Madison alders take up the crisis

The Air Force’s latest jets, that is

Progressive Dane members of the Madison Common Council on Friday are sneaking onto Tuesday’s (03-31-2020) agenda a measure opposing the F-35A fighter jets at Truax Field. Here is the proposed resolution and  Tuesday’s agenda.

“It is unconscionable that the Madison City Council would sneak this onto their agenda, as people in Madison, just like those around the world, are focused on the COVID-19 crisis,” said Chris Arenz, executive director of the Badger Air Community Council.

It’s unfortunate that at a time like this, the Madison City Council is trying to chase away over $100 million in annual economic impact and the 1,500 skilled individuals and their families who contribute greatly to our community.

Sponsors of the resolution are: Alds. Rebecca Kemble, Syed Abbas, Tag Evers, Grant Foster, Patrick W. Heck, Marsha A. Rummel, and Lindsay Lemmer. Tell your alders you support America’s defense preparedness. E-mail them here.


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5 Responses to Madison alders take up the crisis

  1. Tom Paine says:

    Just taking the opportunity this AM to comment about your sidebar on Vicki.

    It will be VERY interesting to learn if she finally changed her mind about the wisdom of social distancing and social-economic lock-down to save lives and help healthcare professionals?

    She has been wrong about this for weeks — wrong about “the models,” and the data, and the strategy to defeat the virus. Worse, like liberals, she refuses to debate anyone who disagrees. She never interviews guests that might challenge her views, even though she consistently argues the “other side” refuses rational debate. Confirmation bias? HA. If only she had a mirror.


  2. Rich says:

    The uncommon council KNEW that there was a lot of opposition to the resolution to NOT support the 115th Fighter Wing, and WE were going to show up to show our opposition. They are taking advantage of this crisis, having a “virtual” meeting and will accept comments. Yeah right. I’m sure, in true Madison tradition, anybody in opposition to the uncommon council we be quickly silenced or not allowed to speak at all.

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  3. George's Son says:

    Past research confirms, “No Big Deal”. Other sites in other states are happy, especially w/ some new JOBS. Once again, whiners in the MINORITY w/ no clue demand their day inna sun. Narcissistic navel-gazers….


  4. Gordy Sussman says:

    I’ve noticed how nice things are now that so many commercial flights have been cancelled. Perhaps the City Politburo can expand the resolution to just shutting down the airport entirely. Not only would it be a leap to carbon neutrality but the former airport would be dandy for community gardens and “little house” community. Maybe a council circle for drumming too.


    • Cornelius Gotchberg says:

      “Maybe a council circle for drumming too.”

      One is already available, magnificently sited on a south facing bluff, overlooking Salmo Pond, and the Black Earth Crick watershed at Feske Park.

      They could ride their BIKIES out there!

      The Gotch


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