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Bill would let gun permit holders sue if hurt in ‘gun free zone’

I have been advocating this for Wisconsin. Those “No Firearms” signs promise a safe environment that the premises cannot guarantee without airport-level security. Minnesota is considering legislation providing that if person hurt while on a property that forbids lawfully carrying … Continue reading

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Black Student Unions expanding to more Madison middle schools

The School Board approved a $45,665 contract Monday with Brandi Grayson’s Urban Triage organization to add two more black student unions in middle schools. Source: Black Student Unions expanding to more Madison middle schools | Local Education |

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‘Bernie sees the good in murderous tyrants’

You say you want a revolution … But if you go carrying pictures of chairman Mao You ain’t going to make it with anyone anyhow Oh, this is delicious. We are Montgomery Burns, steepling our fingers and cooing, “Excellent!” We … Continue reading

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Republicans are pro-education

Contrary to partisan Democrat(ic) claims Statement of Wisconsin Assembly Speaker Robin Vos: Assembly Republicans are proud of our record on education. In the last four years, Republicans have increased state aid by 15%, increasing per student funding by nearly $1,000. … Continue reading

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Cops repeatedly called on Bernie backers 

Face it: Bernie Sanders is the Antifa, Freedom Inc., Progressive Dane, Derail the Jail candidate. UPDATE: The Marquette Law School opinion poll out today (02-27-2020) shows Bernie Sanders favored by 29% of Democrat respondents — up from 17% in November. Mike Bloomberg … Continue reading

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Don’t assume 5 teens running from wrecked car had stolen it!

Another in an unending series: How Madison progressives think The Policy Werkes presents for your edification this on-line, social-media colloquy between an alarmed citizen and your garden-variety, lily white, Madison WI social-justice scold. Ralph, of the Nakoma neighborhood: Don’t think … Continue reading

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