Madison’s war on police on tonight’s agenda

It’s all over but the shouting. The Madison Common Council is poised tonight (01-21-2020) to endorse the 180-page (!!!) report of its Police Policy & Procedure Review ad hoc committee. (The Council agenda here.) That committee began picking nits three-plus years ago after the City hired an outside boutique to study Madison police, which in turn followed the fatal police shooting of a young black man, Tony T. Robinson Jr. in 2015.

We blogged it here.

51qqgbyu13l-_ac_us218_The report makes a staggering 177 recommendations. The capstone recommendation has already been budgeted — $200,000/year to create the position of a police “monitor.” That monitor would report to a civilian review board. Monitor and civilian board would compete, it seems here, with the statutorily sanctioned Police & Fire Commission.

Blaska Policy Werkes again warns that monitor and review board will either deal itself endless hands of Solitaire like the Maytag repairman or — this being Madison — hobble police with scores of petty complaints     

Monitor and review board would have:

  • full access to all MPD records
  • subpoena power
  • investigative powers
  • the authority to make policy recommendations.

That review board would — get this —  be populated  “not only along typical race and gender lines, but also by requiring a critical mass of individuals with lived experiences of the types most salient to police-community relations, including mental illness, drug and alcohol abuse, poverty, and arrest and incarceration experiences.” In other words, Blaska need not apply.

⇒”Troublemakers should sit in review of police.”

Hasn’t worked elsewhere

The report actually admits that “other communities have attempted civilian oversight through an independent auditor and civilian review board, with notably mixed results.” 

Ominously telling is the degree to which Amelia Royko Maurer’s  Community Response Team influenced the final report, even placing one of its few members, Greg Gelembiuk, on the 12-member committee. The Mauer-Gelembiuk special interest group is referenced a whopping 44 times in the report. That group was one of the constituents of the Cops Out of Schools, Derail the Jail efforts, along with Progressive Dane and Freedom Inc. and the local Black Lives Matter franchise.

Is Robert Mueller available?

Another excerpt:

When MPD receives a complaint against the Chief of Police or high-ranking MPD command staff, the Independent Monitor should review the complaint and decide whether an outside investigator should be appointed and produce a transparent public document about that decision-making process. If the PFC receives a complaint against the Chief of Police or high-ranking MPD command staff, it should consider retaining an outside investigator to conduct an independent investigation.

The city should institute protocols calling for a performance evaluation process that includes members of the community, prioritizing socio-economic diversity among those members, for the Chief of Police at fixed intervals, with the evaluation being a potential basis for a finding of “cause” should the Chief’s performance fall significantly below community expectations. This evaluation should not be conducted by the PFC.

The ad hoc committee also suggests encouraging scofflaws not to pay their tickets or fines on annual “Unpaid Ticket Resolution Days.”

What do YOU think?

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9 Responses to Madison’s war on police on tonight’s agenda

  1. Ian says:

    All anti-coppers are pieces of shit. I hope when they ever need the po-po, nobody shows up.

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  2. As long as Madison continues to actively promote the false narratives of BLM and social justice warriors to include that Madison police are racists, the Madison schools are racists, and Madison non-white residents are racists, nothing in Madison will change for the better. The irrational violence and crime will continue to rise in Madison as it turns itself into a progressive sh!thole.

    In my humble opinion; it’s time for Madison’s law abiding residents and micro managed police officers to start their migration to surrounding communities where the infection of social justice warrior insanity hasn’t yet swallowed up the communities. The fight against the lunacy in Madison can continue from those communities while your families stay a bit safer and police officers are treated with the respect they deserve. Of course there will be the resistance that will continue to live within the confines of the Madison bubble trying to fight it from within; but since Madison has been on a continuous slide into this oblivion for quite some time, good luck with that fight.

    Contain Madison in it’s utopia bubble and don’t let it spread to other communities.

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    • fritzderkat says:

      Harshly put, Madison has made its own bed. There’s no one to blame but the “leaders,”
      usually progressive, who are voted into office by an ideologically active minority, and by default, everyone else in the rest of the voting population, vastly more numerous, which nevertheless has abdicated its right and responsibility to produce and support viable alternatives by sitting at home on its ass.
      “whomever supported the chief or voted for Blaska.”

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    • Paula Fitz says:

      Oh yes, people with good sense will get the hell out. If I could just pick up TODAY and leave Madison, I would in a NY minute.

      I don’t think the surrounding communities are the answer, however. Many of them seem like merely an extension of Madison, with similar ideological & political scenarios being played out.

      Sorry to sound cynical, but based on my experiences, people have gotten complacent, are scared, and / or have lost hope. I have little faith that people will stand up to the insanity when it most counts. They’ll just keep moving.

      The fact that the gun people are standing up to the violation of their rights is a promising sign, however.

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  3. Gary L. Kriewald says:

    Monitors, review boards, “critical mass of individuals with lived experiences” (what the rest of us would call quotas). Just the sort of bureaucratic smog one would expect in a city ruled by guilty white liberal elites, confirming once again the fact that in Madison image trumps reality–and damn the cost.


  4. George's Son says:

    “Shay, wait a sec… sec… a sec -Minute, Dvae. (Hic) I got ‘rested one time for imbibbbb … imbibeginnn…. -Drinkin’ too much (burp). I wanna be on that…. I wannabe on…. I c’n hannle tha’ job, OK? And I…. nee, need (hic)…. need a drink -I mean a job…. AN’ a drink.”


  5. Sprocket says:

    I have to wonder if the left’s affinity for criminal communities is part of conscious plan to make towns unlivable for anyone not a leftie or part of the dependent class, or if it’s just them acting out of spite, in essence, leaving a flaming bag of dog turds on societies front porch.


  6. Batman says:

    Wouldn’t body cams provide a straightforward accurate account of interactions between police and citizens.


    • Cornelius Gotchberg says:

      Yes they would, with the attendant externality of accurately depicting mouthy, feral miscreant behavior from wannabe thugs-in-training.

      Like the Detective Remy McSwain (Dennis Quaid in The Big Easy [GREAT soundtrack and a fetching Ellen Barkin!]) lawyer said:

      Remy, Remy, they’ve got a video tape. Did you ever see a jury watch a video tape?

      If you wondered why FreeDUMB Inc & the Community Policing/Apologist/Victimhoodie cabal are anti-bodycam, wonder no more.

      The Gotch


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