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Why won’t mayor Satya share the pain?

Where is the empathy? Congressman Mark Pocan did not use the word “Deplorables” to describe those who protested the statewide coronavirus lock-down 04-24-2020 at the WI State Capitol. His condescension was palpable enough without it. The farmers, tavern keepers, and … Continue reading

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Joe Biden: pick Tara Reade as your running mate!

In exchange for her silence! Big boost for the Biden campaign: Enabler-in-Chief Hillary Clinton has endorsed Joe “Believe All Women” Biden. Hillary’s Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval. Once again, Mrs. Clinton’s timing is impeccable. Just as Tara Reade’s accusations of … Continue reading

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Wisconsin is opening up

Experts or no, ultimately the People decide Temperatures this week in the mid-60s. The crop of daffodils is as good as we’ve seen. It is Spring in Madison WI (our shortest season) and people are emerging into the open!  Speaking … Continue reading

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Jill Karofsky’s daughter cried

all the way to the WI Supreme Court! We don’t mind bad losers. Losing an election is never easy. (We’ve tried it; we don’t like it.) Even if one concedes that the voters have spoken, that doesn’t preclude blaming the … Continue reading

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You’re welcome, Mayor Satya

Unlike the Act 10 intifada Reopen Wisconsin was’Completely stupid’ On Fri, Apr 24, 2020 at 1:42 PM Rhodes-Conway, Satya V. <> wrote: Dear Madison Police Department – I wanted to take a moment to thank each and every one of you … Continue reading

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Is America recovering?

from coronavirus AND the pandemic panic?  When Number One son was a toddler, we realized he was watching too much television network news, filled as it was with war, hurricanes, and plane crashes. Our intelligent little boy was becoming a little worry wart. … Continue reading

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