Teens stealing cars are diversifying into new scam

Be careful out there!

Remember Sonny at the toll booth? Car in front of him backs up to block his exit? Our young people are emulating that one but, fortunately, not with Tommy guns. …


A neighbor from Prairie Hills reports this happened to her last week on S. Gammon Road, between Raymond Road and Elver Park on Madison’s far west side.

Had a little excitement tonight. On my way by Elver park in narrow lane construction [zone] the car ahead of me stopped and began to back up. I checked and there was for sure there were no lights behind me behind me so I backed up very little and very slowly and hit a car that I know now had their lights off. Lots of horn blowing.

I pulled in at police department and they followed me in. Young kid says no police need to be involved “but I gotta be paid. I’ll need $100.”

Though it was clear there was no damage, I said that we would need a police report and started to walk toward the entrance to PD [West police district station]. He got back in his car and drove away. Approximately 16-year old black kid with another in the car. Disgusting behavior. I left message with police.

From Westhaven Trails

There was a car in front of me in that same exact spot yesterday evening that passed me without lights then proceeded to brake check me. There weren’t any back plates.

A neighbor in Westhaven Trails adds

I had a car full of youth think they would stop in front of me on the entrance to the Beltline from Old Sauk Road to take my Lexus. Had to back up and essentially run the other way on the on-ramp. These people are pretty bold.

From Meadowood:

Another part of this scam is that you get out of your car to inspect damage and someone jumps into your car and takes off. Always take your keys when exiting your car. My question is what are you supposed to do in these minor fender bender situations. Police do not have the resources to respond. I’m not comfortable getting out of my car, driving from the scene is not recommended.

What do YOU think?

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8 Responses to Teens stealing cars are diversifying into new scam

  1. Bill Rock says:

    The school system has taken plans to address recent juvenile car thefts and subsequent problems. To cut down on accidents, they’ve decided to move Driver’s Education from the Sophomore year to the 6th grade.

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    • Rich says:

      One of these hoodrats are going to get shot and killed by a victim. Its a matter of time and the victims in this city wont care.


      • Fritzderkat says:

        Then it is likely that in Dane County Court the shooter will be pilloried.


        • dad29 says:

          Memorize this: “I was in grave fear for my life, Officer. May I call my lawyer?”
          In the alternative ‘peaceful resolution’, brandishing without shooting is not likely to lead to arrest.

          Do you have your CC license? Do ya’, punk??


  2. Nancy Germann says:

    Maybe we should ask Brandi Grayson or Ali Mudrow. They seem to have all the answers. They’ll certainly have the answers when one of those victims decides to fight back and one of those “innocent children” gets hurt or worse.

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  3. westsidesue says:

    OMG! This is horrifying! So glad I removed myself from Madison. But this is something that could happen anywhere with the way things are going. Blaska, thanks for keeping folks appraised.


  4. Cornelius Gotchberg says:

    The good ol’ U. S. of A. is Number 1…in Single Family Households…out of 129 countries!!!

    Sensing the unique opportunity of the next generation continuing to supply people trapped in dependency, Lefty nods approvingly.

    Not above suspicion are, but not limited to, White Supremacy, the Patriarchy, & The Donald.

    The Gotch


  5. A Party of One says:

    Reminds me of the time 30 years ago when I was with my brother-in-law in his nice conversion van, leaving the Target in Wauwatosa on 124th Street. We pulled into the left southbound lane and a car passed us on the right, then pulled in front of us and slammed on his brakes. We lightly tapped his rear bumper. The other driver was irate that we hit his car. The police officer who showed up took statements from all of us. When the other driver told the officer that his son, who was supposedly lying down in the back seat sleeping, had rolled off the seat onto the floor, well, (pardon the expression) the jig was up. He rolled off the seat because his father had braked so suddenly for no reason. If we had hit him first, the kid would have pushed INTO the seat. Basic physics in action.
    The cop knew who to believe. I would assume that this person of color learned to change his story for the next time he tried this stunt.

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