Don’t assume 5 teens running from wrecked car had stolen it!

Another in an unending series:

How Madison progressives think

The Policy Werkes presents for your edification this on-line, social-media colloquy between an alarmed citizen and your garden-variety, lily white, Madison WI social-justice scold.

Ralph, of the Nakoma neighborhood:

Don’t think it cannot happen in your neighborhood and someone will not get injured or killed. Yesterday afternoon [Sunday 02-23-2020] at approximately 2:30 pm I was returning home on Manitou Way getting to turn onto Mandan Crescent when a white Taurus comes crashing through the T intersection out of control at high speed, barely missing my car. The car buries itself into the snow bank and the fence along the golf course. Five teens jump out of the auto and take off running then slowly walking — two girls, three boys, approximately age 15.

Grand Theft AutoThen a black newer model SUV (looks like a Toyota Highlander) pulls up behind them, looks at me and takes off leaving the kids. The driver then comes back to the car and tries to drive it away but it is embedded in the snow bank and into the fence. They all start walking north on Manitou [talking] on their phones and suddenly the black SUV pulls up again turns into a driveway, kids jump in and takes off towards Nakoma Road.

Called police who were over to my house in about 15 mins. Gave description and a photo I took of the kids: 2 Females and 3 Males, black, about 15 years old. When we left for church later the tow truck was pulling the car out of the ditch and onto the flatbed, the front end crushed. A young Hispanic couple was watching and she had tears in her eyes. I assume it was their auto. Police assume the Black SUV was also stolen.

Just always be alert people for your own safety. I have reported this information to the police.

Cynthia, of the Sunset Village neighborhood:

I’m happy you were not hurt. Truly.

That said Ralph, I am troubled by your assumption this was a “joy ride” in a stolen car. Was that confirmed?

Why was it necessary to mention the teens are black and the onlooking couple, “Hispanic?”

Adults drive like idiots too. I wouldn’t think it’s safe to assume every wild driver is a teenager in a stolen vehicle.

If we are going to pride ourselves in being a progressive community, let’s please live that every day in spoken and written word as well as through our actions. 

Ralph of Nakoma

I gave the description of what I saw to the police dispatch they asked the questions not me. They inferred the MO was a typical joyride. The first question was, is anyone hurt? They also said the description fits other witnesses of similar car theft joy rides and that it fits what people saw: 5 black teens; 2 girls 3 males. Let me tell you that if someone at high speed almost crashes into your car and takes you out you give the police the info they want and no time for political correctness. I had nightmares about this last night so who is the insensitive one?

Cynthia of Sunset Village:

A little muscle here!I’m not looking for an argument here. I’m simply pointing out an opportunity to educate. Were the teens carded? How do you KNOW they weren’t of legal driving age? Did you speak to them? People run all the time when they’re scared. Especially black teens who rarely seem to be given the benefit of the doubt. And maybe they were joy riding. Who knows.

That said, none of what you wrote addressed my questions about the need to mention people’s presumed race. Also, taking shots at our Mayor? Are you willing to pay more in taxes? If no, then expect a balancing of services. It’s ignorant and I hope for more from my neighbors every day in the community where I was raised and returned to raise my child.

Blaska, of the Policy Werkes:

Race-shaming Cynthia of Sunset Village is (politically) correct. Don’t be blaming Saint Satya for kids stealing and wrecking cars.

When the proud Progressive mayor gets her rapid bus transit thing going, thanks to the new wheel tax, these five teenagers won’t need to steal cars to go joy riding. They could steal rapid buses. Of course, we don’t know they stole the car. They may just have got tired of driving it and went shopping at Zimbrick European for a car that wouldn’t get stuck in snowbanks. Nor can we be certain they were joy riding. They may have been enrolled in the Madison schools’ new restorative driver’s ed program.

Just be glad, Cynthia, that your child was not on the street when this white Taurus came crashing through the intersection where you returned to raise your children. Kids run all the time when they’re scared of being hit by a car careening out of control.

What do YOU think?


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21 Responses to Don’t assume 5 teens running from wrecked car had stolen it!

  1. Good Dog,Happy Man says:

    It’s obvious Ralph from Nakoma wasn’t born in a coma,
    unfortunately, Cynthia from Sunset Village was.

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    • Good Dog,Happy Man wrote, “It’s obvious Ralph from Nakoma wasn’t born in a coma, unfortunately, Cynthia from Sunset Village was.”

