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Andrew Yang, come on down!

Quit obsessing over impeachment and fix America, he says Of course, PBS had to ask Andrew Yang how it felt to be the only “person of color” among seven Democrats on the debate stage tonight (Thursday 12-19-19). And he ran with … Continue reading

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Why Nancy will not test Mitch

Impeachment articles are ‘Constitutionally incoherent’ The cock-eyed theory here at Blaska Policy Werkes is that Speaker Nancy Pelosi never transmits the articles of impeachment to the U.S. Senate. Impeachment was the goal; it has been achieved. Repudiation by the Senate awaits should … Continue reading

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Blaska’s blog readers ‘leap with gladness’

And jump with contentment! Why is Blaska’s Policy Werkes the Number #1 blog in America (including overseas territories)? Because of our interesting details, actual techniques, and glorious learns! Don’t take our word for it!  Hundreds of unsolicited comments pour into this … Continue reading

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‘A sad day for America,’ Ha ha ha!

Senators, if you subpoena Hunter Biden  impeachment will go bye bye — or Why Republicans are in a very good mood today Must confess the white lab coats at the Policy Werkes watched too much of the impeachment shenanigans on our b&w Philco for … Continue reading

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