Madison car thieves adapt to coronavirus

Is it the new smartphone?

Madison’s teenaged car thieves may be missing school
but they’re 
watching current events!

A citizen reports from Madison’s North Gammon-Old Sauk Road:

We had our car rifled through on Monday night  (04-01-2020). Normally we park in the garage but had left the car out that night. Fortunately we didn’t have anything the thieves wanted except for some change and a bottle of hand sanitizer. It has been reported. Just wanted to remind everyone to make sure you lock your cars and doors. I spoke with a police officer who said you should not leave your garage door opener in car that is parked outside. 

Madison’s Westhaven Trails reports:

I have video of kids going through cars over the weekend on Tempe Drive. They were driving a black Kia Soul. Reported to police. … The kids were also wearing N95 masks. Cop thought that was laughable; good disguise.

How about some encouraging news?

America is about a week away from tests that can determine if you have or have survived COVID-19 thanks to antibodies. “Some experts estimate that more than half of infected individuals show mild or no symptons.” The Wall Street Journal explains: 

USDAWhen fighting a pathogen, the immune system produces proteins known as antibodies that bind to specific molecules known as antigens on the invader’s surface like a lock and key. … Because antibodies linger in the blood, they are especially useful for determining if someone has been infected with the coronavirus.

This will convey immunity — at least to this particular strain. Those whom tests prove to be immune would receive “certificates of immunity” allowing them to return to public life. The UK has ordered 3.5 million antibody testing kits it will ship to households. 

The new normal? — Only 10% of Madison-based employees of the WI Department of Revenue are working from the Rimrock Road headquarters building; 936 are working from home. One hundred percent of the labcoats at Blaska Policy Werkes, the indentured servants at the Stately Manor, and the unlettered field hands at the Experimental Work Farm and Penal Colony are also working from home.

Where are you working?

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