It’s getting ‘Stark’ out there #1

Madison opinion leader to Blaska:
“I share some of your concerns.
I don’t think it’s as stark as you seem to think.”

Well, we do! It’s mid-April and everything is shut down for the coronavirus pandemic, including Madison WI’s public schools. Over 27,000 students are at loose ends. Too many of those kids come from homes with little supervision and poor role models. For the last month, those kids have been free to roam without even the usual organized group activities conducted over the summer break.

⇒ The execution-style murder of a dedicated physician and her respected community activist husband allegedly committed by two West high school students has shocked a smug, progressive community that badly needed some shock therapy. “It doesn’t get much colder.”

Minority kid from Allied Drive given every opportunity, a starring role on the high school football team, shacking up with his girlfriend in her adoptive parents’ $600,000 home in University Heights, keys to their car, internship at City Hall, photo op with the mayor, plotting crime in high school ceramics class! 

Khari Sanford with Glock

Smartphone photo alleged in the criminal complaint. That’s a Glock semi-auto chambered in .357 SIG

Yet, yet, yet … the young man spattered his social media page with Hate the Police rhetoric so resonant with the revolutionary rhetoric of Derail the Jail and Cops Out of Schools. His smartphone selfie pointing the powerful Glock handgun at a Madison that tried to live Bernie Sanders’ social and racial justice.

Whom are we to judge? “woke” identity-politics progressives like to ask. 

By that reasoning, the hard-working doctor and her community-minded husband had it coming because boy were they ever white privileged — never mind that medical school and the practice itself demands incredible discipline and self-sacrifice. What a concept!

Khari Sanford, age 18, still in high school, wanted more — more money and his honey, who was the dead couple’s adopted daughter (if the criminal complaint is correct). Forces those liberal parents out of bed in what is believed to be a burglary that turned into kidnapping and ended in double homicide. In their skivvies. A bullet administered close-range to each behind the ear in the dark night of the lonely woods of the University of Wisconsin Arboretum. (It is alleged in the criminal complaint.)  

⇒ Were they forced to their knees? Did they beg? Promise to do better? 

Bright future

Young Khari was going to go into politics, says his excuse-making mother who, pathetically (and instructionally), set up a GoFundMe page to raise the $1 million that would bail number one son (first of six) before her site was shut down for violating site standards. (Momma, wanted on a bench warrant for avoiding court on two counts of battery, played the Sirhan Sirhan gambit: the dead doctor and her husband — now muted for all eternity — would WANT her boy set free.) 

Young Sanford learned his politics in Madison! From Progressives!  The city-funded social outreach program called “The Brotherhood” organized team sports AND social justice training. Your school board contracts with Brandi Grayson, leader of the local Black Lives Matter affiliate, to organize black student unions. Khari Sanford was vice president of the West high school Black Student Union. Well done, social justice warriors!

Mayor and Khari

Khari Sanford, Mayor Rhodes-Conway, and activist Katy Farrens

“Before The Brotherhood [financed by the City of Madison] police were ticketing neighborhood boys for what Katy Farrens calls ‘being kids.’ Asked why he started participating in Brotherhood, Khari Sanford, who will be a high school junior next year, said ‘It’s a way to stay out of trouble.’ ”The Capital Times in 2018. 

A citizen witness … told [investigators] that on March 31, Khari had stopped by his house and appeared somewhat excited and frantic. [Witness] describes Khari as pacing around the room and sweating. [Witness] reports that Khari Sanford made a phone call to [co-defendant Alijah] Larrue that he could overhear … that Khari Sanford said, “I swear I hit them! How did they survive?” and was excessively sweating. — Criminal felony complaint.

For years now, including my unsuccessful campaign for school board last year (Blaska got 30.1% of the vote), we’ve been ringing Mr. Jefferson’s firebell in the night. Madison schools, the city — indeed, the nation’s dominant culture — teach victimhood, not personal responsibility. People who try to lead a good life are nonetheless “implicitly biased” unless they sign on to the progressive social/racial-justice agenda. 

Blaska’s Bottom LineWe’ve been saying the culture of victimhood would get someone killed. Well now, someone has.

What do YOU think?

Next: Identity politics is killing Madison.

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14 Responses to It’s getting ‘Stark’ out there #1

  1. says:

    Republicans think I’m a liberal becauase I don’t liks cops.

    Democrats think I’m a Republican because I don’t want to live with blacks.

    I think they’re both stupid for thinking there are only two choices.


  2. dad29 says:

    “Parents” allowed this guy to ……..ahhh……..fornicate………. with their daughter IN THEIR OWN HOME. Somehow, I can’t get past that. If she’s not 18, they were also criminals, no?

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  3. patrickmoloughlin says:

    It really is discouraging when one considers that Sanford was repeatedly held up as an example of a smart young black man who would defy the odds, and as he said, “not end up in a cell.”

    It’s not about race, it’s about culture. And the dominate culture is the gangsta culture that says it is cool to pose with your Glock, refer to yourself, as well as your friends as “niggas” and complain about your perpetual victim-hood. These are the tings posted on his FB page. This is what HE WANTED EVERYBODY to know about him.

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  4. Reese says:

    Sanford’s mom outed the citizen witness in a comment posted on FB by a supporter of hers, which actually seems to be an excerpt of the Go Fund Me site. It’s the same paragraph that claimed that the victims’ daughter had been arrested. The witness was a classmate of Sanford and Larrue, and seems to have gone out of his way to get police the incriminating info, bc I can’t really think of why the police would have been questioning him. I hope the kid has police protection. And hope the police are letting Sanford’s mom know that any effort to intimidate him will bring serious consequences.
    I don’t want to link to make it too easy for others to find the kid’s name, but the comment can be searched in FB, and I think Blaska may know who posted it, based on his previous piece. That’s how I found it. I’m certainly not FB friends with the mom or her supporter.


  5. Earl kielley says:

    That is a very well written article that explains what is WRONG WITH MADISONi in words that should resonate with everybody who has a soul. It will take people who have an intense desire to bring integrity and truth back into Madison government institutions that have failed us on every level, Mayors office, school board , City Attorneys office, and city council etc. This article succinctly tells all of us about the crap that has been served to Madison residents by city of Madison government officials. But, guess who put these miserable cusses in office…we did. We got what we created. Now we all have a responsibility to create something better.

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  6. Tom Paine says:

    More white wascism and white privilege. We must release all people of color who are accused of crimes.

    BTW, a .357 Glock, is not also a SIG. Ya got the caption wrong.


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  8. George's son says:

    From the mfr’s website: “Designed as a compact model, the GLOCK 32, in 357 SIG, offers a unique combination of versatility, convincing ballistics, optimum carry comfort, and the legendary GLOCK pistol reliability.” Yes, it certainly was just the tool needed for this young man’s horrifying task….. Guns are OK, cold-blooded executioners not so much…..


  9. James Mand says:

    This brutal murder and its circumstances makes me sick, revolted. Can’t seem to wrap my head around it. One question that keeps bugging me is, what is the racial / ethnic background of their adopted daughter? She has been quoted as saying that she supports her boyfriend Khari Sanford 100%. This detail has never been mentioned in any news accounts, or reports that I have seen.


  10. Jennifer Black says:

    Where were the couple’s two sons on the night of the murder? Was Miriam Pottercarre ever sexually abused by any of her adoptive family members?


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