Acknowledge my pain!

Liberal media news headline:

Teacher grabs kid!
Racial outrage to follow!

Is Jennifer Cheatham writing education for The Capital Times?

The liberal-progressive-socialist news outlet once asked whether “Madison has done right by Jennifer Cheatham.” 

The CT is up today with another in a series of how white supremacist teachers in this terminally progressive city are choking black students, yanking out their hair, and singling them out for punishment. This, despite decades of Leftist school boards running the show.

The bare facts: 6-year-old is “running around with another student when the staff member repeated asked them to stop.” Except that unnamed staff member says the two were fighting. Kid ignores order to cease and desist. Staff member “came from behind him and picked up up off the ground using both her arms.”

Discipline hard

Acknowledge his pain

Kid now claims he was choked, suffers headaches, and has been “traumatized.” At least, that’s what the mother says. They’re victims, of course, and Good Lord Jesus Christ, how The Capital Times loves its victims! Serves its political aims! You, too, can be a victim!

Readers will be familiar with what followed next. Madison police are called. They investigate as if it was the Brinks heist. Find no crime. Parent cries racism

The final police report, according to reporter Scott Girard, does indicate the staff member was not trained in “restraint techniques.” We recall that Mr. Rob at Whitehorse middle school was trained and employed those techniques. He still got thrown under the school bus.

Lest we miss it, a guilty white parent throws down the race card face up: “It just sort of exposes that’s a reality that her and people that look like her deal with that we don’t usually as white parents.”

Mother says she is ‘not being heard’

This “incident” occurred on December 6. Five days later, the mother goes on “local activist” Brandi Grayson’s WORT radio show. Are you getting the picture?

This paragraph is priceless:

Regardless of whose story is technically accurate, said [a] Lowell parent … the school didn’t do enough to acknowledge a student’s pain.

What would “acknowledging the kid’s pain” look like? A written apology? A lifetime free pass out of detention hall? Has the kid even seen a doctor? Kid says he’s in pain! “News” story doesn’t say. Whiplash!

“Technically accurate?”

For perspective, Blaska survived the School Sisters of Notre Dame. Still recall one good sister banging a kid’s head into the blackboard and demanding “Now do you get it?” We presume training was provided in the priory. Whenever we kids got a whacking, the sainted sisters chanted “Offer it up. Offer it up.” (In order to reduce the amount of time spent in the fires of Purgatory.)

Fifty years hence, not a car thief in the bunch. Suppose there’s still time. I am thinking of violating Gov. Evers shelter in place order with a non-essential motorcycle ride. 


Inquiring minds want to know: Where is the mother telling her kid to obey the damn teacher?

What do YOU think?

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6 Responses to Acknowledge my pain!

  1. Do you ever get the feeling that progressives want to pander children to the point that the children are literally running the schools and the streets?

    P.S. Is there really any motorcycle ride that should be considered “non-essential”, I think not? 😉


  2. Earl Kielley says:

    The parent of a child in the Madison School District claims a school district member didnt handle her child properly in an incident occurring December 6, 2019. She claims her child was choked, suffers headaches, and was traumatized. The staff member did the following: repeatedly asked a child to stop fighting with another student. When the 6 year old ignored the staff memers instructions to stop, the staff member picked up the child under both arms to separate the two children. Subsequently, a CT staff member wrote another story on March 25, in a series of stories. implying that black children in MSD are being abused by “white supremacist teachers.” Picking a child up with BOTH ARMS TO SEPERATE two children fighting is being declared white supremacy. This distortion by the CT staff member is another example of provocative reporting that continues to stereotype Madison School District staff as monsters. This irresponsible description which lacks accuracy, and therefore truth and facts, places district staff in the line of fire again. To imply “lifting a child with both arms to seperate two children from fighting is an act of white supremacy is beyond the pale.


  3. Arnold Harris says:

    People like Jeniffer Cheatham are charlatans running public education. All charlatans are liars. Don’t be upset about her latest. That is how she earns her living.


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  5. Scott F says:

    Does a “Silent Majority” still exist? If so, it’s high time they broke that silence with a reverberating, “BULLSHIT!”

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  6. James larson says:

    You must follow the guy who was arrested Tuesday with loaded handgun in car recently. Oh my God check ccap for this extensive records. Holy sheet you will not believe the immunity given to this repeat offender. Holy crip.


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