Sunday on lock-down

Only another 31 days to go?

Thinking of banning people from the Midvale Heights neighborhood
from entering Orchard Ridge. Who’s with me!

Ordered new batteries for our GPS ankle bracelets here at the Werkes. The Lovely Lisa’s iPhone went dead. Must mail it in and wait weeks. Ordered sub sandwiches delivered from Gino’s.

President Trump came out of his burrow Sunday and predicted 30 more days of pandemic winter. A victory, he said, would be 100,000 deaths. Notice something? The number of pandemic deniers are dwindling. Still lots of folks demanding their “rights.” To do what? Poison the rest of us?

Six hundred thousand Americans died of the so-called Spanish flu in 1918-19 out of a population one-third today’s.

But we do grant the deniers’ basic argument: the zero tolerance of the medical professionals — to their hammer, everything is a nail — must be balanced with the health of the nation. That includes the economy. How long before we can purchase our Dr. Fauci bobblehead? (Pull the string: he smacks his forehead!)

Must confess: never heard of the country western singer who died of COVID-19, Joe Diffie. Sorry, can’t count him as the Rock Hudson of the novel coronavirus. Has to be more famous-er. It will come and the who (sez here) will be a shock.

At least the chill rains abated this Monday (03-30-2020). High temps mostly in the 50s reaching 60 on Friday. We WILL ride, wailing like banshees from hell!

Board games

One of these games is played more than others (can you tell which?) but none all that often and a few, never

Sunday in Quarantine

Son Max watched services at Christ Presbyterian Church via cable television. The three of us played a board game, Tri-ominos. It’s like dominos but three-sided and therefore more complex. We have shelves of board games that rarely get touched. Don’t know if we’ve ever played Risk here at the Manor and we’ve been living here since 1991. But there it sits on the shelf. Back in my salad days, a bunch of us gathered often to play. I developed a “nuclear option” using golf tees as board pieces that could wipe out entire countries with one throw of the dice. (Some day I’ll copyright it.)

Then we cued up Roman Polanski’s masterful Chinatown. Had not seen it since its theatrical release 46 years ago. Gawsh Jack Nicholson was young. But always electric! Director Roman Polanski was only five years out from the Manson murders. Did that contribute to the darkness of his genius and his excesses? Do not invest $$$ in movie theaters. They are cultural dinosaurs.

Our postage-paid absentee ballots are in the mail, adding votes to Madison School Board candidates Wayne Strong and Christina Gomez Schmidt. For WI Supreme Court it’s Dan Kelly. Yes to the Marsy’s Law referenda question.

Spring will be a reprieve

Today, the unlettered field hands — confined on all four sides by a five-foot high chain-link fence —  may over spread the vegetable fields with a winter’s worth of composted kitchen refuse rich with coffee grounds from Colombia — the best kind! As they labor, the field hands will do their call and response to Mr. Sting and The Police. “Don’t Stand, Don’t Stand Too Close to Me!”

Blaska’s Border-line Psychosis: Some sharp-eyed wit noticed that we’re posting more of these rambling ruminations. Yeah, another casualty of the lockdown.

Can you pronounce “Hy·dro·xy·chlor·a·quine”?


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10 Responses to Sunday on lock-down

  1. Cornelius Gotchberg says:

    Chinatown is one of the movies a person can jump into no matter when it started; John A. Alonzo’s Oscar-nominated cinematography is (IMO) second to none. And John Huston’s Noah Cross? Fugeddaboudit!

    The Gotchberg Organic Gardens & Lefty Conversion Therapy Emporium is ahead of the curve this year.

    Spring raking’s finished, all the raised boxes topped off with 1.36 yards of marvelous OMRI rated Whitney Farms Organic Planting Soil, all container planters freshly filled.

    Amongst the living; peppers, tomatoes, cukes, squarsh, basil sprouting under the lights, and ~ 350 Hyacinth/Daffodil/Jonquil/Narcissus/Tulip bulbs aplenty (Crocus, Peony, Autumn Joy Sedum & Bleeding Hearts, too) reaching skyward.

    While it’s not even April, The Gotch says “bring on some of that there Global Warming!”

    The Gotch

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  2. Brad B says:

    Your “Nuclear Option” in risk sounds interesting. We would add an “Air Drop” option where we could drop armies anywhere on the glob with out a shared boarder. Limit one per game.


  3. Balboa says:

    Paging Mr Andy Rooney… lol


  4. Cornelius Gotchberg says:

    I wish THIS was a joke, but these snowFLAKES are for real.

    The really REALLY scary thing? They’re multiplying!

    Student Calls Cops On PragerU

    The Gotch


  5. Noah Bawdy says:

    My brother and I played Risk for years. We also had a Nuclear rule (among several other new rules). If the attacker rolled three 1s, it was a nuke. If the defender in return rolled two 1s, it was a patriot missile and the nuke would land on the territory that fired it wiping out the attacker, otherwise the territory being attacked would be wiped out. You’d be surprised how often the Patriot Missile happened. 🙂

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  6. George's Son says:

    Watched Paul Newman being sycophantic and craven in “The Verdict” 1982. ACTING, no Special Effects or CGI. An artist at his best.


    • David Blaska says:

      The great actors are the ones you can watch and never mind the script, you can’t take your eyes off them. Newman and Nicholson were two. Pacino another.


    • Cornelius Gotchberg says:

      Speaking of 1982, howse about Peter O’Toole in My Favorite Year?

      Two of my favorite Newman flicks are Absence Of Malice (a tres fetching Sally Field!) and kind of a sleeper with an eclectic cast (including an early Phillip Seymour Hoffman) Nobody’s Fool.

      Steve Martin got him some chops, and held his serious own in Leap Of Faith and The Big Year.

      The Gotch


  7. madisonexpat says:

    Used Cars. Hilarious.


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