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Why Italy?

Unfortunately, Italy is getting younger because of COVID-19 Why so many fatalities in Italy from COVID-19? More than China, even? The tinfoil hats say that China has burrowed its way into Italia. No doubt George Soros is involved, somehow. But … Continue reading

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C’mon, Gov. Tony. Let my motor run!

Head on out the highway Lookin’ for some groceries and whatever comes my way!  Tony Evers, governor of the great state of Wisconsin, has intervened to stop Blaska from taking his anticipated motorcycle ride today (03-25-2020). Expected high temperature: 55° … Continue reading

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County jail gets COVID-19 blasters

UV germ blasters being tested in Dane County Jail Where can I get mine! Fools they are, the indentured servants here at Stately Blaska Manor tossed out the saltwater aquarium cleaning solution well before the novel coronavirus invaded the American … Continue reading

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Acknowledge my pain!

Liberal media news headline: Teacher grabs kid! Racial outrage to follow! Is Jennifer Cheatham writing education for The Capital Times? The liberal-progressive-socialist news outlet once asked whether “Madison has done right by Jennifer Cheatham.”  The CT is up today with … Continue reading

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