The speech that Trump should have given on Coronavirus

George Carlin, philosopher of common sense

Into the colon with ya’

There’s a lot of truth in what George Carlin said back in 2008 — when he was still alive! Kids need to play in the mud.

“I tell people, when they drop food on the floor, please pick it up and eat it,” says a dermatologist in Denver who treats people with allergies and autoimmune disorders.

On the other (unwashed) hand:

That excessively sterile upbringing — hand sanitizer, anyone? — means children’s immune systems aren’t able to develop properly and, as a result, malfunction. When you look at the statistics, they seem to support this idea. In developed countries, the number of kids who have asthma and allergies has been going up. … while data appears to back up the hygiene hypothesis, it’s not a complete picture. — University of Wisconsin Medicine.

The National Institutes of Health say:

Early exposure to a diverse range of “friendly” microbes — not infectious pathogens — IS necessary to train the human immune system to react appropriately to stimuli [BUT] … cutting back on personal hygiene will NOT have an impact on rates of chronic inflammatory and allergic disorders.

“It will, however, increase infections.”

Blaska needs researchers — to lick the door handles at Walmart and report back to me in two weeks.

What have you got to lose?

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4 Responses to The speech that Trump should have given on Coronavirus

  1. Batman says:

    “That excessively [pampered] sterile upbringing”

    So that, is the origin of the American soyboy.

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  2. John Popanz says:

    Really Dave, “Walmart” door handles, why not “Gucci” ?


  3. Leo says:

    It’s a virus for Christ’s sake! Not armqageddon, or a nuclear holocaust, not even the Beatles
    ntrwsking up. NO Big 10 b-ball tournament, Big dance on thin ice. MLB stopping play and
    the NBA suspending their season. Talk about a gross over reaction. What if Trump comes
    down with it and dies a horrible and painful death? 10 years of official mourning? All sports
    and life must come to an end? Gut it up America!


  4. Cornelius Gotchberg says:

    If You Can Keep Your Head While All Others Around You Are Losing Theirs

    Leave it to The Isthmus to keep things in perspective.

    While trillion$ in net worth has evaporated, while small businesses suffer from that which they may never recover, while critical supply chains have been hopelessly disrupted, while health care is stretched to its very limits and beyond, and while the collective sanity of Mother Gaia lies precariously in the balance, what is the Free Screed’s most compelling concern?

    That the haughty Brie, Chablis, & Wheat Grass Tea crowd’s supremely arrogant raison d’être has been derailed!

    CANCELLED! Coronavirus Precautions Take Their Toll On The Arts

    The humanity!

    For once, The Gotch is completely without words!

    The Gotch


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