Socialists have an agenda for 2020

Tell them what they’ve won, Don Pardo

The latest edition of The Nation magazine is out. The cover story: “Socialism is on the Agenda for 2020.”


The September 10, 2019 edition

Not on our agenda, of course but very likely one of the two major political parties —In the U.S., if it need be said — the U.K. having dispensed with Corbynism most decisively. Then again, socialism is always on the agenda at The Nation. 

This being the season — namely, year’s end — the magazine announces its annual “honor roll of progressives.” (The only reference to Christmas we could find was a nativity scene depicting Jesus, Mary, and Joseph separated and caged, as asylum seekers detained by I.C.E.)

Drum roll, please

Our friendly comrade John Nichols does the honors. 

Winning in the media category is a radio program called “Rising Up With Sonali,” described as “an all-female progressive news coverage rooted in gender and racial justice.” Remember when justice used to be blind?

In the music category: Leyla McCalla’s album “The Capitalist Blues.” With a back beat you can’t lose it! May it earn a million dollars in royalties!

Book of the year: “This Land Is Our Land: An Immigrant’s Manifesto.” Our progressive-socialist acquaintances can’t resist a manifesto — the more strident, the better. 

Political figure: Ayanna Pressley, one of A.O.C.’s “Squad,” for demanding that Democratic politicians sign on to the Green New Deal. Drink the Kool Aid!

The Chicago Teachers Union is name checked for sticking it to the taxpayers with a contract that will boost salaries to nearly $100,000 a year and cap retirement contributions at a mere 2% a year.

Comrade Nichols honored “progressive prosecutors” including Soros-financed Larry Krasner in Philadelphia, who fired more than 30 prosecutors upon taking office in 2017. 

⇒ “Gun-related violent crime is up in Philadelphia,” Philadelphia magazine wrote this summer. “That was entirely predictable when we elected a district attorney whose primary goal is releasing criminals rather than prosecuting them.”

Blaska’s Bottom LineBetter luck next year, Ismael Ozanne.

What socialist would make YOUR list?

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15 Responses to Socialists have an agenda for 2020

  1. Cornelius Gotchberg says:

    Certainly deserving of mention would be the AFP News Agency, whose 11/18/2019 headline breathlessly blares

    #BREAKING More Than 100,000 Children In Migration-Related US Detention: UN

    One small problem.

    They discover, to their horror, that the 100K + figure is from 2015; Hopey Changey is responsible and they can’t blame President Trump.

    Do they do the right thing and issue a retraction and correction?

    Not exactly.

    A mere day later, they gutlessly DELETE it with a BULL$#!T excuse.

    AFP specifically, the lickspittle Lefty media generally: ENEMY OF THE TRUTH!!

    The Gotch

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  2. Butch says:

    Mr. Blaska: Justice is only blind when you hold a certain perspective on the world, one informed by, say, a rural Wisconsin upbringing and college educated Madison professional adulthood. I bet the world has been great for a guy in your comfortable shoes. That’s not the case for everyone. Empathy: look into it.


    • Gary L. Kriewald says:

      “I bet the world has been great …” The assumption behind that phrase seems to be that “the world” is some sort of abstract entity that dispenses fortune–good or ill–without regard to the efforts of the individual. I too am the product of a rural Wisconsin upbringing and enjoyed a college educated professional adulthood. “The world” didn’t award me that position: I worked for it–i.e., I exercised individual responsibility–and I suspect our gracious host did as well. Despite the sentimental claptrap of the left (Empathy Uber Alles), the quality of one’s life is largely a product of the effort one puts into it, which doesn’t happen by expecting “the world” to reward one for the simple fact of one’s existence.


      • George's son says:

        Butch, it may be time to escape Mom & Dad’s basement. Just do it, you’ll have a new perspective on life -one that is very different from what CNN directs/programs. Yes, I mean just get a job, and be successful. It’s a big wide world at ground level, the skies and sun and the stars are a wonder to behold. Opportunity awaits, my wee laddie.


    • David Blaska says:

      Equal application of the law: Look into it.


    • Cornelius Gotchberg says:


      “Justice is only blind when you hold a certain perspective on the world”

      MSNBC: The BOOMING ECONOMY And Wages Rising Fastest In A Decade Are “A Late Christmas Present.”

      Alrighty then! Let’s take a look at a Lefty perspective.

      When asked how the democrat Party should react to the great economic news, MSLSD’s Susan DelPercio:

      “(It) should be VERY CONCERNING to the democrats.” (bolds/caps mine)

      Let The Gotch get this straight: Great economic news should be very concerning to the democrats?

      Heck; that’s almost like Lefties (most, not all) are hoping Americans don’t prosper, isn’t it?

      Why yes, yes, I believe it IS almost like Lefties (most, not all) are hoping Americans don’t prosper!

      In order to NOT appear like a complete self-loathing Lefty, The Gotch’ll stick with the rural WESconsin perpsective!

      The Gotch


  3. Cornelius Gotchberg says:

    More garbage from the Nation:

    California’s Fires Prove The AMERICAN DREAM Is Flammable

    The culprit? Private home ownership.

    Hear that @hankdog/old baldy, et al?

    First They Came For The Property Owners………..

    The Gotch


  4. geo_ says:

    Corporate farmers who reaped billions in taxpayer dollars from trump, fossil fuel companies who reap billions in taxpayer dollars, Wall St banks who reap billions in taxpayer dollars, private jet owners who reap millions in taxpayer services, international corporations who reap billions in taxpayer protection services…….. all with the implicit approval of conservatives republicans.


    • Batman says:

      Wow, stop the presses, breaking news!
      The Washington machine is uber-corrupt regardless of party affiliation.
      It’s a human thing.


    • Cornelius Gotchberg says:

      Mon frere, Happy Holidays and all The Gotch’s best for the New Year!

      That said, the Lefty Good/Righty EVIL needs to be exorcised:
      The FSMA repealed Glass-Steagall.
      The CFMA deregulated derivatives.
      Riegle-Neal neutered state regulation of interstate banks leading to a disastrous wave of consolidation.

      It gets worse.

      From (and this is where it gets GOOD!) The Fearless Voice Of The American Left Since 1993:

      The Clintons and Wall Street: 24 Years of Enriching Each Other

      “Time Magazine/2014: ‘Few in American history have collected and benefited from so much money in so many ways over such a long period of time…the Clintons have attracted at least $1.4 billion in contributions…’

      ”Time failed to dig deeply enough. A more thoroughly researched expose’ in the (thoroughly Lefty) Washington Post a year later doubles the amount to $3 BILLION.” (bolds mine)

      Et tu, Conterpunch…?

      Shall I go on?

      The Gotch


      • geo_ says:

        That’s why I only voted for Bill once, far to conservative and Hillary even more so. Nice to see you admit our system is indeed an oligarchy benefitting the wealthy regardless of party.


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