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Trump’s defenders rip open the Bidens’ kimonos 

John Bolton is NOT going to testify in the impeachment trial because Democrats do not want Hunter Biden and his rainmaker of a daddy called as a witnesses.  When asked how much money Burisma was paying him, Hunter Biden answered: … Continue reading

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Is Blaska’s head on a stick?

If Jimmy cracked corn why does no one care? Is this a game changer? UPDATE 01-27-2020: Trump in August told Bolton that he wanted to continue holding military aid to Ukraine until the country helped with investigations into Democrats — … Continue reading

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‘We did the right thing and we get screwed’

Another casualty of the Left’s war on personal responsibility. No wonder Dad is irate! It’s always the unscripted moments that define a political campaign. A man known to the national news media only as “Irate Dad” confronts Elizabeth Warren, mother … Continue reading

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Trump’s lawyers killed it!

It’s all about credibility After the delightfully brisk and bracing presentation by the President’s legal team at this Saturday’s (01-24-2020) Impeachment, the Series, the white lab coats of Blaska Policy Werkes tuned their b&w Philco to MSNBC for commentary. Brian … Continue reading

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Guilty white teacher defends Madison school chaos

‘It all comes to back to race.’ Over at Isthmus, Dylan Brogan has committed some excellent journalism on Madison’s public schools. We’ve linked to his piece on the chaos at Jefferson middle school, where parents and public wonder why a … Continue reading

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The Bidens’ Burisma connection has NOT been debunked

U.S. Sen. Lindsay Graham, the most interesting man in the Senate, told the Washington news media today (01-23-2020) about calling witnesses to the Senate impeachment trial:  Schumer said yesterday, ‘we’re not willing to trade Joe Biden for anybody.’ I think … Continue reading

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