Two Madison boys, 13, arrested after school bus shooting

Are we going to cede the school board
to the Crazies again this Spring?

Get on the ballot now for the April election

What did Blaska say during his doomed campaign for Madison school board this past Spring? Keep school resource officers in the four main high schools and add them to our middle schools!

Sure enough, this morning (12-04-19) two 13-year-old boys were arrested morning after a BB gun used by one boy to shoot a girl was brought inside Jefferson middle school on South Gammon Road by the other boy. School security staff and a police officer intercepted the bus as it arrived at the school and the other boy was apprehended inside the school with the weapon. (More here.)

Police EROs 2019

Madison school resource officers Justin Creech, West; Rod Johnson, La Follette; Zulma Franco, East; Tray Turner, Memorial H.S.

That makes three weapons in three Wisconsin schools in three days. On Monday 12-02-19, students at Waukesha South high school alerted the school resource officer that a 17-year-old had a handgun. The youth was shot after he pointed it at the police officer.

The school resource officer at Oshkosh West shot a 16-year-old only after he stabbed the policeman the next day. All are expected to survive. 

Blaska Policy Werkes gives credit where it is due, which is what the WI State Journal is owed for their editorial today, “School cops show they are needed.” Hells bells, even pricey Waunakee has school cops. So it is fair to ask the three Madison school board members whose terms expire next Spring whether they support keeping SROs in Madison’s four main high schools. And their challengers, should there be any. And whether we should add them to our middle schools (at least, on a rotating basis).

Anyone out there with the courage to run?

Vote iconBlaska did what he could in the April 2019 campaign. Who knew that supporting police in the schools and insisting on classroom discipline would brand him a white supremacist by his opponent? But that is what happened.

Because the schools do not teach discipline — too many are not learning life’s first lesson in the home — is it any wonder kids as young as 12 and 13 years of age are stealing cars and wrecking them? Blaska Policy Werkes hopes that someone will take up the mantle this time around. 

Three of the seven Madison Board of Education seats are up for the April 7, 2020, non-partisan Spring election. They are: Seats #2 Savion Castro, #6 Kate Toews, and #7 Nikki Vander Meulen. 

Madison School Board candidates must submit 100 valid signatures (those residing in the school district).

School board is not the only game in town. Nominating petitions are being circulated now for local town boards (that have five or more members), village and city offices, many suburban school boards, and the Dane County Board of Supervisors. 

All nominating signatures and other forms are due 5 p.m. Tuesday, January 7. for Madison school board here and for Dane County supervisor here 

Dane County Board

shelia-stubbs-state-assemblyAll 37 Dane County supervisor seats are up next April 2020 (Madison alders and mayor were elected last April 2019). Candidates for the Dane County Board of Supervisors need only 50 signatures. Oddly, it appears Shelia Stubbs, elected to the State Assembly in November 2018, is seeking re-election to her county board seat. As reported, county board chair Sharon Corrigan of Middleton (Seat #26) is not running but has likely fielded her hand-picked successor.

Here’s what it looks like now (check here for updates).

* Has an opponent Check the county district map to find yours.

Incumbents announcing they will seek re-election:

#1 Elizabeth Doyle (incumbent), 420 W Dayton St., Madison 53703
#2 Heidi M. Wegleitner (incumbent), 1941 E Dayton St., Madison 53704
#3 Analiese Eicher (incumbent), 226 North St. Sun Prairie 53590
#6 Yogesh Chawla (incumbent), 324 Russell St., Madison 53704
#8 Carousel Andrea Bayrd (incumbent), 4901 Sherwood Road Madison
#12 Paul Rusk, 1422 Wyldewood Drive, Madison 53704
#17 Kristen Audet, 4045 Rockwell Drive, Madison 53714
#21 Andrew Schauer, 5312 Congress Avenue, Madison 53718
#22 Maureen McCarville, 513 Flambeau Parkway, DeForest 53532
#23 Shelia Stubbs, 4 Waunona Woods Court, Madison 53713
#25 Tim Kiefer, 205 Kearney Way, Waunakee 53597
#27 Dorothy Krause, 2105 Apache Drive, Fitchburg 53711
#29 Dave Ripp, 7220 Hwy 19, Waunakee 53597
#30 Patrick Downing, 256 Tyvand Road, Blanchardville 53516
#31 * Jerry Bolling (incumbent) 570 Scott St., Oregon 53575
#33 Ann DeGarmo, 2611 Gallagher Drive, Fitchburg 53711
#34 Patrick Miles, 5410 North Pass, McFarland 53558

Non-incumbents announcing their candidacies

#5 * Elena Haasl, 515 University Avenue, Madison 53703
#5 * José Rea, 625 N Frances Street, Madison 53703
#11 Richelle Andrae, 304 N Segoe Road, Madison 53705
#14 Anthony J. Gray, 7129 Countrywood Lane, Madison 53719
#26 Holly Hatcher, 3548 Valley Ridge Road, Middleton 53562
#31 * Todd Kluever, 5606 W Netherwood Road, Oregon 53575
#32 Mike Bare, 543 Harvest Lane, Verona 53593

Not Seeking re-election

#5 Haley Young, 661 Mendota Court, Madison, WI 53703
#9 Paul Nelson, 1720 Mayflower Dr., Madison, WI 53562
#11 Kelly Danner, 3553 Heather Crest, Madison, WI 53705
#19 Bill Clausius, 1831 Harwood Ct., Sun Prairie, WI 53590
#26 Sharon Corrigan, 6991 Friendship Ln, Middleton 53562
#28 Nikole Jones, 4190 Observatory Road, Cross Plains 53528
#32 Jason Knoll, 638 Poplar Way, Verona 53593 

Elsewhere: Verona elects a mayor, currently Lukas Diaz, Progressive Dane, and 3 alders. Sun Prairie elects 4 alders.

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  1. Dave Mays says:

    What about District 15? Can’t find any updates on that seat


  2. Gary L. Kriewald says:

    Unfortunately, it’s folly to assume that the fanatical cop-hating ideologues on the School Board can be swayed by any amount of real-life evidence showing the value of armed security officers in schools. Ditto for the vast majority of Madison voters who prefer living in a liberal fantasy-land where there is no such thing as crime (a racist construct) and where children contemplating a sex change have the right to be protected from their parents. Sorry, but if someone with the sterling credentials of our gracious host couldn’t get elected to the School Board, it’s doubtful anyone of lesser merit stands a chance.

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  3. Rich says:

    Mayor SRC…” Nothing to see here, keep moving please.”


  4. Cornelius Gotchberg says:

    Riding the bus is a manifestation of systemic RACISM and an entrenched White Supremacist Patriarchy which needs to be dismantled.

    Their need to provide themselves with more…um…amenable transportation (a car to operate without the owner’s consent) was CLEARLY not met!

    The Gotch


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