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The 24 most absurd P.C. actions of the decade

A lot has happened in the last decade — including a lot of things being called racist, sexist, offensive, or insensitive. Source: The 24 Most Absurdly Politically Correct Moments of the Last Decade | National Review

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2019 Was a Bad Year for the ‘Only Cops Should Have Guns’ crowd

At least six other parishioners drew their guns but none fired, seeing that the attacker had been taken down On December 29, an armed gunman entered the West Freeway Church of Christ in Texas and shot two members of the … Continue reading

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Brenda Konkel demands: Stop reporting crime news!

Marginalize the police, cover up crime reports, pretend your Leftist politics aren’t to blame Yeah, that’s the ticket! When late-19th Century muckraking cartoonist Thomas Nast exposed the crooked dealings of the Tammany Hall machine, Boss Tweed cried, “Stop them damn … Continue reading

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