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Sen. Rand Paul lets loose

Senator makes public the question Chief Justice wouldn’t read in impeachment hearing Wants to know if man identified by others as Biden-connected whistle blower conspired with Democrats to find grounds for impeachment. Rand Paul: “My exact question was: Are you … Continue reading

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Hip, hip hooray for Nigel Farage

Blaska Most Admired Guy #1 First in an occasional, irregular and irreverent series The qualifications: 1) Political courage. 2) Oratorical eloquence. 3) Political wiles. 4) targeting the heart of the matter, not trimming around the edges. Damn the torpedoes! Hip, … Continue reading

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Liberal elites do not trust parents

… to make the right choice for their children’s education. BULLETIN: Channel 3000 is reporting that “Several schools in Madison were on lockout status Wednesday morning because of a shooting, according to the Madison Metropolitan School District. Sennett Middle School, East … Continue reading

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Will CNN’s arrogance re-elect Trump?

Don Lemon very pretty, and the Lemon show an hour, But the show of Don Lemon is too much too sour.   The more credible Babylon Bee reports: “Don Lemon furious about his privacy being invaded by people actually watching his … Continue reading

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CNN frets that Biden may suffer in Iowa caucus; blames Joni Ernst

Blaska is tempted to commit a crime just so Jay Sekulow can defend him.  This man takes no prisoners   During and immediately after Tuesday’s (01-28-2020) impeachment trial, Fox News interviewed U.S. Sherrod Brown, D-Ohio; Sheldon Whitehouse, D-R.I.; and Adam … Continue reading

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Madison schools’ happy talk Cheat(ham)s black kids

For once, someone other than Blaska is pulling the school alarm on the lingering effects of ‘Cheatham-ism’  A crusader has stuck his out out of the foxhole to take on the political correctness that is destroying Madison’s public schools. We … Continue reading

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