Kids 14 & 15 steal car, drive at high speeds; rinse & repeat

Isn’t 2 a.m. a little past their curfew?

At 2:18 am this Tuesday morning 03-23-2020, a Dane County Sheriff’s deputy attempted to stop a stolen 2013 Ford Escape on US Highway 51 at Pflaum Road in the City of Madison. When the driver fled, McFarland Police deployed road spikes at US Highway 51 and US Highway 12. The spikes hit all four tires on the SUV and the vehicle came to a stop on Terminal Drive. The driver and two passengers fled on foot. 

Two K-9 police dogs, Kreed from the Sheriff’s shop and Tonto of the Town of Madison PD, and a drone operated by Madison Police tracked down all three boys. One 15-year-old and two 14-year-old males will face charges including operating a motor vehicle without owner’s consent and obstructing.

The pursuit travelled approximately four miles and reached speeds of 100 mph.  The Ford Escape was stolen from the City of Fitchburg on March 21. 


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2 Responses to Kids 14 & 15 steal car, drive at high speeds; rinse & repeat

  1. Tom Paine says:

    Fine and imprison parents of feral youth who break laws with reckless abandon.

    If no improvement, bring back the Public Stocks!

    Just as eco-freaks, tree huggers and wolf lovers endorse heavy penalties on the those who dispatch wolves, common citizens demand heavy penalties on those who endanger public safety. This is not civil engineering or bridge-building.

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  2. James lawsen says:

    This will not end until: 1. Someone sues the mayor and ADA, and the judge who allows this to continue without any fear or penalties after their kid gets killed. In other words, the right person has to die like in traffic signals or signs not in place at certain intersections.

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