Masked Madison is voting today

Think there’ll be recounts and more lawsuits
after today’s election?

One virtue of shutting down school for the coronavirus pandemic is that the spacious gymnasium at Toki middle school here on the SW side of Madison WI was available as the 77th ward polling place. Plenty of



And parking, allowing the Stealth Werkes Mobile to park six feet away from the nearest Bernie-stickered Prius. Werkes (now on unpaid furlough) and denizens of Stately Blaska Manor had mailed in their absentee ballots weeks ago. At Toki middle school, stack of walked-in absentee ballots accumulated on a table a good six yards away from the intake table, which was another six yards from the sign-in table, which was more than six yards from the voting booths. Some of which desks were guarded by clear plexiglass panels. More hand sanitizer than Walgreens store.

This polling place appeared fully staffed. All were supplied with face masks, blue nitrile gloves, and or plexiglass face shields. Blaska thanked the poll workers for their selfless service but shook no hands.

⇒ UPDATE: Madison has 55 polling places open, Milwaukee has 5. What is the major malfunction in Milwaukee? How will Tom Barrett try to avoid taking responsibility? Discuss amongst yourselves.

Vote absent wide primary

Voting at Toki middle school amid coronavirus lockdown 04-07-2020, separated from poll workers by plexiglass

Wouldn’t be Madison without protesters

Voces de la Frontera, notable for their advocacy of porous national borders, were honking horns in front of the polling place at the Madison Municipal Building this morning. Like that will change anything.

As you know, the Wisconsin Supreme Court invalidated Gov. Tony Evers’ ukase holding off the election until some fine day in June. That was quickly followed by the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision invalidating a lower, Madison federal court’s ruling that ballots could be postmarked after election day, today.

The Werkes acknowledges that there is some risk of infection. But less, we believe, than buying groceries at Woodman’s. There was damage done to our democracy by not holding the election. In any event, there figures to be no long lines given that over 1.2 million Wisconsin voters have received absentee ballots — five times the number of absentee ballots requested in the 2016 spring election. In any event, wear a mask. 

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Exploding heads

The indispensable Jonathan Turley observes:

Much of the news coverage has suggested that the U.S. Supreme Court was deciding on the holding of the election. It was not. Indeed, the appeal was not only narrower but also conflicted. …


Ben Wikler

The only question was whether absentee ballots could be mailed and postmarked after election day. The [lower court] ordered that people could vote after the election day so long as the ballots were received by April 13th — thus they could be postmarked after April 7th. However, the Democrats never asked for that relief in their motion.

This amounted to an extraordinary level of judicial intervention into an election on the very eve of that election. The majority of the Court balked at the action and reversed the district court. … 

The Wisconsin Democrat(ic) chair Ben Wikler tweeted “I am about to explode. . . . The Supreme Court of the United States legislated from the bench today.”

Yet, that is what the majority felt it was avoiding in limiting the power of the lower court. The Wisconsin legislature met in special sessions and did not pass such relief. So who is legislating in granting relief not accepted by the legislature — and not even asked for by the Democrats in their original motion?

Legislating from the bench

Who, indeed, is “legislating from the bench”? Exhibit A is this paid advertisement on my Facebook feed from an outfit called Wisconsin Organizing Together 2020:

“Send Donald Trump’s agenda a clear message:
Wisconsin supreme court justices should fight
for Progressive values.”

How about just interpreting the law as written?

Will Wisconsin pay the price in more COVID-19 cases?

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2 Responses to Masked Madison is voting today

  1. Tom Paine says:

    Open letter to Vicii:
    I’ve been listening to your emotional screeds about public policy to prevent community spread for several days.

    Is unconstitutional:

    1. to prohibit Chinese visitors from traveling to the US?
    2. to prohibit all people to enter the US until this virus crisis has been overcome?
    3. to prohibit freedom of assembly on the beaches of Florida and Texas and Alabama?

    Vicki protests the use of “models.” Since this virus is unique and against which there is no natural immunity, why does Vicki assume anyone has created or can create a perfect model?

    So, lacking perfect models, and perfect information, what does Vicki think should have been done, especially in the hot spots of NYC, Washington, and New Orleans?

    Vicki owes her listeners an explanation of what SHE would have done, were she in control of the government.

    I challenge her to present details………..and provide DATA for her views, not just speculations, suppositions and theories.

    It is always easy for Vicki to point to confirmation bias of others……………………….but she never recognizes it in her own expressions,.


  2. Good Dog,Happy Man says:

    I’m happy The Wisconsin Supreme Court and SCOTUS stepped in to slap down Gov. Evers 11th hour attempt to stop the election. There was no problem to vote in the Town of Sun Prairie, the old birds who worked the poll just called their granddaughters to sub for them. They used reasonable protection for both the voters and the workers.

    Proving the old Gotchberg Axiom ‘Lefties always spot what they got”, it’s karma to see WI Democrat Chair Ben Winkler’s head exploding, over some supposed judicial activism. My irony meter spiked and almost blew a 50 amp fuse when some proglibocratic Pharisee lectures us on judicial activism.

    But it’s all good. Every time a little Lefty head explodes, it creates another shovel-ready job. Somebody’s got to clean up all that proglobotic pudding.



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