      It’s not likely that Cynthia was born into a coma, her’s appears to be a self induced choice of removing herself from conscious reality to permanently align her projected consciousness with her unconscious irrational magical thinking.

      Magical Thinking: is thinking that when you think a thought, any thought, then that thought is correct and should be presented as truth.

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  2. Cynthia, of the Sunset Village neighborhood wrote, “That said Ralph, I am troubled by your assumption this was a “joy ride” in a stolen car.”

    Cynthia appears to be a tunnel visioned bonehead that’s reading things between the lines that simply don’t exist and Ralph should have immediately called her out for her false statement! Ralph did not state “joy ride” anywhere in his description of the event. In fact according to the presented description of the events it was the police that talked about the vehicle being stolen NOT Ralph, “Police assume the Black SUV was also stolen.”

    Cynthia is the one making absolutely ridiculous assumptions NOT Ralph!

    Cynthia wrote, “Why was it necessary to mention the teens are black and the onlooking couple, “Hispanic?””

    Yes Cynthia it was necessary because those are the actual FACTS! Cynthia has proven beyond any doubt that the old adage that there is no such thing as a stupid question is utterly false. Not telling the public the actual facts as to the descriptions of the individuals is wildly unethical.

    It’s boneheads like Cynthia that are intentionally trying to hide the facts when those facts are not convenient to social justice false narratives. People like Cynthia are the ones in our society that cannot see the actual truth beyond their false social justice narratives, their overwhelming bigoted bias towards those that disagree with their irrational tunnel vision completely overrides all critical thinking.


    Dear Miss Cynthia,

    It’s better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak/write and remove all doubt!

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    • Well I guess I have to recant one thing I wrote after seeing the full conversation on the thread. The title of Ralph’s post was “Stolen Joy Ride Car”, so he actually did use the phrase “joy ride”.


    • I just recalled a memory from High School many years ago.

      A friend and I were getting a ride home from a guy we both knew at school but what was unknown to us is this guy was a terribly unsafe driver, we picked up on that after a few blocks. We had never ridden with him before so we didn’t know if he was on drugs, drunk, or just naturally a terribly unsafe driver, it didn’t matter to us, it was unsafe! When he stopped at a gas station to get gas we saw another class mate, a female, that was taking someone else home, asked to get a ride and bolted from the unsafely driven car what appeared to be a safer option to get home.

      This new ride home had to take the other person home first and on the way to the first drop off she drove straight through two yield signs in a residential neighborhood as if the signs didn’t exist. We informed her in-route what the yield signs were for and reiterated when the she stopped to let the other person out that she needed to pay more attention to the signs. On the way back out of that neighborhood this driver sped (around 40-45 mph) through those same two signs again and in the middle of the second yield sign intersection she plowed into another car, t-boned him in the drivers door, and sent him straight into a tree on the corner. This was back in the early 1970’s when cars were build quite solid and both cars were absolutely destroyed and everyone was jolted pretty badly, I broke my kneecap, sprained my ankle, hit my head on something probably the windshield, and was bruised up pretty badly, my buddy broke a rib on the back of my seat and was bruised up pretty bad too, he was in the back seat. I have no idea if the girl was injured.

      What happened next blew our minds, the driver of our car climbed out the window of the car and ran away, my friend and I got out and immediately went to help the other guy out of his car, he was badly injured, he was covered in blood from head to waste, but he was fully aware. There was a fire in the front end of the guy’s car so getting him out was important, he was mobile and not trapped so we just helped him. We stayed there and waited for the police and ambulance.

      Come to find out that the girl that was giving us a ride home had swiped her Dad’s car (it had already been reported as stolen), didn’t have her drivers license, she just had a learners permit. She stole a car, was driving without a license, was the direct cause of a severe car crash causing a LOT of property damage and the cause of injuring another person. She was in some serious shit.

      That was not my only experience with drivers and illegal activity since the early 1970’s. It’s been my experience that you don’t run away from a car wreck unless you’ve been doing something very wrong and quite likely illegal. I’ve seen this runaway BS far, far too many times not to recognize the pattern of the people in the car knowing that they are guilty of something, they don’t want to to get caught and they immediately flee the scene; it’s human nature for criminally minded human beings suffering a guilty conscience to flee especially when they’re sure the police will soon be involved.

