Harry and Meghan get progressive

Duke and Duchess to Brexit?

Blaska Policy Werkes demands the restoration of the Hapsburgs to their rightful throne
as hereditary rulers of the Austro-Hungarian empire, including Bohemia,
land of our oppressed ancestors. 

Impeachment? Iran? Street crime? Madison’s new poet laureate? Are you kidding?

The indentured servants and the laird and lady of Blaska Stately Manor are at sixes and sevens over the real news of the day. Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan have announced they are stepping back from being a “senior royals” to become a “progressive force” within the monarchy.

PROGRESSIVE! First the Madison school board! Now the English monarchy!

Meghan and Harry

The fuss is writing itself into a whole new season of The Crown on Netflix.

Harry and Meghan say they hope to become financially independent and move to Canada. It would be one thing if the Sussexes set up an AirBnB in Thunder Bay on the shores of Lake Superior. But the young royals do not strike us as back to the landers, splitting wood and milking goats.

They are not relinquishing their titles nor is the U-Haul truck backing up to Frogmore “Cottage” on the grounds of Granny’s pile at Windsor (not Ontario). They’re not leaving the crystal wine cave to go full Bernie Sanders/Jeremy Corbyn.

Instead, “They want to be super-woke celebrities … who get to keep all the trappings of royal life without any of the hard, boring bits and the right to cash in on their status however they choose.” That’s the observation of Piers Morgan, the Brit who gives Ricky Gervais a run for his money.

Piers puts the blame on Mame, boys — she being Meghan. In The Daily Mail, Morgan compares the former Miss Markle to “another American woman” — she being Wallis Simpson. You can see where this is going. With peerless (take that both ways) precision, Piers unloads:

To put it bluntly, she’s an unsavoury manipulative social-climbing piece of work who has inveigled her way into Prince Harry’s heart and used his blind love as a platform to now destroy everything he once held so dear. …

Meghan wants to live the life of an A-list star off the back of her new royal fame, cherry-picking all the good stuff like luxury tours, movie premieres, charity galas and Hollywood parties.

But she doesn’t want to get her hands dirty opening a community hall on a wet Wednesday in Stoke-on-Trent. That’s for the little royal people, not a superstar Princess like her.

Piers’ Bottom Line: “If they want to be the new Kardashians, they’ll get treated like the new Kardashians.”

Blaska’ Bottom LineWinning the U.S. celebrity version of The Apprentice in 2008, Trump called Piers Morgan “ruthless, arrogant, evil (Oxford comma), and obnoxious.” High praise, indeed, from The Master Himself!

What do YOU groundlings think?

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6 Responses to Harry and Meghan get progressive

  1. Cornelius Gotchberg says:

    Thunder Bay? That’d be right twee!

    Yours truly and the lovely and long suffering Mrs. Gotch have lakefront property on The Gitch (Gogebic County, MI) bluffs, a straight SSW ~ 131 mile/210.824 km shot from their soon-to-be-new-digs, though you may nick the western edge of Pie Island.

    Heck, we’d have ’em down to Harbor Lights for Friday Fish-n-Chips.

    Sir Gotch-n-Lady McGotch carry a nice ring…

    The Gotch

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  2. Gary L. Kriewald says:

    The Wallis Simpson analogy is pretty solid, though the big difference is that she took aim at the top dog (Edward VIII) whereas Meghan only has the 6th in line to the throne to work with (or on). Luckily, Prince William, Kate and the kids are a bulwark of tradition that will repel all the Hollywood vulgarity and self-absorption that the Duchess of Sussex (what a waste of a good title!) brought with her to the House of Windsor.

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  3. Gary L. Kriewald says:

    Regarding that photo of the Duke and Duchess of Windsor … Who was it that said, “By the time you’re fifty, you have the face you deserve”?

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  4. westsidesue says:

    Oh Mr. B you’ve done it again. Savored every word, as though it were a delicate ambrosia of shepherd’s pie. Happy weekend and wear your galoshes in the snow so you won’t fall down and go boom. 🙂


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