Hip, hip hooray for Nigel Farage

Blaska Most Admired Guy #1

First in an occasional, irregular and irreverent series

The qualifications: 1) Political courage. 2) Oratorical eloquence. 3) Political wiles. 4) targeting the heart of the matter, not trimming around the edges.

Damn the torpedoes!

Hip, hip hooray for Mr. Nigel Farage, who more than anyone led his nation’s Brexit from the European Union. 

How the British DO parliamentary oratory! (The white lab coats at the Werkes are currently studying Andrew Roberts’ Churchill: Walking with destiny.)

Mr. Farage is hereby recognized:

‘The British are too big to bully’

“So this is it: the final chapter, a 47-year political experiment the British have never been very happy with. My mother mother and father signed up to a common market — not to a political union, flags, anthems, presidents, and now you even want your own army. …

“If we want trade, friendship, cooperation, reciprocity, we don’t need a European court … and all of this power …We love Europe; we just hate the European Union. … It’s anti-democratic .. it gives people power without accountability. …

“There is an historic battle going on in the West — Europe, America and elsewhere: globalism against populism. You may loathe populism but I’ll tell you a funny thing — it’s becoming very popular!  [Laughter] …

“No more financial contributions, no more European court of justice … no more being talked down to… no more being bullied. What’s not to like?”

Blaska’s Bottom LineDespite the woke finger wagging from the EU Council presiding officer, Farage never said he hated any one or any nation. (A typical liberal-progressive-socialist trick.) He said he loved Europe but hated the European Union. Farage — and Boris Johnson — are the Brits’ Donald Trump, a disrupter (but without the self-destructive gene).

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11 Responses to Hip, hip hooray for Nigel Farage

  1. Tom Paine says:

    Most admired — in random order Jordan Peterson, Thomas Sowell, Niall Ferguson, Victor Davis Hanson, Mark Levin and David Horowitz. No way to accurately differentiate their contributions.

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  2. Larsen E. Whipsnade says:

    The Brits narrowly dodged the bullet in WWII by successfully resisting the 3rd Reich’s attempted armed conquest of Britain and all of Europe. They have now successfully dodged the bullet of the EU’s attempted unarmed conquest by the 4th Reich (European Union), which has the same goal as the 3rd Reich. Bravo.

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  3. George's Son says:

    It was a shame, but was inevitable, that England threw out Churchill immediately after the war, and started that downward spiral towards socialism, lack of gravitas as a nation and ultimately went nearly broke by the late-50’s. Now the results of unfettered immigration are taking their toll. More Guv freebies, more crime, a lower standard of living and more. Yes, once again, it’s time for them to take a lesson (in Populism) from the Colony across the pond.


    • Cornelius Gotchberg says:

      Don’t forget No Go Zones and a bona fide Rape Culture!

      The Gotch

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    • madisonexpat says:

      Just listened to some Nigel Farage interviews. He point out that the service folks who had just returned from the war were highly patriotic and voted Labour not to repudiate Churchill. I’ll have to look at party platforms and analysis to say what they voted FOR.
      Also Farage states that President Trump said he wouldn’t have won had Brexit no happened.
      Probably not true but a nice thing to say.
      Nigel’s an interesting guy. Big history buff.


  4. George's Son says:

    Gotch, ya have good taste. Whenever I see a meme like this, typically attributed to AOC, “I LOVE NYC, TODAY I SAW A PERSON GIVE A PHONE A WATCH AND A WALLET TO SOMEONE WHO ONLY HAD A KNIFE, I review this Dirty Harry clip… https://youtu.be/RSAyz5c3JmM


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