      The point of this is that the likely hood that the driver (a black teenager) in the incident Ralph described hadn’t done something illegal is probably near zero, it’s completely unknown if the passengers were an active party in any likely illegal activity the driver participated in but under the conditions presented the passengers all running away is a pretty good indication of a guilty conscience. The news has been showing us for months that the teenager car theft rings are working in groups of 3-5 and there is always another vehicle involved as a get away vehicle and far too often the stolen vehicles are wrecked because of the inexperienced drivers behind the wheel. What Ralph described closely mirrors what the public has been shown with surveillance videos and told by police about car thief groups in the Madison area.

      Cynthia bringing race into the conversation somehow implying that Ralph was wrong for mentioning that they were in fact black teenagers was an irrational, unethical and immoral cheep shot at Ralph indirectly implying racism; but then again, that’s exactly what irrational social justice warriors are known for, irrational cheap shots based on race. Ralph simply presented the facts of the incident and a brief opinion that it was a “joy ride” in the title, which under the circumstances of the incident was completely reasonable.


  3. Roy says:

    It’s more than obvious that Cynthia resides on Quiz Street and suffers from a severe
    case of oppression psychosis. This is only accentuated by HUA.


  4. Norman C. Sannes says:

    The majority of these “joyriding teens” are from the AA community. That’s a fact, and statistics prove it. When giving a description of perps, not indicating race is counter productive. Folks like Cynthia are part of the problem. Probably suffering from “white guilt.”

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  5. Cornelius Gotchberg says:

    Mercifully, the nice @$$ car getaway vehicle (black newer model SUV/Toyota Highlander [?]) is still available to ferry innocent, profiled teens away from an unconscionable…um…collision with consequences.

    And c’mon Blaska, this has nothing to do with the Mayor, or anything else. Welp, anything else OTHER than MMSD teachers getting their pay docked 20 %, an unsubstantiated possibility breathlessly asserted by Dudgeon-Monroe neighborhood denizen Teresa.

    When politely pressed by several neighbors (including, but not limited to, this blogge’s administrator) to defend her unsupported claims, she did what any good card-carryin’, guilt addled, career Madison Lefty would do after getting called out for spouting blatantly agenda-driven/fact-bereft bull$#!t; turn tail and skeedaddle from fulfilling an obligation to own the burden of proof.

    Proof? You don’t need no stinkin’ proof!

    Anywho, incuriously, all her posts and the responses disappeared POOF overnight. The culprit? An as yet unconfirmed 20 % reduction of MMSD teacher’s pay has NOT been ruled out…

    The 77 Square Miles Surrounded By A Sea Of Reality; never a dull moment!

    The Gotch

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  6. sahmpaw says:

    Where can we go to back Ralph up? He did a good job standing up for himself. But these NextDoor Progressives are so smug and self-righteous that it’s extremely annoying.


    • Cornelius Gotchberg says:

      “Where can we go to back Ralph up?”

      In all fairness, by general neighborsnextdoor thread standards, Ralph was more than adequately supported.

      For once, White Guilt suffocated Lefties were under-represented.

      “But these NextDoor Progressives are so smug and self-righteous that it’s extremely annoying.”

      As one of a number of neighborsnextdoor contributors that frequent Blaska’s blogge, The Gotch will unequivocally confirm that THAT’S the understatement of the month!

      The Gotch


  7. George's Son says:

    Why, just yesterday inna news…. Woops, saw the photos, not fair to comment…..

    “Forget about it, Jake. It’s Bugtown.”


  8. Lars says:

    Would it be wrong to ask Cynthia to go back to where went when she left here?
    Our quota of ignorant progressives is at it’s limit, and the worst thing is she’s multiplying.


    • Cornelius Gotchberg says:

      ”Would it be wrong to ask Cynthia to go back to where went when she left here?”

      Worth a shot, Lars.

      “Our quota of ignorant progressives is at it’s limit”

      AT??? From where The Gotch is sittin’, that limit has been exceeded with Extreme Prejudice!

      “and the worst thing is she’s multiplying.”

      This great Country has prospered by opportunity availed by those who CHOOSE to rise above their circumstances; perhaps her spawn will as well.

      The Gotch


  9. Lars says:

    Your right Gotch. Dennis Prager, made the comment.
    It is amazing that, with the leftist progressive brain washing, that occurs kindergarten through grad school, that there are any conservative, logical people at all.


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