We’re hearing the Democrats’ death rattle

Censorious, judgmental, and out of touch

Don’t cry for me, Quasem Suleimani

The white lab coats at Blaska Policy Werkes watched as much of the Democrats’ presidential debate Friday (02-07-2020) from New Hampshire as they could stand. In unison, they chanted the familiar refrain first voiced by Popeye the Sailor Man: “We can’t stands it no more!” They reached the breaking point when one Democrat after another performed a pious chest-beating that Trump should never have whacked Qasem Suleimani, evil man though he may have been.

Oddly, none of the major news media outlets reported it, which is why the major news media is losing the public trust and why Democrats — as a party — are in such bad odor.

Soleimani candidates

Latest results from Iowa Democrat(ic) caucuses

Here is Mayor Pete (we’re too lazy to look up the spelling of his last name) Friday night:

“Taking out a bad guy is a bad idea if you do not know what you’re doing.” 

Huh? Trump and the Joint Chiefs, Centcom and the rest knew exactly what they were doing. They were taking out a bad guy. 

Biden fell back on the discredited “no imminent threat” line. What is “imminent”? Later today, day after tomorrow? Next month? How many more could this guy kill before it becomes “imminent”?

Bernie plumped for more State Department diplomacy. Maybe a few more pallets of cash for the Ayatollah? (More here.)

About that World War 3 Democrats predicted after the early January strike on the murder mastermind, how “imminent” is it now?

They’re talking to Madison, not Beloit

The Werkes concludes that none of the seven on stage are in danger of being elected president this year. (Klobuchar might have some cross-over appeal but she won’t be nominated.) We are well aware that the cognoscenti said the same about Trump in 2016. But this President has tapped into the American spirit more thoroughly than any since Reagan. The American public is slowly coming around. Poll numbers are moving Trump’s way. Generic approval of the Republican Party is now at 51%, its highest since 2005. More Americans now identify as Republicans than as Democrats.

A letter to the editor of the Wall Street Journal today (02-08-2020) condenses this sea change (remember how demographics were supposed to favor Democrats?):

[The Democrat(ic)] party has been the party of the rich, elite, big cities, lawyers, and nihilistic intellectuals for 50 years. … Without the support of Hollywood and the media, Democrats would all be invisible. The party has undercut the law enforcement necessary to protect the poor of our cities, perpetuated a badly under-preforming educational system, done its best to destroy the idea of the family, and mocked people of faith.

House impeachment mgs

They’re tired of winning

Impeachment helped Trump

How did CNN counter-program ABC’s debate? By running Anderson Cooper’s pre-recorded, hour-long interview … WAIT FOR IT! … with the  House Democratic impeachment managers? Great! America wants more Schiff, Nadler, and the Team!

“Impeachment worked for Republicans and against Democrats,” a sadder but wiser David Brooks wrote for the Impeachment Times.  The big squish also takes the feet out from under Democrats favorite hobby horse:

“In 2020, running on economic gloom or class war probably won’t work.”

The unemployment rate is the lowest in decades. Wages are rising. The typical family income is higher than it has ever been. Trump has cleverly reframed the election. I can see why Nancy Pelosi ripped up his State of the Union speech. It was the most effective speech of the Trump presidency.

The party is a comedic punch line

Comment, respond, what do you thinkPeggy Noonan is no great fan of Donald Trump. She speaks for many who loathe the man’s louche habits. In her column today (02-08-2020), Reagan’s former speech writer hints that the Trump’s re-election won’t be close. 

Iowa made them look the one way a great party cannot afford to look: unserious. The lack of professionalism, the incompetence is the kind of thing that not only shocks a party but shadows it. They can’t run a tiny caucus in a tiny state but they want us to believe they can reinvent American health care? … it was like the debut of ObamaCare when the website went down.

Then there was Trump’s triumphant State of the Union speech. Noonan admits to being played like a pipe organ. “But if you weren’t moved by the mother of the baby born prematurely and the 100-year-old Tuskegee Airman there’s something wrong with you.”

This was the President putting the Republican Party on the side of the nobodies of all colors as opposed to the somebodies. (Van Jones on CNN had it exactly right: Trump is going for black and Hispanic men, and the Democrats are foolish not to see it.) This is a realignment … with the minority, the regular, the working class. It was plain people versus fancy people — that is, versus snooty liberals and progressives who talk a good game about the little guy but don’t seem to like him much.

For Extra Credit: “Post-impeachment, a key Republican suburban area rallies around Trump. Voters in the populous, heavily Republican suburbs west of Milwaukee did not entirely embrace Donald Trump in 2016. They do now.” — New York Times.

What does THOU thinketh?

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10 Responses to We’re hearing the Democrats’ death rattle

  1. Gary L. Kriewald says:

    So the Democrats’ brilliant strategy of identity politics + class warfare=victory didn’t work out? Whodda thunk? And you’re right, they’re getting less and less convincing as the champions of average Americans–provided they can fit snugly into one or more category of victimhood. No wonder they’re constantly trying to change the rules, from packing the Supreme Court to abolishing the Electoral College–motivated, as ever, by the loftiest motives. It’s their only hope of winning.

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  2. madisonexpat says:

    There is zero energy and less enthusiasm among my Prog pals.
    Identity politics, class warfare and climate hysteria not a good platform. Better call everyone racists more often.

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  3. George's son says:

    From The Washington Post January 9th.

    “Millions of Americans who opposed President Trump’s decision to kill Iranian Maj. Gen. Qasem Soleimani in a drone strike were DEVASTATED TO LEARN that, actually, they loved the terrorist leader and could not possibly oppose this move for any other reason.

    “The only ones that are mourning the loss of Soleimani are our Democrat leadership and our Democrat presidential candidates.” — Nikki Haley

    “They are in love with terrorists. We see that they mourn Soleimani more than they mourn our Gold Star families.” — Rep. Douglas A. Collins (R-Ga.)”

    ‘Nuff said…


  4. Kevin Wymore says:

    I just heard on TV that the Democratic National Committee is considering ceding the presidential election to Mr. Trump in 2020, and trying again in 2024. It must be true; it was on CNN.

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  5. geo_ says:

    Just goes to show how out-of-touch conservatives really are. The Corporate/oligarch owned DNC would rather lose to trump then lose to a progressive democrat.


  6. dad29 says:

    snooty liberals and progressives who talk a good game about the little guy but don’t seem to like him much.

    Why yes! Yes, indeed!! You have one of those…….”Foodie” IIRC, right here on your blog combox.


  7. Cornelius Gotchberg says:

    ”already costing billions.”

    When you’re right, you’re right; just not for the reasons you think.

    The good ol’ U.S. of A. spent $150 Billion during Hopey Changey’s first term.

    It gets worse.

    World wide, it’s off the freakin’ charts; ~ $360 billion in 2014 alone! All for a science we’ve been repeatedly told is settled.

    ‘Course, you could be proactive; run away and join Fat Albert’s Alliance For Climate Protection.

    Wait a minute.

    It’s been shuttered ahead of the creditors?

    Never mind


    The Gotch


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