Senate Democrats Block Stimulus Package

From the New York Times:

Senate Democrats on Sunday blocked action on an emerging deal to prop up an economy devastated by the coronavirus pandemic, paralyzing the progress of a nearly $2 trillion government rescue package they said failed to adequately protect workers or impose strict enough restrictions on bailed-out businesses.

The party-line vote was a stunning setback after three days of fast-paced negotiations between senators and administration officials to reach a bipartisan compromise on legislation that is expected to be the largest economic stimulus package in American history — now expected to cost $1.8 trillion or more. In a 47-to-47 vote, the Senate fell short of the 60 votes that would have been needed to advance the measure, even as talks continued behind the scenes between Democrats and the White House to salvage a compromise.

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6 Responses to Senate Democrats Block Stimulus Package

  1. richard lesiak says:

    The Dems blocked action? To what? The BIG HOAX? The big LIE. The attempt at a overthrowing donny? Even Pucker-up Carlson knows this whole thing is bull-shit.


  2. Tom Paine says:

    Did Bernie volunteer to save a few hundred folks by selling just ONE of his many houses? Too funny for a “sincere” socialist.


  3. Cornelius Gotchberg says:

    Mercifully, the reliably Lefty NYT caught itself before committing an act of journalism.

    Last night’s breaking headline:

    Coronavirus Live Updates: As State Pleas Mount, Trump Outlines Some Federal Action; Senate DEMOCRATS BLOCK STIMULUS PACKAGE. (caps mine)

    Last night’s EMENDED headline:

    Partisan Divide Threatens Deal On Rescue Bill

    Probably nothing to it, right…?

    The Gotch


    • Cornelius Gotchberg says:

      THIS IS A TREMENDOUS OPPORTUNITY TO RESTRUCTURE THINGS TO FIT OUR VISION.” – HoR Majority Whip James Clyburn (Dlerious-SC) [bolds/caps mine]

      Despicable Lefties (forgive the redundancy) are gambling with OUR future to gain more power.

      Righties WILL NOT forget this in November.

      The Gotch


      • AnonyBob says:

        Riiiiight. Moscow Mitch is fellating corporate Merica, the GOP’s major donors, at the expense of small business and workers. $500 BILLION for Mnuchin to hand out to their cronies with no strings attached, no job protections? The GOP clearly believes in the words of Rahm Emanuel, never let a crisis go to waste. Better let Pelosi get it done, as she has been.


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