Can’t tell an idiot what to do

Pandemic response
requires some short term pain

The usual suspects are going all Tea Party over COVID-19, the coronavirus, aka Wuhan Woo Woo. Government can’t tell them what to do, I’m an American. I’ve got rights, yadda yadda. No brains, but by Gawd, RIGHTS!

It is somewhat understandable, this skepticism curdled into ignorant cynicism. The American news media has lied to them too often. (Russian collusion, anyone? Jussie Smollett? “Hands up, don’t shoot.”) Inevitable, perhaps, that we encounter this over-inflated American patriot disgorging gas on social media:

First off, I don’t give a s*** what happens in Italy, or China… This is America, we don’t play that Martial Law s***.

(This diatribe attracted a Ditto from a lady who said she had proof the oil crisis of the 1970s was caused when the refiners dumped gasoline in the desert.)


Come and get me, you Commie virus!

The white lab coats attempted an intervention with Mr. Generalized Anger who, by his scatological verbiage, suggests that he may be one of those TP hoarders. We asked what was he going to do when Trump cancels his own rallies? Hold his own? Where? What mass protest meeting was he planning?

We encouraged that he please, get all the idiots in one place at one time except that the one virus carrier would have infected the many who would now be disgorged from any large venue foolish enough to host them to infect the rest of the population. To my fellow conservative conspirators Blaska Policy Werkes says, No, this is not a commie conspiracy to turn patriots into sheeple. (But to be safe, it would do no harm to disinfect your ammunition.)

Hand of God

Social distancing is the key here

It is why one sees all those calf hutches on dairy farms. No, they’re not for veal. This social separation prevents the spread of communicable disease to which young calves are extremely susceptible, having evolved roaming the open prairie. 

Rick Esenberg, majordomo at WI Institute for Law & Liberty spoke some common sense:

Confirmed cases of COVID-19 doubled over the weekend. If we were to have a continued doubling over every three days going forward, it would take a bit over 24 days to hit one million cases. Theoretically, everyone in the country would have (or have had it) within 48 days. 

I don’t think this will happen although I think the rate of increase will go up before it goes down as testing ramps up. But it doesn’t have to to get some very bad outcomes. The potential for this type of exponential growth — which happened in Hubei and northern Italy — illustrates why focusing on the current number is foolish. And it explains why people are calling for substantial social distancing. 

I am not sure that all bars and restaurants should close and, as I posted yesterday, there are constitutional limits on the state’s ability to order that certain things be done (although it would be wrong to assume that they [i.e. the constitutional issues] are all insurmountable), but this is a a situation where “business as usual” needs to be substantially modified and we ought to accept some short term pain to avoid the very real risk of an historic disaster. People should do what needs to be done voluntarily. [See sidebar at right]

The extra mile

We came across this from one auto dealer: 

In response to the Coronavirus scare, I want ALL my customers to know that it is business as usual at Flagship Ford and from myself. I will still stay late for any customer wanting to look at a vehicle and not be around other people. I will still bring vehicles to customers homes for them to test drive. I will still bring the necessary paperwork to your house to sign once a deal is completed. And I will still pick up and drop off my customers vehicles for service. So, if there is anything I can do to help, let me know!


Don’t blame Trump for the separation

Breaking up the herd

School is out for the next three weeks, at the very least, here in Madison WI. Some have suggested teaching kids how to balance a checkbook, change a tire, cook a meal. I.E.: put the little bastards to work. That requires parents at home. That’s got to ripple through the workforce. 

Which is why Squire Blaska and the Lovely Lisa intend to dine out at a local restaurant this evening. We trust it will not be shoulder to shoulder. Small things.

And the sports pages in this Monday’s (03-16-2020) WI State Journal were all of two pages! Are sports reporters being laid off?!

There is no way we don’t avoid a major economic recession. Too much is closed, shut down, disrupted. Stock market this morning (03-16-2020) is down 2,400 points on the Dow. Not all the free money in the Fed is going to change that.

Blaska’s Bottom LineGood thing Gov. Tony Evers vetoed the Republicans’ $250 million tax cut. Equally good that Republicans resisted Tony’s big school spending plan. That money looks much better in the rainy day fund right now because a storm is brewing.

What do YOU think?

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3 Responses to Can’t tell an idiot what to do

  1. Tom Paine says:

    I think the bureaucrats WILL ride the markets down and SWIB assets will lose billions………because they are too timid to bail in the face of disaster. They will not protect assets of pensioners…………and we again will suffer because they do not have a crisis plan.

    I have alerted ETF and SWIB reps since 2003 about this failure to anticipate black swans. They rode the markets down in 2008-9 and I’ll bet they are doing the same again.

    Pay for SWIB managers should be clawed back/reduced in direct proportion to the percentage losses they experience as managers. A simple truth.


    On the subject of Evers? Not worth our time. He lends new meaning to ‘village idiot.’


  2. All Woke Up says:

    On the bright side, with Schools closed there weren’t any cars stolen this morning. AKA Urban-Uber

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  3. old baldy says:


    I know this will come as a shock, but I agree with you on this one. I tried explaining the calf hutch analogy to a non-rural friend, but they called me socialist and urged me to stock up on tp.

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