Four killed in high-speed single car crash — UPDATE

Looks like young men in their 20s;
Car not stolen

UPDATE #3 AT 9:28 A.M. MONDAY 03-23-2020 from Madison Police:

The Dane County Medical Examiner’s Office is releasing the names of the individuals that died following the crash. 

    • Deakarr D. Jackson Williams, 24, Sun Prairie
    • Johnathan C. Moore, 26,Madison
    • Richard James IV, 26, Madison
    • Marquise D. Jackson, 22, Madison

All were pronounced dead at the scene of the crash. Forensic autopsies were completed at the Dane County Medical Examiner’s Office on 03/21/2020 and 03/22/2020.  Preliminary results of those autopsies determined that all died as a result of injuries sustained in the crash. Additional testing is underway at this time.

UPDATE #2 at 9:19 p.m. on 03-22-2020 — A woman named Nakia Symone has reached out to Blaska with the following statement:

Inside information. One of the victims belongs to my family. A 26-year old man with a bright future ahead of him and two children that he took very well care of.

Image may contain: 1 person, standingI understand you’re a “blogger” so you say whatever that comes to mind… it’s not your fault that this city has a problem with car theft..

But this sir, wasn’t one of those cases. This car wasn’t stolen they were a group of young men not teenagers that were having a good time on a Saturday night.

Ain’t no way in hell they should have been speeding but this so happens to be the outcome. There are family’s hurting from this, including my own. I just ask that everyone please check facts instead of labeling them bad people just because they’re young black men. Sadly you still won’t understand.

RIP to my cousin! He was a stand-up man that did all that he could to raise his children right. He deserves to rest peacefully and that, he will do!!!

Still no official update from Madison police as of 9:39 p.m.


UPDATE #1 at 8:36 p.m. on 03-22-2020 re: Comment from JQ:

Found this on the neighborhood site: “So I have a little news I can share, but no names. Info came from a friend of the 2 of the young men. All 4 were in their twenty’s, all close friends, 2 were cousins. Just poor decision making of no seat belts & high rate of speed. Car belonged to the presumed driver. All were local, but have family spread out, so notifications are still being made as of yesterday.”

Madison Police and Fire were called to a single vehicle crash at Northport Drive and Packers Avenue Friday night (11:48 p.m. 03-20-2020) that killed four. At least some of them had been ejected from the vehicle. Madison Police Lt. Kipp Hartman called the accident scene “very traumatic.” 

car crash

Mitch Carlson photo

MPD worked with crash scene investigators, WI State Patrol, Dane County Medical Examiners Office and outside agencies to process the scene and identify the victims. The investigation is still ongoing as victims are ID’d and victims families are notified. Northport Dr was shut down and traffic was rerouted for approximately 5 hours during the investigation.

A police support source said witnesses reported the vehicle was traveling 100 mph before it left the roadway and struck a tree.

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4 Responses to Four killed in high-speed single car crash — UPDATE

  1. There is still likely a lot of communication confusion which seems to always take place after such incidents, heck some of the information released early might have been incorrect. These things are full of chaos!

    I’m sure all the facts will trickle out soon enough, we’ve just got to be patient.


    • Anne R. says:

      Patient so you can go onto Channel3000 and make baseless allegations about 2 of the dead people’s criminal records?


      • Anne R. wrote, “Patient so you can go onto Channel3000 and make baseless allegations about 2 of the dead people’s criminal records?”

        What the hell are you talking about with this ad hominem?
        1) I don’t think I’ve ever commented on Channel3000.
        2) I don’t make baseless accusations.
        3) I don’t even know who the people are yet.

        Explain yourself or be labeled a troll for such false accusations!


  2. andreadole2 says:

    A “police source” fed Mr. Blaska rather a lot of false information on Saturday the 22nd. Why was that done?


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