Bloomberg was stopped and frisked in Dem’s debate

His campaign strategy
is a non-disclosure agreement 

What did we say Wednesday (02-19-2020) before that night’s Democrat(ic) presidential debate? That all of Michael Bloomberg’s considerable money can’t buy him love. 

Mike Bloomberg is finished. The other five Democrats on stage last night in Las Vegas used him as target practice. Bloomberg was undone by his party’s obeisance to identity politics, economic redistribution, and victim envy. 

We’ve become fans of the New York Post because it is almost British in its cheeky irreverence. “Oh, was it glorious,” writes the Post’s John Podhoretz. “The sheer raging hostility spraying across the stage  

It’s not that the gloves were off. No, my friends, everybody was wearing steel-tipped boots and going right for the crotch. Those weren’t snowflakes. They were nunchucks.”

Podhoretz’s highlights:

Black & Bloom NY Post•   Klobuchar wheeling on Buttigieg and demanding to know if he was trying to say she was dumb. “Are you mocking me here, Pete?” [Blaska: Do I amuse you?]

•   Joe Biden saying he’s the only one on stage who has met all kinds of Mexican presidents — whose names he clearly couldn’t remember.

•   Bloomberg saying he was too rich to release his returns because he can’t do Turbo Tax like all of you losers.

•   Sanders fuming that Bloomberg would dare mention he has a summer house.

Two-point nine on a scale of ten!

The New York Times employs a panel of 16 debate judges. They scored it this way on a scale of 0 to 10: Elizabeth Warren 8.4; Bernie Sanders 7.2; Mayor Pete (too lazy to look up spelling of his last name) 6.9; Joe Biden 6.2; Amy Klobuchar 6.0; Michael Bloomberg 2.9.

On Bloomberg, the NY Times panel was merciless. A sampling:

Ross Douthat (2/10) — He introduced himself with terrible, fumbling, unpleasant responses to the most predictable lines of attack (race, sexism, tax returns). Some OK moments later against Sanders but the first hour was a real-world demolition of his virtual candidacy.

Gail Collins (1/10) — Likeability moment never arrived.

Peter Wehner (1/10) — His performance was a catastrophe — stiff, arrogant, tone deaf and intensely unlikeable His answer on [non-disclosure agreements] was among the worst in the history of presidential debates.

Gil Duran (1/10) — Bloomberg’s not a leading candidate — he just plays one in TV ads. When he wasn’t taking blows, he was invisible. His answers on racism and sexism were awful. Money can’t buy charisma — or humility. Historically bad debate performance.


“My wife likes to talk during sex. Last night she called from Chicago.”

Dems still searching for a Bernie beater

Someone should tell Bloomberg that real Democrats (his current political party) hate billionaires like him. All those consent agreements were because of sexist jokes? Well, were they at least Rodney Dangerfield funny? Why not parry Elizabeth Warren (that scold!) with a Henny Youngman, “Take my wife, please.”

“Somebody tell Mike Bloomberg that Roseanne Barr was kicked off her own show for telling a joke some people didn’t like,” advises Ann of Althouse, blogger at law.

Haven’t seen any mention that the other Democrats scored Bernie Sanders for the vicious behavior of many of his supporters. True believers, like we have here in Madison WI who will spray “white supremacist” at anyone who argues for school discipline. (Ahem.)

Blaska’s Bottom Line: There is no clear contender for the Democratic middle. Bernie Sanders remains the front-runner and Bloomberg got one thing right: “I don’t think there’s any chance of the senator beating Donald Trump.” 

What do YOU think?

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6 Responses to Bloomberg was stopped and frisked in Dem’s debate

  1. Mark Porter says:

    Buttigieg. Yw. 😊


  2. Cornelius Gotchberg says:

    Jeepers Blaska; if you’re saying that the merciless beating the sawed off runt endured was stop-n-frisk, then Sherman’s March To The Sea was a Pinky Swear!

    Anyone else think Lieawatha-Fauxchahontas shows signs of early onset something or other?

    Think Chuck Todd got an upset stomach from all that scenery he chewed?

    LUV the Rodney Dangerfield thing, The Gotch has been a fan since the early 70s!

    The Gotch

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  3. Scott F says:

    Would you like a piece of your ass Mr. Bloomberg? Everyone else on stage has had one….

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  4. George's Son says:

    “My wife likes to talk during sex. Last night she called from Chicago.”

    Rodney got off lucky. I don’t think Mike will attempt anything anything involving gonads again….

    The New York Post: “It’s not that the gloves were off. No, my friends, everybody was wearing steel-tipped boots and going right for the crotch. Those weren’t snowflakes. They were nunchucks.”


  5. madisonexpat says:

    Had any one told me it’d be this much fun to read the news every morning three years into the Trump Presidency I’d have said “No way.”
    Id have been wrong.

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