parents guns to Wow I can’t believe it so if you only knew we have Bad kids of each race your are not follow or looked down upon even if he or she is bad blacks are and I have white friend that have got off way to easy and black friends that have never got in trouble in there life and got the book slammed on them it’s just fact a true shit just hope you kid doesn’t shoot up the school or kill you while your sleep or still some ones daughter for a sex slave what I’m trying to tell you is we all have bad peoples in our race white black mexican Muslim it’s out there it’s The point we all have to trust our children to do right even though I don’t have any don’t want one because his world is actually full of so much hate you never know you’re kidding I have a black friend anyway I hate you for hate him because there’s really no reason to hate I understand if you just hate bad people but one race


      • Yoikes!!!

        The Gotch

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      • georgessson says:

        Ignorant does NOT mean stupid, but you sure are the former. What are the facts or statistics you’re using to come to this STUPID comment ? Because you’re ignorant and not checking reality is not an excuse for dumb statements. Do you NOT realize that facts prove that young blacks are responsible for a HUGE percentage of criminal behavior in Madtown? Pu-leeze: enlighten us here; we are apparently fact-filled fools…

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      • David Blaska says:

        Blaska is not the one making this about race, D Starr. Blaska advocates clearly and consistently that judgment be made on behavior. Blaska demands personal responsibility, not blaming external “-isms.” Claiming “victimhood” robs the individual of agency over their own lives. The irony is you could even cry “Race” (in a crowded theater, if you get the analogy) when the people who gave generously of their love were dragged half-naked to a lonely place on a cold night and the people who hated — despite given every chance Madison’s social welfare system could conjure — put a bullet in their heads.

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      • patrickmoloughlin says:

        Eloquently stated point.

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      • Sprocket says:

        I’d imagine your grasp of statistics mirrors your grasp of English. So, I’m going to help you out. Blacks account for 60% of murders committed by juveniles, despite blacks only being 13% of the population. This is unsurprising, as black adults account for 50% of murders. What this means is blacks are a lot more violent than whites. These statistics are mirrored for every other category of crime.

        Looking at interracial crime is even more fun. It turns out for all the whining about being victimized by whitey, black commit the vast majority of interracial crime. This is regardless of race; white, latino, or asian, blacks are equal opportunity victimizers. In fact black commit more out group violent crime than in group.

        That blacks haven’t figured out education, birth control and making it through the day without committing is crimes nobody’s fault but their own. They should probably fix that.


      • johnB says:



      • jedigolfer11 says:

        Periods matter.

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      • “Periods matter.”

        Especially when your girlfriend misses one…..

        The Gotch


  4. wm. tyroler says:

    I hope someone gets to the bottom of just why Sanford’s very public (Facebook) posturing with a gun, while under a deferred prosecution agreement, either never got the attention of authorities or, possibly worse still, was simply shrugged off. From an early account (, with no follow-up at all: “With Sanford still participating in the deferred prosecution program in January, a photo of Sanford posing with a gun was posted to his Facebook page. “To my knowledge…there was nothing restricting Mr. Sanford’s ability to possess a firearm,” Dane County District Attorney Ismael Ozanne says.”

    Either Sanford’s DPA had no provision barring gun possession or Ozanne is quite wrong. Should be easy enough to check the relevant court file and find out (and for a news outlet to lay out the minimal cost of the dispositional transcript, which may contain additional information). IF Dane Co. DPAs don’t routinely contain no-gun provisions, it’d be newsworthy to know that, and why not; same if they do, but Sanford’s DPA inexplicably failed to. And if Sanford’s did contain such a provision, then it’d be newsworthy to know just why authorities failed to act on his rather notorious flouting of that requirement.

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  5. Batman says:

    But, but, but; the usual SJW argument that undergirds things like the BEP, two, three, four, five, six, seven do-overs, insidious white guilt, disempowered teachers, empathy not accountability, victimology, etc., goes something like:

    The legacy of historic, institutional, systemic racism/disenfranchisement/prejudice, is a portion of today’s black population that is dysfunctional, self-destructive, and violent, on the community, familial, and personal level. White supremacists are the authors and beneficiaries of said legacy and therefore it is the responsibility of contemporary privileged white society to rehabilitate that broken portion of the black population. Moreover, the same institutional/systemic prejudice and white supremacy exists today albeit on a less intense, less obvious, smaller scale.
    To be succinct; your ancestor’s avarice and immorality created this phenomenon whitey, own it and fix it goddamn it or continue to suffer the consequence of a devilish legacy!

    What say you?

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  6. D Starr says:

    Don’t go blaming the parents because we need one of these white kids go and shoot up the goddamn school you don’t blame the parents then plus most of these kids know better leave me told at home not to go stealing cars in disrespecting people and to do good in school but your parent can’t hold your hand to most of life experiences so sometimes it’s up on them to make the right choice and you say don’t play the race card I was 17-18 years old without a record a white guy that was a skinhead came up to me and my brother and his wife while parking screaming out the N-word and we should go back to Africa stuff like that my brother said just walked by him don’t bother him he walked up to me with his hands up ready to fight no I wasn’t corner but you weren’t going to scare me or make me feel uncomfortableSo he came closer with his hands up so I’m constantly that afterwards we go inside of Kmart his mother works there they called the police the police come a female officer goes wow you don’t have a record oh my God I need to run it again you really don’t have a record that right there changed how I feel about some police officers because not all bad just like some black kids not all that bad just like some my folks not all bad Just like some Muslims not all that bad and it would have been wrong for me to talk nasty to that female officer because she had a low hair cut I could have assumed she was gay not that I hate gay people it’s like why do my color have to matter her sexual preference didn’t matter to me I love people and yes we all have to do better


  7. Eric Z says:

    Even the old Chief of police David Couper spoke to the “woke” granola eating crowd “pretty much his own words” and said things were not working. I thought he was pretty liberal back in his day, but now I consider him a Reagan Democrat at the very least. Huh, he’s got common sense! And where is the new superintendent of schools? Answer, going back to San Antonio Texas where he doesn’t have to deal with Madison’s school board, or progressive Alder people. Not to mention progressive “or is it regressive” dane and
    the common Council. Chief Koval, I miss you!!! Enjoy your retirement Mike. You deserve it!

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  8. Reader says:

    I asked this question (along with other questions) a couple of articles ago and no one responded. But I feel so frustrated that I will ask this one again:

    When will the (adopted) daughter of Dr Potter and Carre be arrested for her role in these first degree kidnappings-come-murders? Can anyone hazard a guess?

    She is still loose. WTF?


    • David Blaska says:

      Your guess as good as mine. Perhaps has been cooperating as a key witness. Got to think authorities are holding criminal charges over her head.


      • Patrick M O'Loughlin says:

        If you are correct, then this WILL get interesting. As pressure mounts on her to give up the boyfriend, she has the following choices. 1.) She admits knowledge aforehand, but claims that it was his idea, or 2.) She claims ignorance of the murderous intentions and claims it was a robbery gone terribly wrong. Claiming complete ignorance and innocence is just not believable and admitting to being the mastermind/driving force just gets her life without parole. The question will be how he reacts if she hangs the entire thire around his neck, and claims the killings were his idea and his alone.


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