Jefferson middle school principal is out

The principal of Jefferson Middle School in Madison is out. She has taken an extended leave of absence, according to the school district. 

Channel 3000 reports that interim Superintendent Jane Belmore told Jefferson parents that she was “notified this week that Principal Tequila Kurth has decided to take an extended leave of absence.”

Tequila Kurth, principal Jefferson MS

Tequila Kurth, principal, Jefferson M.S.

“We recognize that the number of recent transitions at Jefferson has been challenging, especially during the school year. I am confident that with this leadership and extra support, we will be in a better position to regain your trust that Jefferson will be a safe and welcoming school for all.”

Kurth’s leave comes after a number of incidents during this school year, including a student who shot another student with a BB gun. He was still in school despite 25 previous disciplinary issues.

Just Wednesday afternoon (01-15-2020) a Jefferson middle school student hospitalized with a concussion after being punched by a classmate. The victim told police he had been bullied for some time by the boy who hit him.

A school staff member said the victim fell to the floor after the initial blow, and was then punched a couple of more times. The employee said the suspect was screaming and knocking over chairs.

Mauricio Escobedo told Blaska’s Policy Werkes:

“I was fired and ushered out the back door because I would not allow Tequila Kurth to cover up her dangerous lack of sound disciplinary policies. On Wednesday, yet another child was nearly killed at Jefferson. YOU helped to divulge the fact [earlier this week] that the Jefferson Administration was no longer in control of the school to a wider audience than I could ever reach.  For that, I thank you.

And now that Tequila Kurth is gone, the job is remains unfinished. …

The idea that race should be considered before meting out disciplinary consequences (or disciplinary data) is inimical to the foundational principle that Justice is blind.  This aberration of America’s justice System must be changed inside of the MMSD from which it was removed by verbal artifice and deception.”

Because of the leadership change, the parent/citizen meeting is rescheduled for 6 p.m. February 6 at the school.

What do YOU think?

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7 Responses to Jefferson middle school principal is out

  1. Cornelius Gotchberg says:

    ‘Bout damn time, but a little too late for the kid that got brutalized.

    While you’re waiting to see who comes to Kurth’s and that nutcase kid’s defense:

    Uh… Now listen — whoever comes to you with this Barzini meeting — he’s the traitor. Don Corleone.

    The Gotch


  2. Kevin Wymore says:

    A reminder: Our Lady Queen of Peace School, with grades through grade 8, is located about 3 miles away on Madison’s west side.

    It gives me no joy to make this observation, but it appears that the Jefferson Middle School administrators are unable to guarantee safety in their school, or to ensure their disciplinary practices.

    Our Lady Queen of Peace is not a perfect school, but it does focus on values and academics.


  3. Ana says:


    Madison public schools are failing and we know that thanks to truth tellers like Blaska, The Isthmus, Peter Anderson, Kaleem Caire and the bravest of teachers. Middle class families are fleeing to private schools or districts that do not allow student violence and repeated disruption. Teachers, tired of verbal and physical abuse, are seeking new careers

    Parents demanding safe schools, rather than timid, careerist administrators, are the only hope for public schools. Parents of children attending Jefferson Middle School just led the way by “encouraging,” an incompetent principal resign. They organized and dared to speak out against “virtue signaling administrators and out of control students”. By doing so, they stood up for families that have raised self regulated children…families who can’t afford to leave the district and families who can afford to leave, but choose to stay. Parents throughout Madison can organize and demand that:

    1. Traumatized and mentally ill children, who are repeatedly violent, disobedient, and disruptive (despite the efforts of psychologists and behavior specialists) must be removed from the regular classroom. Of course these children need help, but not at the expense of self regulated children. The district should try helping them by building a therapeutic school, or designating empty classrooms as safe zones where competent professionals can administer proper help to children and parents

    2. Special Ed. Students, who receive help in reading, math and study skills, are wonderful additions to the regular classroom. Special Ed students who are repeatedly violent, disrespectful, and disobedient need to be assigned a therapeutic setting until their behavior regulates. (For example, a diagnosis of autism can mean anything from the need for social skills reminders to the need to be placed in a therapeutic setting for anti social behavior. More than one disability can exist within the same child )

    Go parents! Do not allow a new superintendent to continue the mistakes of the former superintendent. Free administrators from fear of being labeled politically incorrect.

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  4. Charles Thulhu says:

    Fix your filthy culture Black Communities!


  5. Gary L. Kriewald says:

    Tequila?! Any relation to Johnny Walker?

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  6. George's Son says:

    Thank you, Ana. You have an erudite and truthful POV.


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